Night Owl HDLR: Game 86: Yankees @ Angels, 7/10/09; Joba, Yanks Collapse and Lose 10-6

It’s late and I won’t even come close to bothering with the usual fairly full recap.  But the Yanks staked Joba to a 5-1 lead, and he promptly gave it back in a terrible fifth inning collapse, allowing the under-manned Angels (without Vlad and Torii Hunter, in addition to traditional Yankee killer Howie Kendrick not playing tonight) back into the game and to eventually score 10 runs off Joba, Melancon, and Bruney.  They got no favors from Jeter, who dropped an easy pop-up, but this loss rests squarely on the arms, especially Joba and his immature nonsense.  So much for the excuse of his not working well with Jorge.  He hardly shook off Molina, yet threw less efficiently as the game progressed.  Although his slider was sharp tonight, I think he falls in love with it too much and fails to try to overpower batters with the fastball, and to use his change which is good.  He’s also too slow to the plate and pathetically easy to steal bases off of, as Figgins showed tonight.  He appeared rattled after that, and pitched like a rookie.  I know he’s 23, but he’s regressed in some ways, especially in terms of temperament.  Batters have adjusted to him and his money pitches.  He needs to adjust back, use the slide step to help his catchers with runners on, and to use his fastball more.

Poor loss to end the eight-game winning streak on the road and, with Boston’s 1-0 win over KC, the Yanks fall a game behind Boston in the AL East, and Tampa gained a game on the Yanks. Don’t limp into the break against a depleted Angels team, guys.  Win this series, and respond with anger after tonight’s collapse–and that’s just what it was.  Granted, the offense missed chances as the game wound on, but six runs against a depleted team really should have been more than enough.  Disgraceful.

Nonetheless, many thanks to everyone for dropping by the HDLR tonight.  It’s been a while since I had one and, despite the despicable collapse, it was fun.  We’ll do it again soon.

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Hi everyone, and welcome to a long overdue and late-night Heartland Digital Living Room.  I hope you have plenty of caffeinated beverages handy for the game in Anaheim between the Yankees and the Angels, the final series for both teams before the All-Star break.  Below, as per Pete Abraham, are the starting lineups.  Vlad and Torii Hunter are both on the DL, and Yankee killer Howie Kendrick has been struggling and is not in tonight’s starting lineup. While I will not hold my breath against the Angels, hopefully those factors make it a little easier for the Yankees to extend their winning ways, especially on the road where the Yanks have won eight straight after sweeping Minnesota. Joba must be better tonight that he has been recently.  As I had hoped, Mark Melancon has been called up since Aceves will not again be available until after the break.  Albaladejo has been sent down.  Melancon wasn’t a total dud in his first stint up, but hopefully he can thrive and make sending him back down a tougher decision than it was before.  Jeter is the DH tonight, with Ransom at short, and Molina is catching for Jorge, giving him a break from Joba’s petulance.  Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner, some refreshments, chicken wings, and char-broiled hot dogs, and enjoy the game.  Let’s Go, Yankees!

YANKEES (51-34)
Jeter DH
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Swisher RF
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Ransom SS
Molina C

Pitching: RHP Joba Chamberlain (4-2, 4.04).

ANGELS (46-37)
Figgins 3B
Izturis 2B
Abreu RF
Rivera LF
Morales 1B
Napoli DH
Matthews CF
Mathis C
Aybar SS

Pitching: LHP Joe Saunders (8-5, 4.44).

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  1. Jason is in.

  2. Warning: Tim The Wizard is fast approaching. He brings the following to the HDLR: Certified Insanity, Love of Fire, Psychological Nudity!


  3. Hey Tim. I am confused about what constitutes “psychological nudity.”

  4. Psychological nudity is showing people how psychotic you are. Did you read the email from last night?

  5. Wow Bronson Arroyo crapped on the Mets. CG SHO!

  6. I did read it. It made me miss YFCR all the more.

  7. Jeter lined the first pitch for a hit; love it.

  8. Jete almost takes Saunders head off! LET’S TEAR THEIR HEARTS OUT!

  9. Jeter entered the game batting .440 against lefties. I didn’t know it was that high.

  10. V checking in.
    For Tim –

  11. Boston beat KC 1-0, keeping the pressure on the Yanks. I’ve been very impressed the quality of team baseball in the AL East between the Yanks, Red Sox, and Rays. They’ve all been on a tear.

