HDLR Tuesday–Game 64: (G)Nats @ Yankees, 6/16/09

It’s been a long time coming and, I believe, will be worth the wait.  The Heartland Digital Living Room has returned with a flourish, with me roasting a turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes.  In fact, I’m about ten minutes from carving time.  As per Pete Abraham, below are tonight’s starting lineups.  Mike texted me while I was at the library with the kids to say that Veras got DFA’d.  I don’t want to wallow in someone else’s misery, but it was time.  Unlike Nuke LaLoosh, Veras never got straightened out.  He never fully gained the trust of Torre, Girardi, and Cashman, and rightly so.  His DFA opened room for Bruney’s return.

Honest to God, I thought of the very same analogy as Pete Abe to characterize the Yanks’ three-game set with the (G)Nats when I returned home from a long run this rainy morning.  I wouldn’t cry hard over a series win, but this really is one in which the Yanks need to think Crazy Stein.

Let it start tonight, especially with a gem from Sabathia.  The (G)Nats sport a good lineup  but weak pitching.  Exploit that right away, Yanks.  See you around game time.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

YANKEES (36-27)
Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Cano 2B
Posada C
Matsui DH
Swisher RF
Cabrera CF

Pitching: LHP CC Sabathia (5-4, 3.68).

Guzman DH
Johnson 1B
Zimmerman 3B
Dukes CF
Dunn LF
Kearns RF
Gonzalez SS
Nieves C
Hernandez 2B

Pitching: RHP Shairon Martis (5-1, 5.04).

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  1. i’m sorry it had to come to this with Veras. i’m even sorrier that yankee coaches were unable to get this guy right. 96 MPH guys are not that easy to find. to me this is a real indictment on the staff. that said. he can’t get outs, so goodbye.

  2. Joe is in for a few.


  3. Don’t know why I just advertised my site. 🙂 Wasn’t thinking.

  4. how was your trip?

  5. Ok, thanks. Expect a post in the morning…

  6. i wasn’t able to leave a comment on your site earlier today..can you look into that?

  7. I can. But I have no idea what to look for. haha. Try again if you don’t mind. And if that happens again it would probably be something to do with the new spamguard plugin I installed.

  8. Nevermind, they were spam. I just approved them.

  9. Good evening ladies and gentlemen

  10. i guess jason is caught in the kitchen. hows that turkey coming along?

  11. I had sushi, and am full, and less rich.

  12. i love sushi as well-i had it last night–but yeah, i could do with it being a bit cheaper

  13. Jason, I am on wordpress.org. My org friends, we snicker in your general direction, with your wordpress.com. 🙂

  14. The only time it has been cheap for me is when it comes in the form of a buffet. You ever had sushi at a buffet?

  15. Michael, Joe, and Nick! With a belly fully of turkey and stuffing, welcome!

  16. jason is a notorious capitalist.

  17. Joe, “I wave my private parts at you and your English kinggggggeggets.” [Blowing raspberries, with hands waving in alternating fashion astride my helmet.]

  18. I’m all about the sushi.

    Indeed, Mike–a notorious theorist about capitalism.

  19. One pitch, one out for The Big Guy.

  20. the mASN guys love to discuss how much everything costs… tex CC the stadium…boring

  21. Nick, how have you been?

  22. How was the wedding, Joe?

  23. Good.

  24. another tough out

  25. True, Mike. They’re not unjustifiably fixated on the costs, but they ought to take note of the odd presence of what DC lacks–fans.

  26. Zimmerman is very good

  27. Nice first inning for CC

  28. Everything at 93 mph except for that last change-up, all of six pitches in the first for The Big Guy or, based on his role in breaking up the outfield tiff between Bruney and C-Rud, The Bouncer.

  29. You’re absolutely right about Zimmerman, Nick.

  30. here comes the new Cy Young winner…martis

  31. Ortiz has moved back up to 5th.

  32. Jeter trying to replicate the (G)Nats’ first, swinging at the first pitch for an easy out.

  33. who’s slumping to make way for him joe?

  34. and doing a good job of it jason

  35. As did JD, Mike.

  36. Nice BB, Teixeira. Make him work, A-Rod.

  37. Warning Tim The Wizard is approaching. He brings the following to the HDLR: Adult Language, Adult Content, Psychological Nudity.

  38. glad the ump is not giving tho rookie any calls

  39. Sounds like the latest “Terminator” flick, Wiz. How are you, man?

  40. It may be because he has been swinging a little better, and they want to get a lefty in between those 3 RH hitters. But I haven’t been watching the games as closely for the past week.

