A-Rod and Abe

Pete Abraham has a very good post on A-Rod’s extended playing time without a day off and its implications for him, Girardi, and the team.  It really was a poor decision to continue to trot A-Rod out without a day off–regardless of how well or poorly he played.  They had a plan and failed to adhere to it.  Now a guy in whom they invested over a quarter billion dollars is lagging–maybe from the repercussions of playing on a repaired hip, past steroid abuse, or age.  Regardless, Abraham’s summation–agree with it or not–is a solid punch in the gut to the Yanks:

Whether it’s his hip, his age, his use of PEDs for three years, his personal issues or whatever, Alex is in a steep decline and the Yankees have to figure out a way to stabilize that and get something out of him. Otherwise that $258 million they owe him through 2017 is going to go down as the worst contract in sports history.

Maybe it already is.

Personally, I think it’s too early to assess this contract, weighty and lengthy though it is and A-Rod’s difficulties this season notwithstanding.  His decline might also be temporarily “steep” and hopefully corrected with some scheduled time off.  That said, Abraham is right to question both the contract and A-Rod’s ability to hold up well over that length of time.  Before his admission of steroid abuse and hip injury, I certainly thought him a prime candidate, even as DH, to be very productive into his early 40s.

Now?  Meeeeehh.

Below are a couple photos from the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL, to which I took the kids yesterday on a very hot day.  If you ever get the chance, it’s vey impressive.  They have two huge exhibits centered around Lincoln’s pre-presidential and presidential careers, filled with personal memorabilia, photos, and holographic exhibits of people dressed as those in the period, including the great Frederick Douglass, speaking on Lincoln. There is also a four minute video showing the ebb and flow of the battle lines between North and South with mounting casualty figures in the lower right corner of the screen, with a second equaling a week of the war. In this same room, there are numerous photos of the war and of key figures all over a high wall, with touch screen technology below allowing one to zoom in on one, with supporting information–great stuff.  I was duly impressed by all the recreations of the myriad political cartoons and commentary on Lincoln and his wife, Mary, which really treated them shabbily for much of his presidency.  Other sections devoted special attention to the deep personal tragedies marring the Lincolns, including the death of their son Willie in 1862.  It’s all pretty moving, and they also have two interactive theaters with discussions of Lincoln’s life and career.  Tremendous, and not overly romanticized.

Abe Lincoln Museum June 2009 004

Abe Lincoln Museum June 2009 009

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  1. Nice pic. I’d like to go there sometime. Meanwhile, I don’t think we should worry about A-Rod, Pete Abe’s blog post aside. He had surgery and was never rested, as you point out. He looks completely depleted and who wouldn’t? I think he’ll bounce back, but I’d also give him more than two days off.

  2. I agree that A-Rod will right things, Jane My concern lies with the long-term, in which I am quite a bit less sanguine than before that A-Rod will be a very productive force near the end of it. We’ll see. He did have a good at-bat tonight, working an important walk before the DP.

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