  12. V! How is it going? Are you getting excited for New Paltz?

  13. Impressive, and yet frustrating J.. The AL East is one toughhh division.

  14. JD, 0-2 to 3-2, nice at-bat. Work the way on base, JD.

  15. HAHAHAHAHAA! Good to see you V!

  16. True, V. I think the teams are pushing each other.

  17. hello one and all-mike is IN

  18. Getting a little excited, lol.. Just wanna move out of the house already, heh..
    Good to see you too Wizz..


  20. Good walk for JD. Lots of cheers, a sign of lots of Yankees fans–though drowned out by the sniveling boos for Teixeira.

  21. crap at bat from tex…

  22. Nice wipe out by JD of Izturis to avoid the DP. Drive the ball, A-Rod.

  23. Welcome aboard, Mike. True about Teixeira’s at-bat. He’ll hopefully atone later.

  24. so how is everyone?

  25. I am alrigth Mike. Did you read my email?

  26. annoying that manny tied mantle tonight. but i guess it was unavoidable

  27. yes i did tim–did you get the remix of rock with you i sent you?

  28. niiiice swing by Alex..


  30. nice one alex!



  33. how about these AWFUL announcers!! hahah


  35. Or not…

  36. Cano w/ another first pitch swing.. but wasn’t a DP so I won’t complain..

  37. good point V! so how have you been?

  38. 3 runs to start this one off.. not bad..

  39. Dear Joba. Pitch. Better. Or. Else.

  40. yes-joba–just throw strikes and you will hear no complaints from us…

  41. Great that A-Rod and Swish delivered to jump on Saunders. Nice patience from Cano. Of course, I missed all of it because my f#$%ing wireless router sucks.

    Still, I’ll take the runs.

  42. Been good.. had a lot of fun [and headaches] senior year.. Now looking forward to some college fun, lol..

  43. Could you remind me what you plan to major in, V?

  44. strike one! he’s an ace!

  45. Ah college! What a fun time unless you’re a conservative at Columbia! I am amazed I am still alive!

  46. Grab some bench Figgins!

  47. great start !!

  48. Joba gives Figgins the gas for the K looking. 97 mph on the gun. Joba should stop loving on his slider and give more gas with two strikes.

  49. Keeping Figgins off the bases is key.

  50. 123 ! i’ll take that!

  51. STOP THE PRESSES! JOBA HAD A 1-2-3 INNING! Take that Mike Francesa

  52. Nine pitch inning for Joba to start the game, and every batter got a first pitch strike. Nice.

  53. Haven’t declared a major.. not sure yet.. Been thinking about journalism though.. or photography..

  54. Joba.. thattttt’s the stuff..

  55. A commenter at The Sommer Frieze has been going off about Joba’s alleged lack of velocity. It has been lower than when he set up, but he routinely hit 95 in the first.

  56. You could be a sports writer, V. You already do it to some degree.

  57. you guys all have YES feed? i’m on Faux S N west

  58. How is listening to Hudler and Physioc?!

  59. even jose is joining the party..

  60. Those guys are brutal, Wiz–not as bad as some others, but brutal enough.

  61. No one can be worse than Hawk Harrelson of the ChiSox.

  62. Jose has been impressive at the plate this year. As long as he serves occasional duty, he’s pretty productive.

  63. i dont know their names, but i’d even prefer Himmler and Goebbels

  64. Harrelson is horrible, though he has Steve Stone, who is knowledgeable, instead of Darrin Jackson, who is a putz and a lackey, to help him out now.