  41. hey tim–hows it going?

  42. Good point on situating the lineup, Joe.

  43. I am great J-Money. When are you going to give me a call?

  44. Not the best of starts

  45. I am doing well Mike. I am sorry to hear about your friend’s wife. In other news, I am still waiting for a reunion show of YFCR.

  46. Well, if nothing else Martis had to throw 17 pitches, almost 3 times as many as CC.

    disgraced former attorney general Alberto Gonzales is batting .319 for the (G)Nats.

  47. So sorry, Wiz. I had to grade a lot, then was out of town. I almost called you after Castillo’s present, but it was late. Then I was with the kids all weekend, so I was tied up.

  48. it’s not my friends wife, –that is mike sommer

  49. I believe that is Mike Sommer, Wiz. I’d love a YFCR reunion.

  50. Oh s*** my bad on that one. NICK!!! I haven’t seen you in a while. How is Britain? Why the heck did you guys ban Michael Savage?

  51. The Yanks need the Marlins and Rockies to win tonight.

  52. Nice K on the nasty change, CC.

  53. can u believe the nonsense pouring out of the nitwits mouths…

  54. Let’s not start this Mike. I just bought fireworks for the fourth of July. I am armed and dangerous and would have no problem torching Boston.

  55. What bad luck

  56. Man, CC is throwing hard–94 mph. I love that he warms up and brings the gas more as he pitches.

    Cheap hit for Dunn. Jeez, he and CC might combine for the biggest pitcher-hitter match-up thus far this year.

  57. not you tim–i meant the MASN broadcasters

  58. Oh. We’ll they are the announcers for a team that could attain the Impossible Dream and lose 121 games.

  59. Nice DP. I demand RUNS!

  60. Nice DP, Captain. CC has thrown all of 21 pitches thus far through 2.

  61. Can’t you get YES, Mike?

  62. MASN sucks.

  63. Most. Disturbing. Thing. Ever.

    She actually has her career back. KILL ME NOW!

  64. Atta boy, RC.

  65. i could if i was willing to watch MLB tv but you know how much slower that is than
    extra innings..at least the hi def version for mke has been slow-

    we got a hit off cy young

  66. Hey Tim Im good man it would be good to get the YFCR back I miss it not getting the radio, ESPN and allot that it was news aswell for me.

  67. Britney Spears is a very talented artist as well as a great mother, Wiz.

  68. Jorge with the single, nice. Rip into one, Matsui.

  69. Alright Gojira let’s go 3 run jack.

  70. or not…

  71. Sarcasm much Jason?! If I was a father I would sign her death warrant.

  72. This ump likes to the show off abit

  73. Way to belt that, Matsui, but at least he advanced the runners.

    Swish must deliver.

  74. 🙂

  75. i’ll happily sign it and i will never father a child

  76. I HATE sarcasm, Wiz.

  77. My comment and smiley face somehow got juxtaposed.

  78. Swish walks to load the bases for Melky. C’Mon, Melky the Once-Again Clutch!

  79. Dear Melky,

    Please deliver or I will have you deported.



  80. I’ll take the sac fly, well done Melky. Beats bunting, Mike!

  81. Sac fly 1-0 Yanks 2 outs

  82. i guess we can accept the sac fly

  83. hey now–i’m all for suicide bunts…

  84. Nice job by CC thus far, one down.

  85. they should have done better than one run…

  86. I wish they had had more, but I’ll take an early run and lead.

  87. 1-0 Yanks after 2. It is acceptable…for now.

  88. Deport Jeter, Wiz.

  89. EPIC FAIL= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zrtps2vHGvA&feature=related

  90. Right now, I’m enjoying a nice, smoky Porter from Founders, one of the very best breweries in America.

    Nice catch, Swish! Two down. 25 pitches through 1 2/3.

  91. Ground-rule double over JD, two outs.

  92. they hit a double. the season has ended with an unexpected catastrophe

  93. 31 pitches through 3 for The Big Guy. Love it.

  94. Mike, how do you feel about Swish nowadays? Watching him fly into the stands was pretty cool…

  95. Yanks need to open it up now against Martis.

  96. Anyone watch the Stanley Cup finals?

  97. he was a non person to me for several days after his AWFUL baserunning gaffes as well as the dropped ball in the outfield at fenway–but since then i have forgiven him. i like his at bats for sure
    nice job zimmerman

  98. I caught the end of the Game 7. I am not a hockey fan though I do like Marty Brodeur of the Devils. My brother is a die hard Rangers fan.

