Away For a Few

Posting will be sporadic for the next few days, since the family and I will be traveling and visiting with the extended family.  Great to see the Yanks win, and the offense finally awaken, in yesterday’s game.  A tip of the cap to Cervelli for his first major-league home run, to Swish for his 13th homer of the year, and to A-Rod for producing a big two-run single.  He was part of a very productive top four that went 7-17, scoring 6 of the 8 runs and driving in 4.  They need a lot more of that from the offense.

Joba had a strong start, allowing seven hits, no walks, and three runs two earned in 6 1/3 IP, fanning five on 99 pitches/68 strikes.  Coke was good, Bruney struggled quite a bit allowing two hits, two walks and a run, but Mariano entered and nailed down his 16th save of the year and 498th of his amazing career by fanning all four batters he faced.  He then laced a ball for an out with the bases loaded.  The guy is amazing, nothing short.

They need to start winning series and, better yet, string together several wins.  They’re closer to TB and Toronto than to Boston.  Such a streak can start with a strong outing from Pettite, and another strong response from the offense.  Bring home the W tonight, Mike.

I’ll be in touch.  Enjoy the games and the warm weather–92 here today, as it has been for a couple weeks.

Oh, before I forget, so long Veras and Berroa.  I could say you’ll be missed, but that would be lying.

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  1. It was great for Cervelli really was happy for him. Lets hope they keep this up

    What did you make of Transformers 2 mate I thought it was total crap but it is a Michael Bay film he is usually terrible.

  2. Nick! What’s up, buddy?!? I thought “Transformers 2” had way too much profanity for a movie so heavily targeted in advertisements toward kids, a real annoyance for me–no shrinking violet when it comes to profanity I assure you. I also thought the climactic battle took way too long, as was the movie–2 hours 31 minutes in all. I’m getting rather tired of the shock-and-awe approach to cinema, and actually have been for some time. I also thought the overt militarism was enough to gag most save Patton. Yes, if the fate of the world is at stake and gigantic robots are invading, yes, we need to fight. Still, the movie was nothing short of an advertisement for the military, LG electronic products, Chevrolet, and CNN. Other than those myriad complaints, it was fine. Good point about Bay, Nick.

    I totally agree about Cervelli. I’m still a bit concerned that he’s playing over his head offensively, considering his miserable minor-league slump early on. Yet he’s got talent, calls a heck of a game, throws very well, and is rather athletic for a catcher. I love Molina but, at this rate, his days as a Yankee back-up seem numbered–unless they transition Jorge to DH more next year, and keep two strong defensive catchers–though Jorge is throwing out a lot of runners. Still, I think Molina may not be back at this rate.

  3. Hey J.
    Don’t know if you’d be able to stop by, but if the guys want to, I’ll be hosting one tomorrow night. Tim the Wiz so needs to show up, lol.
    Wish I were traveling somewhere. The weather has been craptacular here.. Have a good time =)

  4. Thanks for the invite, V. I couldn’t have made it since I was at my nephew’s graduation party, but it would have been great–The Crazy Stein, Mariano’s 500th, The Walk–tremendous night.

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