(At Long Last) Game 66: (G)Nats @ Yankees, 6/18/09

I honestly didn’t expect to have the opportunity to post this or anything about the game until after it transpired but, due to a rain delay of well over 5 hours, I’ll actually have the chance to post the lineups. As per usual, they are courtesy of Pete Abraham, today via Ernie Palladino since Pete has the day off.  I have to say that, while I don’t love lengthy rain delays, I do so love the WCBS run-up to the game after a rain delay.  It brings an innate sense of excitement after a long wait, harking back to times in the last several years when I was treated to a late-night Spring or Summer game, usually in a peaceful house and quiet neighborhood, alone with the Yanks. “We take air in five minutes–mark; [beep].”  I may watch tonight but, since I’m going to whip up some dinner–cheese burgers, french fries, and salads, and hopefully my wife will appreciate that I got her favorite burger topping, dill relish–I’ll tune into WCBS.  Yeah, I admit to being a bit corny, but I have a deep nostalgia streak in me, especially for the Yanks.  Something about emerging from a rain delay, especially a long one like this that is historically long, really gets me going for and just outright appreciating baseball.

Wiz, thanks for the afternoon confab today.  That got me going on a hot, humid day when I ran six miles, suffered all the way, and was up extra early from the dog clamoring to go out, then an absolutely hellacious bout of thunderstorms with multiple lightning strikes close by, a harrowing morning that got my son up at the (for Summer) ungodly hour of 7 a.m.  I owe you one, Wiz.

By the by, Pete Abe is right.  Anyone who waited out this one should get freebies to a future game, as The Boss used to do when fans waited out lengthy rain delays.  This one, unofficially and according to the Yanks, is the third-longest rain delay in the history of baseball.  For that, the Yankees should give away the grotesquely expensive seats in “The Moat.”  Seriously.

Props to V for being back the W Tuesday night.  The Yanks must win tonight and take the series against the (G)Nats, no two ways about it.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

YANKEES (37-28)
Gardner CF
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Cano 2B
Swisher RF
Matsui DH
Cervelli C
Pena SS

Pitching: RHP Joba Chamberlain (3-1, 3.84).

Guzman SS
Johnson 1B
Zimmerman 3B
Dunn DH
Kearns RF
Patterson CF
Harris LF
Belliard 2B
Nieves C

Pitching: RHP Craig Stammen (0-2, 5.86).

TIME/TV: 1:05 p.m. (scheduled), YES.

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