  99. Yikes the Nationals are bad

  100. That 2-1 was off the plate.

    Whoa! E5, just as Nick and I touted Zimmerman. JD to second.

  101. Haha Nationals baseball=EPIC FAIL

  102. Brodeur is tremendous, Wiz. I was happy for Guerin winning another ring with the Pens.

    The (G)Nats are awful.

  103. Nick Johnson looks like some 70s detective

  104. Nice team baseball, Teixeira.

    LOL, Nick! Like a younger Barnaby Jones.

  105. Drive the ball, A-Rod.

  106. Walk, time to deliver RC. Drive the ball.

  107. Nice job Robbie!

    Epic Family Guy clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2oNX_inRbg&feature=related

  108. man–they are really bad…

  109. That’ll work, RC. He SMOKED that. 2-0. Poor Nick Johnson. He’s an injury magnet.

  110. Dear Jorge,

    Drive the ball or I burn down MSNBC and Fox News.



  111. Wiz, where are the flaming shots? Are you going soft on me, dude? 🙂

  112. im sick of all the jorge bashing in the blogosphere these days. i’m glad you posted something about it jason–though i haven’t made a comment yet

  113. I can only do so many Jason. Though doing them in a bar is a great way to attract hot chicks.

  114. Wiz, Jorge might not care about that threat against some 24-hour news outlets. I’d threaten to besmirch his reputation as a catcher, then send him a copy of Kepner’s NYT piece. He’ll homer next time.

  115. or other like-minded fire-bugs

  116. It did become a fairly ardent defense of Jorge, didn’t it Mike? I think there’s only so much one can blame Jorge for the faults of pitchers. People are trying to quantify intangibles, always problematic.

  117. You’re right Jason. Anyway, I know Mike got the play I wrote while in college. What about you Jason? Mike what was your favorite part?

  118. Are those flaming vodka shots, Wiz?

  119. Sorry to ask, but it’s been a while since the last HDLR.

  120. awful at bat Groundzilla!

  121. A run and forcing Martis to throw 27 pitches that frame–61 through 3 IP. Keep up the good work, CC.

  122. LOL, Mike.

    I love Matsui, but he has to sit more. His knees have suffered, and subsequently his hitting has as well.

  123. The shots typically are almost always vodka. I am not really a teqiula or scotch drinker.

  124. I’m not sure what your question was, The Wiz.

  125. Plus, scotch is for sipping.

  126. Well done, A-Rod! One down.

  127. Jason, I sent you a play I wrote in college. I took a philsophy class and my professor had us write a play involving Hobbes, Locke, and Maciavelli. I think I emailed you a copy.

  128. i liked the sex scenes bet wiz

  129. * best

  130. Oh! Was that the one I couldn’t read because I still use word 2003? If you could re-send that, I’d appreciate it. So sorry, Wiz. The end of the semester was mayhem, working way too many hours and some things slipped through my mental cracks.

  131. Sex scenes? What are you talking about?

  132. Jason, sent.

  133. just busting you wiz…

  134. I opened the file Wiz, but it’s all encrypted.

  135. But the sex scenes were riveting!

  136. re-sent in the body of the email

  137. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. CC has thrown only 46 through 4 IP.

  138. I will be sure to read this tonight after the game, Wiz. Thanks for sending this in a format that I and my antiquated software can interpret.

  139. did he mail you a mimeo-graph jas?

  140. That year I wrote somewhat prolifically. 28 page paper on Justice Taney, another paper on the British Empire using a primary source and nature of Britishness, a play, etc.

  141. Actually Nick, I think I was wrong. Johnson has more of a Starsky-with-‘stashe look about him.

  142. Yes, Mike, and the ink is all over my hands!

  143. what about an opera based on the opium war?

  144. Jason, read the play on the computer because there are video links.

  145. Jeter worked the fourth walk. I know they have two outs, but they need to make Martis pay for his generosity.

  146. I was gonna say Jason its gone form 70s detective to some 80s pronstar

  147. LOL Mike. I don’t write music. I would need my buddy at UMich composing school who was Jean Valjean in our high school’s production of Les Mis.

  148. pornstar even

  149. Boston’s up 5-1 on Florida.

  150. The Junior Varsity leads the Orioles 4-0 top 5.

  151. seven left on base already–they have GOT to get out of that habit

  152. Very porny, Nick. Very porny.

  153. anybody see the American Masters on Neil Young last night? one of their better ones..if short. only an hour

  154. I like that the Yanks have Martis up to 83 pitches, but they should be up more than 2 runs. Thankfully CC has been excellent. Keep it up, Big Guy.

