Game 61: Mets @ Yankees, 6/12/09–Yanks Drop Into 9-8 Win

I haven’t done this in some time, but figured it was a good idea to include the lineups for tonight’s game to illustrate just who faces the Yanks tonight–certainly not the excellent Jose Reyes, nor Carlos Delgado.  The Mets still have talent, but this is a must-win game and series to get the Yanks back on track.  As per Mr. Abraham, below are the lineups.  Personally, I would have sat Swish for tonight’s game after his recent base-running gaffes.  Instead, JD sits in favor of Little G.  Better RISP hitting tonight against Livan and the Mets is essential, and Joba must be good.

Let’s Go, Yankees!

YANKEES (34-26)
Jeter SS
Swisher RF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Cano 2B
Posada C
Matsui DH
Cabrera LF
Gardner C

Pitching: RHP Joba Chamberlain (3-1, 3.79).

METS (31-27)
Cora SS
Martinez LF
Beltran CF
Wright 3B
Church RF
Sheffield DH
Murphy 1B
Schneider C
Castillo 2B

Pitching: RHP Livan Hernandez (5-1, 3.88).

[Edit: This gem was on Abraham’s blog:

Mark Teixeira was fired up today. It seems that Red Sox owner John Henry has a Twitter account and last night wrote “The MT curse?” when the Yankees lost. Boston is still steamed, apparently, that Tex signed with the Yankees. “How old is Mr. Henry?” Tex said, who said he didn’t want to get into it with a “70-something-year-old man about baseball. … I think it’s a little silly. It’s actually very silly.”

Henry is actually 59, which makes Tex’s comment even funnier. Of course he looks about 80.

John Henry sounds both petty and childish with this attempt at a pithy Twitter post.  After buying a franchise long thought by many of their own faithful to be cursed for their historic string of failures, Henry is apparently trying to cast curses far and wide like some snide pseudo-sorcerer.  Of course, he’s joking around; he’s also putting up bulletin board material for the Yanks and especially Teixeira.  Well done.  Yuk it up in June, Henry–you may be crying by the beginning of October.]

Joba smoothly and efficiently navigated the first on 14 pitches, fanning Beltran on a 3-2 slider.  The Yanks followed with two loud, long outs and Teixeira being caught looking to end the first.

Joba got some help from Teixeira, robbing Church of a hit and forcing Wright at second from his knees.  He’s done that several times already, just amazing.  Joba caught that selfish Sheffield looking but Church stole second, and got a comebacker to end the top of the second.  Cano ripped a homer in the bottom of the second, but after Posada doubled he was left stranded.

Joba then walked three and hit a batter in the top of the third to tie the game at 1.  Terribly, he had Beltran at 1-2 with the bases loaded, but walked him.  This inning, his slider has been off the whole time.  He then fanned Wright on a 1-2 curve for the second out.  After getting Church down 0-2, he hit him with his slider to make it 2-1 Mets–all without a hit. Tomko is warming in the pen. Joba then got behind 3-0 to that so-and-so Sheffield, returned to 3-2, then got him on a chopper off the plate.  But Joba had to throw an embarrassing 43 pitches in the third–the exact same total Burnett needed to get through an inning against Boston on Tuesday–and is already at 73 pitches through 3 IP.  Horrible, just wretched.

Brett the Jet singled, went to second on Jeter’s grounder, went to third on Swish’s deep fly to right center, and scored on Teixeira’s monstrous blast over the bullpen in right center, 3-2 Yanks.  Teixeira has 20 homers on the year, having driven in 54.  That’s #223 on his career.  A-Rod promptly doubled over third and into the left field corner.  Cano then chased Hernandez to the wall in left, but for a loud out.  3-2 Yanks.

Another walk from Joba, a two-out pass to the ninth hitter Castillo, after Joba got behind 3-0.  He then walked Cora after again getting behind 3-0.  That makes 95 pitches through 3 2/3–48 strikes.  That’s horrible, all the worse because the walks were to light-hitting singles hitters.  Easy grounder to third ends the top of the fourth, but Joba has thrown exactly 100 pitches–woefully inefficient, Like Hughes last year but with better results.

Two more long loud outs in the bottom of the fourth for Jorge and Matsui–8 fly ball outs thus far from Hernandez, most of them clocked.  Melky with another fly ball out to left center, still 3-2 Yanks.

Tomko enters for Joba and is struggling right away–double for Beltran, who stole third on Tomko and Jorge (as everyone seems to nowadays), and a walk for Wright–runners at the corners, no outs.  Church then doubled into the gap in right center, scoring two, 4-3 Mets, Church to third when Cano’s relay hit him–still no outs.  This smells like a pitching train wreck.  Sure enough, Sheffield creamed a two-run to left, 6-3 Mets.  Well done, Tomko, reverting to historical form at just the wrong time.  Now a two-out walk to Castillo, again the nine-hole hitter who has walked twice, and at 37 pitches through all of 2/3 IP, Tomko is done in favor of Robertson.  What a disgrace.  Ship out Tomko tonight.  The Yankees don’t lack long relievers.  Summon Melancon.  Robertson got Cora looking, but the Yanks trail by 3 halfway through.