  65. we all know who jasons’s favs are…

  66. Saunders is all over the place..

  67. Yanks are making Saunders work.

  68. ok im listening to john and suzyn on my i phone while i watch this feed

  69. Top 5 Worst announcer pairs for me

    1. Hawk Harrelson and Darren Jackson
    2. Mario Impemba and Rod Allen (FSN Detroit color guy)
    3. Harry Moskawitz and Suzyn Waldman
    4. Dewayne Stats and Joe Magraine (Rays)
    5. Chip Caray and his parter (Braves)

  70. JD! 4-0 Lead! Pour it on boys! I WANT TO BEAT THEIR SKULLS IN!

  71. JD delivers Molina! 4-0 early as the Yanks pound Saunders–46 pitches through 1 1/3.

  72. we’re on FIRE molina chuggin’ home

  73. This is going to be a good night..

  74. I have to put Impemba and Allen atop that list. I think Staats and Migraine are far worse than Sterling and Waldman. Horrible, and homers.

  75. Damon keeps going in there hard.. good stuff..

  76. I like the fact that the Yanks are doing this with base hits. I love the long ball, but rallies based on base hits are tougher on pitchers, more draining, and tougher to shrug off.

    JD again spared Teixeira the DP ball with a wipe out slide.

  77. Amen, V.

  78. yes–i know the tigers are your personal bugaboos–too bad tex…

  79. It is nice to see the Yanks giving the Angels some of their own medicine! BLEED THEM SLOW!

  80. Saunder at 53 pitches.

  81. Indeed, Mike–going back to that miserable, late-night series in Detroit in 2007 that we endured together.

  82. Agreed on the Angels medicine, Wiz.

  83. Did Abreu catch a rash as he got near the wall?

  84. A-Rod K’d, but the Yanks scored another and, importantly, Saunders is at 58 pitches through 2 IP.

  85. Yanks have been lucky that the Angels have had some wounded soldiers when they’ve faced them this year though..

  86. No Jason. I think he pooped in his pants when he got near the wall.

  87. well i guess i’ll take the 1 run, but we could have put our boot on their necks…

  88. Indeed, V, though the Yanks had some key injuries for the earlier series.

  89. yeah i’ll never forget that lost weekend in detroit…. you were close to the ledge man.. 🙂

  90. No wonder why the fans were waving their programs so briskly, Wiz.

  91. I despaired that weekend, Mike. I thought the playoffs were gone.

  92. ok so FSN had that first pitch at 94. whgat does YES have?

  93. 94, Mike.

  94. ok cool–thanks

  95. YES has it around 93.

  96. One down. Don’t let Napoli hurt you guys tonight.

  97. nice wild pitch does what their hitter couldnt…

  98. Throw strikes, Joba.

  99. Dear Joba,

    Please quit screwing around with breaking pitches. THROW STRIKES!

  100. ugh.. here we go…

  101. Hughes is not available tonight, so the word is.

    Need a DP ball here, Joba.

  102. Second that, Wiz.

  103. our old pal gerry davis gives us the call..surprisingly

  104. Gerry Davis with the check-swing strike call, still trying to make up for that blown call at second against the Mariners in 2007…

  105. LOL, Mike!

  106. that call at second base still keeps me up at nights…

  107. Oh my God Jason why did you go there? I can still see that horrible call replayed in my mind.

  108. jesus h christ joba—

  109. Greeeatt..

  110. Jeez, Joba! 4-1 Yanks, but that was really unnecessary to get worked to 3-2. Stop the damn nibbling.

  111. Couldn’t help it, Wiz. I see Gerry Davis, I see a runner out by three feet.

  112. cant you just challenge the 198 hitter joba?

  113. If I remember right, it was Willie Bloomquist of the Mariners in that game. Nice K Joba.

  114. Nice slider, Joba.

  115. enough with the damn breaking balls!


  117. Exactly right, Wiz.

    Good escape for Joba, though he had to throw 29 pitches frame.

