A’s End Yanks’ Streak at Eight, 6-4

I see I missed a rally.  After the Yanks went down 6-1 through seven, I went out to do some yard work, since the rain from last night’s storm had dried out.  In the eighth, Jorge pinch-hit for Molina and singled, then Jeter homered to shallow right to cut it to 6-3.  Gardner fanned, then Teixeira hit a blast to deep right, 6-4 A’s.  A-Rod, who went 0-4 and is struggling, grounded out, Swish doubled, but Cano popped out to continue his bizarre RISP woes.

After Bruney had a nice ninth, fanning two and working around a hit, the Yanks had a golden opportunity off Andrew Bailey when Melky and JD walked to lead off.  But Jorge grounded into a DP, and Jeter flew out to deep right center to end it.

Lefty was great for six, but faltered in the seventh, ending with 5 hits, 4 runs earned, a walk, and 7 K’s in 6 1/3 on 99 pitches/66 strikes.  Aceves was bad, a rarity, allowing two runs of his own on three hits in just 1/3.  Robertson and Bruney were good, and despite the loss, it wasn’t a bad thing that they got some regular work.  Of course, it would have been better for them to get work with the Yanks up instead of down, but that wasn’t their doing today.

Jeter’s homer was his 11th, with 41 RBI, and he scored twice, batting .319.  Brett the Jet had the RBI triple in the sixth, his sixth triple, batting .275.  He also made a great diving catch.  Teixeira’s homer was his 25th with 71 RBI, batting .279.  Swish hit his 20th double batting .234, Melky had a double and two walks, batting .285, and Jorge’s single puts him at .288.  But 0-5 with RISP was costly, as was the team’s letting the heretofore struggling rookie Gonzales get going and shut down the Yanks.  A-Rod was 0-4 and is 1 for his last 12, down to .248.  Cano was 0-4.  Ransom was 0-2 and, while he has been fine in the field, he is on the team for the pop in his bat.  Granted, he hasn’t played much, but the bat has not been there.  Pena wouldn’t play much in The Bronx and is getting regular work in SWB,  but his glove is far superior, and it’s doubtful to me that he would hit worse that Ransom’s .183 the rest of the way.

It’s hard to complain about a single loss, the first since the break.  Plus, should the Yanks win tomorrow, they will have won 9 of 10 on this home stand, and I had hoped for 8 or 9 out of 10 before it began.  They’ve already done great, gaining first place and putting distance between themselves and both Boston and Tampa Bay.  The pitching has been terrific.  Yet it was a frustrating game, one that was probably bound to happen but one that renewed the typical Yankee offensive woes against rookies and lefties.  They just didn’t get going until too late, rather unfair to Pettite who was outstanding until the end of his stint.  Stranding Gardner at third in the sixth with one out was especially costly in what had been, and again became, a close game.  I say all this not just in reference to this loss, but also to the fact that Tampa came back from eight runs down to tie it and send it to extra innings in Toronto.  Should they win, that’s an important swing.

Still, bravo to the Yanks for a tremendous start to the second half.  They deserve a digital standing ovation, a lot of credit, and some patience today, for storming out of the gate after the break.  Mitre (1-0, 4.76 ERA) faces another lefty in Dallas Braden (7-8, 3.40 ERA) tomorrow afternoon to resume their winning ways, clinch the series, and culminate what has been a stellar home stand before heading to Tampa for what will be the biggest series of the season thus far.

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  1. WHat a sucker of a game Ace can’t be well ace all the time your gonna have bad outings. Got to say the first 5 innings was the worst starting 5 innings iv seen for the offence in a very long time. But as you said great nearly come back credit to the Yanks for that. Plus good to see Bruney looking better

    I emailed this to Mike just about the Halladay trade the Jays are starting to bug me with there price I know he great but its too high. Good on the Philies for backing out as they should for what the Jas wanted. I just said on Jon Heymans twitter the Jays wanted Hughes, Joba and 2 more (guessing Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero) NO CHANCE IN HELL stay well away Cash. Halladay isnt getting traded anytime soon unless the Jays lower the price which they won’t.

  2. If there was a saving grace for the first several innings Nick, especially in a loss, it was the speed of the game. It meant not having to sit so long through such inefficiency. Totally agree about Bruney, who really is important to the bullpen. Suzyn Waldman made a good point during the broadcast, either today or last night, that getting Bruney back right and effective means all the more if the Yanks have problems from the fifth spot, and/or if Joba gets near his innings limit, which at this rate will likely happen by September without some move to the bullpen. It’s great that Mariano, Hughes, Coke, and Aceves have been so strong, but they need a couple of the other guys to be effective and carry the load, too.

    Definitely agree about not trading those players for Halliday. What the hell would be the point of solidifying the rotation only to have a key member of the rotation now, and likely a future member of the rotation, traded away with other of the best prospects? At that price, NO WAY.

  3. Gardner Dl’d with broken thumb.

  4. Oh, MAAAAAAN, Mike. That sucks. From what I just read at Pete Abraham’s blog, he did it while sliding into second–so he made that great catch and hit a triple with a broken thumb. Now that’s tough. This puts the onus all the more on Melky, but raises the question as Abraham does–who gets called up, Jackson or Shelley (or Rodriguez)? Personally, I’d love to get a look at Jackson, but am torn because Shelley has outright mashed in SWB. Tough call.

  5. I’d go with A-Jax myself. I know the Yanks don’t want to rush him, but you need a CF. Shelley obviously doesn’t play CF, and God knows I don’t want Damon’s arm (or lack thereof) back there. The reason Brett was there was simple. Speed and Defense. A-Jax wouldn’t have to give power. Just speed and defense. A pinch-runner at times. Just give that for a few weeks. Hit enough to not be a hindrance. Based on speed and defense, I’d take A-Jax.

  6. I’d have to agree with that, Mike. I’d love to see Shelley come up like he did a few years ago and rip some out, but defense has been key for the Yanks this year, with Gardner an important part of that. The positions up the middle (C, 2B, SS, CF) are particularly important and, while I like Melky in the outfield, I like him much better in one of the corner positions than center.

  7. I’d go with Ajax I know we don’t want to rush him but unless Cash has a back up CF hes goona trade for we have no choice.

  8. I feel the same way, Nick. I don’t think that Jackson playing for a couple weeks, even if he struggles a bit, would hurt either him or the Yanks to get a look at him.

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