Jeter cut the lead to 6-4 with a solo homer to right off a thigh-high floating change, Jeter’s 9th this year and #215 in his career.  Two groundouts from Swish and Teixeira end the fifth, 6-4 Mets.  The question right now is not the Yanks scoring runs as much as it is the Yanks preventing them.  Can Robertson do it for two more?  They need that right now.  Robertson walked Beltran with one out, the eighth the team has allowed thus far, but then impressively fanned Wright and Church.  A-Rod, Cano, and Posada coming up.

A-Rod hit one on the screws, like so many Yankees have tonight, but for an out on a nice leaping catch by Beltran in right center.  That’s 10 fly ball outs, most of them smacked.  Hernandez is getting the benefit of a generous strike zone to Cano, especially on the 2-1 pitch which appeared low and away before Cano worked an infield hit up the middle.  Tie the game now, Jorge.  Foul homer on a 3-1 hanging slider, too fast on that 3-2, and he walks for Matsui, who will face lefty Jon Switzer, the ex-Rays reliever, as Hernandez’s night is done.

I was one batter too early, for Matsui crushed a three-run homer into the second deck in right on his birthday, 7-6 Yankees as Matsui nails his 9th homer this year and 121st of his terrific Yankee career.  Last year, Matsui homered in the sixth inning on his birthday, and did so again this year–amazing coincidence.  Add on, guys.  Melky with a weak ground out, two down for Little G, who got robbed of a double.  Yanks lead 7-6 in a wild one.

Robertson allowed a double to that so-and-so Sheffield, Coke entered and surrendered a single to Murphy, but got Tatis to ground into a 4-6-3 DP, but it tied the game at 7.  Still, not all bad from Coke thus far–nor from Robertson, who fanned three, allowed a walk, and gave up just one hit and run to the same batter.  A comebacker ends the top of the seventh, top of the order for the good guys after the stretch.

The Yanks have scored all seven runs on their four homers, and are hitting 2 for 6 with RISP, stranding two thus far.  Righty Sean Green in, Jeter down on a 5-3.  Swish walked on four pitches. I’d love to see Teixeira untie this with one swing.  Teixeira got ahead 3-1 but chased ball four down and in 3-2, two more foul balls then a walk, two on for A-Rod.  Make Green pay, A-Rod.  He doesn’t, getting fooled on an 0-2 check-swing slider, two down for RC, who goes down on the first pitch swinging despite the fact that Green had thrown more balls (9) than strikes (8) before that pitch.  Terrible plate discipline; tie game at 7 heading to the eighth.

Coke starts the eighth against Cora, with Mariano getting loose in the bullpen.  Jeter made a great catch on a bloop behind the mound, charging the ball like Billy Martin in the 1952 World Series, yelling all the while at Coke to get out of the way.  Two down on an F8 to shallow left center.  Coke must be careful to Beltran, but won’t get the chance as Mariano enters to face him in a tie game.  Big moment.  Mariano is down 3-1 to Beltran, and his velocity is a tad lower–90-91; 3-2 after a foul ball, walked him–the 9th walk the Yankees have issued.  Wright up, swing-and-miss on a 92-mph cutter 1-1, ditto for strike 2 on a perfect pitch at the knees and the outside corner, and Mariano allows a double to the gap in right center, 8-7 Mets.  Mariano is awful in tie-game situations, leaving that thigh-high and over the plate, missing his spot.  Terrible job by Mariano this inning.  His control and velocity have me a bit concerned.  K’s Church, but the damage is done.  Posada, Matsui, and Melky up in the bottom of the eighth.

Posada down on a 3-1, one down for Matsui, who will face lefty side-armer Feliciano, who retires Matsui and Melky.  Yanks can expect some K-Rod in the 9th.

They get him, facing Little G, Jeter, and Swish to start.  Little G goes meekly on a pop-up in foul territory, one down.  Jeter singled to center, JD pinch hit for Swish.  Yank one out here, JD!  3-2, and JD fouled off three before fanning, while Jeter stole second, two down for Teixeira who must drive Jeter in here.  3-0 to Teixeira, who gets a fourth ball intentionally to face A-Rod, who has the chance to deliver again as he did last night–but he’s 1-14 in his career against K-Rod.  Luis Castillo dropped a 3-1 pop-up in shallow center, then threw to second!  Jeter and Teixeira running on the play score!  9-8 Yanks, that made my day!

Poor pitching from the Yanks, too many walks, Joba’s inefficiency, Tomko’s horrible work, Mariano blowing the tie, but the Yanks got four homers, and their own plate patience spared them a sure loss, ending the losing streak.  The Yanks are 35-26 on the season now.

I’ll Take It.

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  3. People who are on the Yanks because of the 0-8 record this year so far against Boston forget one thing.


    Regular season? Mets 11, Dodgers 1.

    Check out the NLCS that year. Check out who won the WS.

    Just saying.

  4. and then there was that yankee/indian thing in 2007…..

  5. To which I would add the Yanks and Detroit in 2006, with the Yanks 5-2 and the Tigers only winning on two getaway day comebacks and dominated in the rest, yet pulling out the ALDS win going away.

  6. by the way–joba needs to grow up and start listening to his veteran catcher.

  7. I totally agree Mike. I literally just posted something to that effect about his frequently shaking off Jorge over at Pete Caldera’s “Pinstripe Posts.” I haven’t had the chance to sprinkle some blog love around much lately.

    Joba should spend more time being aggressive and less time aggressively shaking off his catcher.

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