  118. Cano has been great at second this year.

  119. Joba threw nearly 30 the second inning.. way to balance out it w/ the 9 pitch first [-_-]

  120. yeah i think you’re right wiz about bloomquist. a moment of infamy for sure. i’m sure we all recall what happened with farnsy’s next pitch

  121. Right about Bloomquist AND Cano, Wiz.

  122. Oh sweeetttt. new yankeeography.. MOOSE!!

  123. Melky needs to break out of his funk and soon. That foul ball wasn’t far off.

  124. That will be a good one, V.

  125. Well, if nothing else–and there was nothing else in the third–Saunders is at 72 pitches after 3.

  126. yeah- i honestly wish gardner was playing every day. anyone else feel that way?

  127. I am not sure about playing Gardner every day. Although Melky has not been the same since hurting his shoulder in Texas.

  128. oh–and how bout that ridiculius trade Omar made for the Mets? talk about an excercise in futility

  129. For CF, Mike, I’m at that point now. But with JD’s struggles in left, Melky must play at least now and then. His bat has really tailed off.

    Another nice play by Cano, one down.

  130. This year may push Minaya out the door. The dearth of good prospects, the age on the staff in recent years, the lack of replacements for injuries. At this rate, should they continue to struggle, Minaya should be out of a job.

  131. Whew! Two down.

  132. I don’t think so Jason. Minaya has a 3 year contract extension that kicks in during the 2010 season. I doubt the Wilpons will pay Minaya to work for someone else.

  133. The contract matters, Wiz, but they’ve regressed significantly in recent years. There may be a buyout clause. Plus, bad is bad, and Minaya has been bad.

  134. Nice K Joba!

  135. Nice work, Joba.

  136. that was a really filthy one–love it

  137. I’ve always said he doesn’t throw enough sliders. 🙂

  138. Interesting.. I don’t think I’ve seen Joba shake off Molina at all..

  139. Joba is at 52 pitches through 3. He and Saunders each threw 14 that frame.

  140. You may be right, V. He and Jorge have been oil and water.

  141. why exactly is Hinske here? any takers?

  142. Good patience, Ransom.

  143. I’ve been asking the same question mike.. I have no idea why they made that move..

  144. We gotta get Saunders out of the game soon and beat up the Angel bullpen.

  145. Bench and flexibility, I suppose Mike. But Shelley can play OF and has hit a ton in SWB. Plus, Hinske isn’t exactly Gold Glove material in the infield.

  146. Exactly right Wiz.

  147. i cant believe bobby not only made thye catch but –hit the wall!

  148. And that Angels bullpen has been a shell of its former self.

    Jeter is killing the ball–3-3.

  149. Abreu will come to the dugout looking like he caught poison ivy off it, Mike.

  150. well i dont mind having him on the team, but the other night i think i would have preferred him playing third the other night instead of cody in minny

  151. Jeter is at .320 right now–amazing thus far.

  152. Yeah, it seems Girardi wants to give Ransom a look, but Hinske has more power. My understanding is Hinske is a butcher at third.

  153. Ransom has been doing squat.. would’ve preferred they kept Peña up..

  154. These Bell’s Two Hearted Ales are going down all too smoothly.

  155. i think we’ve had plenty of look at cody this year…

  156. I think they wanted pop off the bench V, but I love Pena’s glove and versatility.

  157. Plus, I think the Yanks want to make Pena a super-utility guy. He’s learning to play some OF in SWB.

  158. Yeah Mike, if Ransom were 23, I’d be more patient. But 33? Meeeehh.

  159. Uh-Oh

  160. Get it together, Joba.

  161. Joba needs a DP ball.

  162. I’ll sure take the K, though. A DP ball NOW would be ideal.

  163. Joba is going to have to suck it up and throw 110+ pitches tonight to protect the bullpen.

  164. Joba can’t have an easy inning..

  165. Odd bunt with an out, but that’s Scoscia.


  167. Boy has Cano saved runs tonight! Tremendous.

  168. THANK YOU ROBBIE!!!!!!

  169. Joba is at 68 pitches. Two more good innings, Joba.

  170. I’d prefer three more but, at this pitch count, that might be asking too much.

  171. so joba is at about 70 pitches…

  172. 68…sorry for my disinformation–man tex is slow

  173. Annoyingly good play from Aybar, one down. Get it going, A-Rod.

  174. YES A-ROD!! Huge blast to center, 5-1 Yanks!


  176. A-Rod= BEAST

  177. High-Fives all around.

  178. Up and outttt.. A-Rod is a beast..

  179. nice piece of hitting robbie!

