Sweep You Very Much!

Excellent way to end the series with the Orioles, taking the broom game by a 6-4 score for the second straight game.  Burnett was very good, providing the sixth straight solid start for the Yanks.  The offense scored five runs in the first three innings and squandered some chances later, but provided enough.  Bruney struggled, allowing two solo homers in the ninth that necessitated Mariano’s entrance for a K of Huff to end it with his 28th save of the year and 510th of his incomparable career.

After a fast first for Burnett, the Yanks jumped on Orioles starter Berken for four.  Jeter lined his first pitch, a belt-high meatball, to left for a double.  JD flew out to right, Teixeira singled to center, A-Rod singled home The Captain 1-0 Yanks, Matsui forced A-Rod at second, Posada walked, Cano’s bleeder to second scored Teixeira 2-0 Yanks, and Swish’s single to right center made it 4-0.

Swish book-ended the third with polar opposite plays in right, beginning it with a gross fielding error on Roberts’s liner.  Jones singled to right to put runners at the corners with no outs.  Burnett got the dangerous Markakis to foul out to JD, who made a strong throw home to hold Roberts.  Burnett then fanned Huff on a nasty, hard curve, and escaped the Swish-made jam with a Swish gem, as he snared Wiggington’s shot into the right field corner to maintain the shutout.  Posada’s two-out solo homer in the bottom of the third padded the lead to 5-0.

Burnett worked around two walks in the top of the fourth, had a fast fifth, and got more atonement from Swish in right when he made a leaping catch at the wall on Scott’s shot.  Good thing, for the Yanks had only two base runners in the same span from the fourth to the sixth, letting Berken settle in.  The Orioles broke through for two in the seventh when Andino singled, Jones doubled, and Roberts’s sac fly scored Andino for the first run.  Burnett and Jorge gave away a second run on what should have been the third out when Huff K’d on a nasty curve, but it got away from Jorge (and probably shouldn’t have), letting Jones score, 5-2 Yanks.  In the bottom half, the Yanks had first and third with one out, but Teixeira lined out hard to Huff at first for an unassisted DP.

Hughes worked around Zaun’s bloop for a single in the eighth, and the Yanks got the wild pitch run back in the bottom half. A-Rod singled and stole second for the second straight game.  Matsui struck out but Jorge delivered A-Rod, running on the play, with a double to left center, 6-2 Yanks.  It should have been more, for the Orioles intentionally walked Swish to get to The Jet, whose infield single loaded the bases for Jeter, who fanned on a tough slider.  This was crucial, for Bruney entered, not having pitched in forever, and allowed back-to-back two-out solo homers to Jones and Markakis to cut it to 6-4, forcing Girardi to rightly summon Mariano to shut it down, which he did with extreme prejudice.  It would have ideal for Hughes and Mariano to get a day off, but it’s a sign that at least the Yanks are winning.  That said, they should really consider giving Mariano a set day off.  He’s pitched five of the six post-break games.

Burnett is now 9-4, with a good 3.74 ERA.  He was at times inefficient, walking the ninth hitter Andino at one point, and working out of a couple jams.  But on the whole, Burnett was in control.  Hughes was again excellent, but Bruney, though he threw hard, has no deceptive movement on his fastball.  Just as crucial, and Bruney hasn’t pitched since the 10th so command issues are understandable, he left the home run pitches up.  I feel for the guy, but he’s not ready to be trusted in game situations.  It would have been good to get him work in a more comfortable game, but those have not occurred in the six-game winning streak.

Jorge was 2-3 with his 12th homer, 42 RBI, batting .282.  Cano had another two-hit game, batting .310.  A-Rod was also 2-4, batting .257 and driving in his 55th run.  Swish now has 50 RBI with his two-run single and had two walks, batting .235/.363.  Jeter was 1-5 (.317), Teixeira 1-4 (.277), JD 1-4 (.278) and The Jet 1-3 (.277) with a stolen base and a caught stealing.  Impressively, and although the Yanks missed some chances, they cashed in on many with base hits, going 7-15 with RISP, stranding but seven.

I mistakenly thought the Yanks had an off day tomorrow, but they have a make-up game against Oakland tomorrow night, the start of what is now a four-game set.  Six straight and, while the A’s enter having energized their offense–they’re up 15-1 against Minnesota and scored 13 but blew a ten-run lead the other day–Oakland is another sub-.500 team against whom the Yanks should take at least three before hitting the road against Tampa, Chicago, then two against Toronto.

Take no chances, waste no opportunities to win games.  They’re playing great ball, getting strong starting pitching, good defense, and timely hitting.  That’s the formula.  Stick to it.

Excellent stuff, and it’s been very enjoyable to see them play–not just because they’re winning, but how they’re winning.  Boston is in Texas and Tampa in Chicago tonight.

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  1. Got to say iv been impressed with the pitching the last 6 games. I know there was been 8 runs the last 2 games but the defence has part of that to blame.

    The Red Sox got 2 new players today I would like to see Cash add a player or 2. With pitching we need another starter Cash can do 2 things trade for a 5th starter or trade for a relief pitcher to put Hughes in rotation.

    As for line up/defence well first I would get rid of Ransom call up Pena. Allot of people say he needs AB I don’t think so to me he will always be a back up never a starter he will make a great back up on the bench. I would like to see another outfielder maybe a run at Holliday.

  2. A.J. has been giving solid start after solid start.. Been worth every penny the Yanks spent for him.
    6 straight wins after the break.. great way to start the second half. Yanks will spend another day in sole possession of first. The race for October looks to be another interesting one..

  3. Your game summaries/analyses are too good. I love it! Waste no opportunities is right. They need to get leads and keep them like they’ve been doing!

    Let’s hope the steam doesn’t run out against the A’s!

  4. You’re absolutely correct about the defense contributing to a couple of those runs, Nick. The wild pitch in the seventh today was egregious. I too would like to see a bench addition, especially a bat for the outfield. My hunch is that the asking price would be high, but I’d love Holliday and especially his bat.

    Amen on AJ V, both as a pitcher and a personality. I love that the Yanks got not just terrific players signed to long-term deals, but guys who seem like solid, mature people in the locker room.

    Many thanks, Lisa, and I will be glad to steer readers to your very good blog as well. I totally agree about getting leads, playing from ahead–something it took a while for this team to do in the first half. Now that they are, they’re really kicking it into high gear. Ditto that about the offense against the A’s. That the Yanks have been excellent against lefties may help, since the Yanks are slated to see three lefty starters from Oakland.

    BTW, the White Sox did the Yanks a big favor by coming back and beating TB 4-3.

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