  155. I was gone all day and into the night visiting my sister, Mike. I missed it. I like Young a lot.

  156. Gonzo singles, refusing to testify all the way to first.

  157. HA!

  158. Boston is now up 8-1 over Florida.

  159. 3-2 to Nieves. Don’t lose him, CC.

  160. 3-2 on will nieves? please

  161. can u believe this?

  162. Nieves singles, and Gonzo wasn’t running, thankfully. But it’s first and second, and I really don’t want this team hanging around.

  163. I can’t believe it’s not butter.

  164. BULL S***

  165. IM in total shock–but why should i be…

  166. Down 3-2 to the stinking (G)Nats. Disgraceful, a team that couldn’t beat the HDLR gang on the road.

  167. Good thing I have a cold Two-Hearted Ale in the Yankees pint glass to soothe my angst.

  168. Angst?! Who the hell are you JD Salinger?

  169. well when u let 2 of the worst guys in the major on base-this is what you deserve.

  170. OK, stop screwing around with these chumps, guys. Teixeira, A-Rod, and Cano coming in the bottom half.

  171. I don’t catch in the rye, Wiz, just with rye.

  172. I hated Catcher in the Rye. The Nine Stories are pretty good though, albiet a little bit strange.

  173. I love that Cano is raking, but that this is starting with two outs makes it tough. String ’em together, Jorge.

  174. So Robbie has 3 of the 4 hits WAKE UP OFFENCE

  175. this is truly embarrassing.

  176. Can’t you take the ball the other way, Matsui?!? Down 3-2 to these clowns is abysmal. Martis is up to 98 pitches, but that matters a lot less when they’re not scoring and taking advantage of 5 walks. The guy has thrown only half of his pitches for strikes, and the Yanks have scored 2 runs, and are 1-7 with RISP, stranding 8. To the stinking (G)Nats.

  177. Ditto all around.

  178. mat’s “hot streak” lasted about 5 games. i’m done with him

  179. “Ditto?” Ditto, you provincial putz?”

    The movie, anyone?

  180. No love on that reference Jason.

  181. “Blazing Saddles.” Harvey Korman to Slim Pickens.

  182. Melky pilfers one from Dukes! Great catch. Use that as momentum.

  183. Great catch Melkman

  184. For the love of Harvey Korman, runs guys!

  185. Dear offense,

    The death warrants are printed and only need my signature and seal to become official. Score runs or face the consequences.



  186. oh i should have known that one jason–great movie

    everything below the waist is kaput!

  187. i might have been more excited by the catch id we weren’t losing to the worst team since 1962 mutts

  188. 2-0 pop up. lovely

  189. i guess everyone has died of shock..ok…

  190. anyone think the red sox would be losing to the nats 3-2 in the 7th?

  191. I just read the wikipedia entries on Disco Demolition and Ten Cent Beer night and almost cried laughing.

  192. Great line from the inimitable Madeleine Kahn, Mike, Lillian von Schtup.

    Martis baffled the Yanks with mediocrity, again.

    No Mike, I would highly doubt the Sox would be.

  193. C’mon, Teixeira! Work over Villone.

  194. TEX!

  195. JD scores on a long double from Teixeira, ripping a belt-high change. Poor play by Dukes, thankfully.

  196. great hustle JD

  197. Elijah Dukes= EPIC FAIL

  198. nice at bat alex

  199. Sideshow Bob Tavares warming up in Krusty the Klown’s dressing room.

  200. Wasn’t it, Mike? He looks better in the field than at the plate right now.

  201. Did you guys see Teixeira’s run home on Castillo’s gift Friday night? Tremendous, textbook hustle.

  202. more horrible baserunning by Yankees. at least we took the lead

  203. RC is killing the ball! He made the second out at third, but not before smoking the ball and delivering Teixeira with his fourth hit. He didn’t quite hustle as he should have out of the box. Nice relay from Gonzo. 4-3 Yanks.

  204. Cano is now up to .309. Agreed, Mike, bad decision. Nice relay, but not a good decision. Dukes has a good arm, too.

  205. Death warrants are rescinded.

  206. CC is at 98 pitches. He’s got the eighth.

  207. The guy has been excellent.

    Good thing, Wiz. You need a flaming shot of Stoli.

  208. CC deserves the ovation. Other than the anomalous fifth, he was terrific.

  209. Pena in for Jeter. Telling.

  210. Two good plays, two down. Nice scoop, Teixeira–yet again.

  211. I am actually suprised. Jeter has been playing good defense this year. Nomaas.org has the story on the front page.

  212. very….

    u gotta read what pete abe said about pena replacing jeter

  213. I am too, a bit, Wiz. Jeter has been good. But I think it indicates wanting to have someone fresh, and Pena hasn’t played too much lately. Plus, I think Jeter has been sore lately.