  180. A-Rod tied with Finger-Pointing Palmeiro on the all-time HR list. Interesting company…

    Nicely done, RC–great night for him thus far. Deliver that runner, Melky. Be Melky the Clutch.

  181. IBB to face Ransom. That says a lot.

  182. well this is what you get with cody in the line up–even melky gets walked…maybe his first time ver?

  183. Saunders is at 103 pitches and with his tongue hanging out.

  184. Saunders should not make it out of this inning alive..

  185. what was cody looking for i wonder? that was right down broadway.

  186. What are you looking at, Ransom?!? 3-0, and Saunders comes back to fan him looking at a fastball. Just keep watching the game go by.

  187. Joba must keep this good lead intact.

  188. Why is Ransom still on this team? He is the 2009 version of Morgan Ensberg (cue Uncle Joe rant)

  189. Ransom is a disaster..

  190. Good analogy, Wiz.

    It’s time to ship him out.

  191. Thanks for nothing on THAT check swing, Davis.

  192. lets face it- Pena is never going to be out starting SS- so why not utilize him now?

    cashman’s moves sometimes just dont add up

  193. Cody Ransom = EPIC FAIL

  194. these cheap hits they are getting –annoying, right?

  195. The whole way the Angels play baseball is annoying.

  196. Agreed, Mike and Wiz.

  197. Heck of a throw, Molina.

  198. he was out…

  199. Lots of Yankees fans in Anaheim, including Jane Heller I believe.

  200. Figgins was out…

  201. Was he, Mike? I thought it was a tie, but I could be wrong.

  202. ask gerry after the game….

  203. 5-2 now. Nip this in the bud and keep the lead here, Joba.

  204. is joba at 900 pitches yet?

  205. Just 875, Mike.

  206. He’s at 85, not very efficient yet again.

  207. Half the season is in the books and Joba has yet to display that crucial element called efficiency..
    It was there for the first.. and then goneeee..

  208. It reminds me of Hughes last year V, although his results have been much better. Last year, Hughes would be at 80 pitches after 3.

  209. Now Abreu stole second. Don’t allow Abreu to score, Joba.

  210. joba is so fucking slow to the plate. so easy to steal on him. and as pete abe called last week. so boring.

  211. Need a strike out…

  212. Not sure where that 2-2 was…

  213. Agreed, guys.

    God damn it, A-Rod!

  214. HORRIBLE—!!!

  215. Ugh…

  216. Hughes seem to learn quicker though.. everything is a struggle with Joba.. except when he was in the pen.. starting to think that’s where he is made for..

  217. 90 pitches through 4 1/3.


  219. fucking joba –

  220. Oh damnnn…

  221. Tie ball game with the tater. Thanks Joba. Thanks A-Rod. Shitty.

  222. excuse me a moment while i go drop joba off of my fantasy team. i’ll be right back

  223. Letting these stinking-ass jerks back into the game.

    Get Joba the hell out of the game.

  224. No Vlad, no Hunter, no problem. Just wait for Joba to collapse and A-Rod to puke. Ransom is looking like an albatross for the next few innings in the lineup.


  225. Melancon is in–prove it time.

    If I hear Joba say some stupid nonsense after the game about pitching well and making his pitches, I’m going to blow.

  226. What is it going to take to put these assholes down?!

  227. Wooden stakes, silver, and holy water, Wiz.

  228. Where was that first pitch?

  229. Well in that case let’s go vampire killing. Jason get the silver bullets, V get the stakes, Mike get the holy water, and I will get the torches.

