All-Star Break

Those who know me know that I am not big on All-Star games of any sort, including that in baseball.  I do appreciate the impressive assemblage of talent, as well as the historical tributes that the sport puts together.  But on the whole, I am the type of fan who watches most ardently when something more than home field advantage in the World Series is on the line.  It might matter, but on the whole, the game matters just a little bit to me.  No offense to those for whom it matters more; it just does not captivate me, never has.  I skipped the home run derby, with my daughter honestly watching more of it than I did.  My son and I are working through the Harry Potter books, and are about to start the fourth.  It’s been quite enjoyable since they are terrific books, and with the movie opening Wednesday (12:01 a.m., for those really hoping to go as soon as possible), we plan to put our Potter series energy to good use opening night–not Tuesday at midnight.

Check out this fine article by Alan Schwarz of The New York Times on baseball’s move to capture and measure plays, especially but not only from the defensive side, that may well change the way in which we understand, analyze, and compare players.  High-resolution cameras are in the final stages of being tested, integrated with computer-compiled statistics, to assess how, where, and how quickly players field and throw balls.  If done soundly, it may well allow players, managers, and teams as well as fans to better understand how fielders as well as batters and pitchers fare on myriad plays.  Fascinating stuff, and something that will no doubt intensify the statistical frenzy in probably the most statistically obsessed sport.  Thanks to Mike Fierman for sending it along.

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  1. As you know Jason I a big fan of HP books I really suggest listening to the audio books really great to listen to.

    As for the All star I like the look of the NL this time I like there line up and pitching looks great.

  2. Interesting suggestion about the audio books, Nick. On some of the longer road trips we occasionally take, I just might consider that. My son and I will start “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” tomorrow, and we plan to see the new flick tomorrow night, exciting stuff.

    And the AL takes it again, amazing streak. Mariano with the save. Outstanding.

  3. Got to admit, I was worried when Lincecum plunked Jeter. I was thinking broken wrist. Thank goodness it wasn’t.

    Classy move by Maddon saving Mo for the 9th. He could have gone with Papelbon or Nathan in the 9th, but it showed a lot of respect for everything Mo has meant to the game to let Mo have that 9th inning.

  4. I saw the film loved it but I am biased being a potter fan. People who have not seen the other will get confused but it is the 6th one by now. Its abit late now but I might post my review tomorrow but even if you don’t like it think of it go see it just to beat Tansformers 2 and the evil Michael Bay,

  5. You didn’t miss anything by skipping the home run derby. Talk about a snooze fest.

  6. I barely even watched the Derby or the ASG. I just want the season to resume already. I am going to go see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince this weekend. It looks like the last good movie of the summer. August is traditionally reserved for the worst movies anyway.

    Nick, I will be coming to Scotland this winter, if you live up that way. I will also be able to get around the British Isles if need be.

  7. Yeah I agree Tim about August for film I think its most of the summer isnt that good. It started of so well with Star Trek (great)then Xmen(enjoyable) but Terminator, Transformers 2 were both terrible to me anyway. I’m not a fan of big blockbusters.

    Cool that your coming to Scotland maybe we could hang out I live in Bradford in the north of England but would be able to travel up.

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