  214. i dont like the move to get bruney in…he might be wild just getting back…

    mark my words..this might be leading to a loss…

  215. Not an easy situation for the first time back, Zimmerman with a runner on, two outs.

  216. he is throwing gas tho…

  217. Bruney threw that 1-1 at 96 mph; same with both 1-2 pitches. Wow.

  218. Cano has had one heck of a game all around.

  219. glad i was wrong. girardi wins manager of the year

  220. Don’t go soft on us mike.

  221. Gotta add on against Macdougal.

  222. jeter sore ankle

  223. Jeter left the game with “left ankle stiffness.” That sounds like he’ll lobby hard to play tomorrow.

    Matsui walks.

    My son, when he was very young, didn’t know the term ankle, so he called it his “leg wrist.” Hilarious.

  224. Brett the Jet wasted absolutely no time stealing second. Rip into one, Swish.

  225. MASN congratulated matsui on a stolen base…then noticed

  226. leg wrist–adorable!!

  227. MASN, in my father’s expression, “doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind.”

  228. that was a balk!

  229. Sterling is speculating if the DP play that wasn’t with Jeter hopping over Dukes at second is how Jeter hurt his ankle.

  230. Tapper as quasi-bunt moves The Jet to third for Melky the Once-Again Clutch.

  231. yeah could be jason

  232. Melky walks, probably not accidentally with Pena approaching. Belt one over first, Ramiro.

  233. LIL P gets a big ( little ) hit!

  234. Ramiro!! Single to left, great insurance run, 5-3. I love that kid.

  235. Before I forget, thanks for the kind words on the post about Jorge, Mike.

  236. I was about to write, Cream one, JD, then he ripped a foul shot.

  237. i just dont get all the anti-jorge bullshit that is going around…but people have to complain about thing

  238. I think that’s part of it, Mike. Plus, it’s easy to think we know what’s up with the ERA disparity. Yet it could well be crappy pitching. Plus, look at Joba’s struggles while shaking off Joba the whole night. Don’t tell me he did the team any favors with his youthful ignorance.

  239. Plate that runner, Teixeira.

  240. + all the horrific wang outings add to jorge’s total….

  241. Well, at least the Yanks added on. 5-3 for Mariano.

  242. sad that i worry about a 2 RUN lead agaisnt the nats for Mo–but –until this is in the books…

  243. Exactly Mike. Otherwise, Jorge’s catching ERA is 5.47, almost a run less.

  244. I’m not so worried with Mariano in a save situation, honestly. It’s the non-save ones that concern me.

  245. Close it out Mo…

  246. i just want to see him mow them down in order

  247. Honestly, the 0-1 looked better than the 1-1, but I’ll take it.

  248. agreed

  249. Amen, Wiz and Mike.

  250. That 1-2 was strike 3!


  252. robbie has been just amazing tonifght

  253. Cano has been nothing short of tremendous offensively and defensively. Outstanding. When he’s right, I wouldn’t take any other second baseman over him, no offense to Utley and Pedroia.

  254. the umpire should be flayed for that ball call jason

  255. Amen, guys.

  256. Mariano is throwing 92 tonight, a good sign.

  257. oh cmon jason — not eveb for utely? that has to be the beer talking!

  258. Mariano tied Allie Reynolds for 11th on the all-time K list for the Yankees and, although Reynolds swung between starting and relief work in his last few years, that’s amazing.

  259. Nope, Mike. I said it last year, and I’ll say it again. Utley is tremendous, but when Cano is right–admittedly the operative phrase–I’ll take him.

  260. wow–our guys flashing the leather!!

  261. GAME OVER! NICE PLAY PENA! Nice Win Boys!

  262. Ramiro closes it out with slick fielding. Not the blowout I hoped for against the (G)Nats, but good enough. Tremendous defense.

    Plus, on Cano Mike, he turns at second faster and smoother than almost anyone I’ve ever seen. Few match him at the bag.

  263. Yankees win great talking with everyone.

    Thanks for hosting Jason

  264. i’d take utllet in a heartbeat any day of the week…but awe won the game…all that matters!! thanks for hosting

  265. Nick, great to see you again, and hopefully again soon. Maybe I’ll work in a semi-regular HDLR. It’s been too long.

  266. good plan jason–see u all soon…

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