  230. you guys should read what pete abe just had to say– he hit the nail on the head

  231. At least A-Rod made THAT throw. Tie game after 5. Time to gin up the offense after letting that asshead Saunders off the hook the last couple innings.

  232. I want to see what Joba says during the postgame.. last time out he claimed he thought he did well and didn’t mind the boos b/c he was still going to wake up with a job in the morning..
    Abraham posted “If Joba says after the game that he pitched well, he should get sent back to Scranton. Not one teammate, save Jeter, has gone over to him in the dugout. They’re tired of his act.” I don’t disagree..

  233. Dear offense,



    Tim The Wizard

  234. Pete Abe was all over that, Mike. He’s right. People are sick of his act and his stupid commentary, I suspect. He was up 5-1 against a team without Vlad, Hunter, and Yankee killer Kendrick and coughed it all back up. Disgraceful.

    The Yanks need to make hay against what has been the worst bullpen in the league.

  235. Molina down looking foolish.

    Nor do I, V. It didn’t go for Ian E. Neumann, and it shouldn’t go for Joba. He’s not been mired in reality regarding his struggles.

  236. and so who is gonna pitch the rest of this game?

    go jete!!

  237. Jeter is more than doing his share, going 4-4. Way to set the example, Captain. Keep it going, JD. Yank one out.

  238. Wiz is warming up to succeed Melancon, and I’ve got the seventh.

  239. That’s the DP the Yankees needed and didn’t get. Ouch.

  240. thanks JD–you’ve been just stellar of late…

  241. Epic Fail. Hold them down Melancon.

  242. I’m your 8th inning wo-man..

  243. Mike Francesa would not approve V.

  244. another cheapie for those lucky bastards

  245. V, it’s yours. I’d prefer you to Bruney at this point. I half wish that Teixeira would threaten to smack Aybar in the mouth for laughing after that cheap hit.

  246. brb

  247. Ahhh, no knocks on Bruney.. I have faith in the guy..

  248. *sigh*, there is nothing to say about this anymore.

  249. Disgraceful, letting this crummy team back in the game. Way to groove that, Melancon. Hey Swish, take off the roller skates you elephant.

  250. An error ruined perfection, but if Sanchez still makes history tonight in San Fran, Uribe is the new Castillo..

  251. Right now V, I don’t. I know he’s coming back from the injury, but he’s not been good lately.

    Melancon nearly gave away another run there. Calm down, kid.

  252. Need a strikeout…

  253. Bloops, stinking bloops, 7-5 Angels. Horrible.

  254. Another f***ing jam shot…WHY CAN’T WE BEAT THIS DAMN TEAM?!

  255. That DP was a little too late boys. NOW GO SCORE SOME #$*(*#$(% RUNS

  256. Teixeira made two great scoops that inning for outs. The heart of the order is up, Yanks are down two, and there are three innings to play. This is doable, despite all the travails and the reversal of momentum. They need to get it together and rally.

  257. Nice start, Teixeira.

  258. That’s a good start Tex. Let’s build some runs…

  259. The Angels did it to the Yanks, do it right back to them.

  260. Jepsen has an ERA of nearly 9. The Yanks need to justify that.

  261. ESPN is showing the 9th of the Giants game.. two more outs for Sanchez….

  262. Holy crap Aaron Rowand what a catch!

  263. i see they gave up the lead… no surprise there i guess

  264. Well, if nothing else, the crossword I’m doing with my daughter GLG is helping keep me somewhat sane.

  265. Rowand with HELL of a catch.. that was siick..

  266. Cano singles, two on and two out, but what will Melky do? Will they even pitch to him with the anemic Ransom lurking meekly?

  267. Matsui will apparently pinch-hit if needed.

  268. NO-HITTER!


  270. nice swing melky

  271. And it was really a perfect game.. had Uribe not made that error..

  272. Good for Sanchez.

  273. Juan Uribe = West Coast Luis Castillo

  274. MELKY!

  275. His clutchiness!

  276. hip hip Jorge!

  277. That was a GREAT at-bat by Melky, behind 0-2 and working an RBI single through the hole on the 11th pitch. Love the move by Girardi to yank back Matsui for Jorge, 7-6, need a base hit here.

  278. Looks like Yanks are willing to lose the DH..

  279. Walk to Jorge, bases loaded, two outs, Matsui will face Oliver. Huge moment.

  280. Would it be greedy to ask Matsui to go slam job?

  281. How siiick would it be if Girardi has Alex move to short for the next inning and have Hinske play third.. throwbackkk..

  282. Lefties are .293 against Oliver this year.

  283. And. Here. We. Go.

  284. crap


  286. I am calling it quits for the night. See you guys later, go Yanks!

  287. i love that idea V–it would at least be some fun in this wretched game

  288. Dammit! That was so close to a grand slam. Still, this is a one run game. One run in the next couple innings can happen lots of ways. The key is holding it here. I have faith the Yanks can score more. The question is whether or not they can keep the Angels from scoring more.

  289. Thanks for stopping in, Wiz.

  290. DH gone.. lame..

  291. The Yanks are determine to use Melancon for those 45 pitches for which he was to be available, aren’t they.

  292. Teixeira made a GREAT play!

  293. i didnt realize melancon was a long man

  294. and a really great one from the captain! excellent!

  295. That didn’t just happen..

  296. How the hell did Jeter drop that?!? Did he catch Castillo’s illness, or JD’s? He used two hands and still dropped it. That CAN’T cost the Yanks in what is now a one-run game. Yeeeesh.

  297. This game is so bizarre. It’s as if everyone playing in and watching this game took a handful of quaaludes.

  298. i wish I had a handful of quaaludes…

  299. Bruney walked a .195 hitter on four straight. An abomination.

  300. walk the guy under .200 you moron

  301. bruney is worthless. goodnight guys.

  302. DAMNNNNN..
    That was all b/c of your lack of faith J, lol..

  303. Nice going, Bruney, coughing up a homer to this clown, not by any means a power hitter, 10-6 Angels. This game is a disgrace. Way to hold it close, Bruney. Of course, this game got out of hand with Joba and his losing a big lead.

  304. If it were only so, V, I’d gladly take the blame.

  305. Bruney’s ERA is above 5 now.

    Figgins interfered with that play quite clearly. He should get beaned next time up.

  306. Jorge made that bare handed.. siiiickk..

  307. Great catch by Jorge. I don’t think Figgins wanted to get in the way, but did anyway.

  308. Jorge is scary when he’s pissed off.. yiikes..

  309. I got to hit the sack, as it is 1:11 Am on the East coast and I have a family wedding to attend tomorrow.

    I am absolutely PISSED at Joba for not giving six and for pissing away a 5-1 lead. PISSED.

    As for the AAA game (SWB vs. LV) I attended tonight, what a game. I’ll recap it tomorrow (actually, today) morning for you. 5-4 SWB win. Big plays (double and a play at the plate) for Cervelli. A-Jax with 3 hits, one a triple. I was sitting right behind the screen. 75 feet or so behind Cervelli when he was catching, and about 30 feet or so from the on-deck circle where I could see the blacksmith-type forearms of Shelley Duncan.

    As for now, I gotta get to bed. But Joba…I’m PISSED OFF.

  310. Fading meekly into that good night. Should they lose, and it’s looking that way, this one is on the pitching.

  311. Thanks for stopping by, Mike. I hear you about Joba. He needs to be sat down and have his priorities laid out for him before getting sent down to get his act together. He’s been lousy but, worse, semi-delusional about his performances.

  312. Bruney sure picked the wrong inning to set guys down in order…

  313. It’s improvement..

  314. Oh yeah, I came up the elevator after the game was over and as I got off the elevator, someone was waiting to get on the elevator.

    Young guy in street clothes, carrying a clipboard. Japanese. I didn’t say anything, but recognized him right away.

    Kei Igawa.

  315. Ugly loss.. but thanks for hosting J =)

  316. Really, Mike? Awesome anecdote.

    V, thanks for coming by. You too, Mike and all others.

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