Game 97: A’s @ Yankees, 7/25/09

Below, as per Pete Abraham, is the Yanks’ lineup with the A’s–hopefully–to follow.  Interesting lineup today as Molina catches for Jorge today, shuffling Swish and Cano higher in the lineup.  Brett the Jet is again batting second, while Jeter gets a half-day off by DHing as Ransom plays short.  Seven righty or switch-hitting bats are in the lineup against the lefty Gonzales.

Lefty must keep the string of strong starts going.  Enjoy the game, everyone.

YANKEES (59-37)
Jeter DH
Gardner CF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Swisher RF
Cano 2B
Cabrera LF
Ransom SS
Molina C

Pitching: LHP Andy Pettitte (8-5, 4.62).

Lineup TBA

Pitching: LHP Gio Gonzalez (1-2, 9.33).

Thus far, Pettite hasn’t allowed a base runner, lookinhg sharp and having a quick, ten-pitch second.  Unfortunately, te sub-par Gonzales is impersonating Koufax through two, issuing but a walk to Gardner.  Hopefully Mike’s astute point about the Yanks’ ability to make the right adjustments against a pitcher the second time through the lineup comes to pass today.

Lefty is certainly doing his job thus far, working through another quick, ten-pitch inning; nine up nine down for the A’s.  The Yanks need some bats, but don’t get them in the third as Ransom and Molina line out sharply, and Jeter (as Ransom) swings at the first pitch and flies out to right, giving the heretofore haggard Gonzales a four-pitch third.  For goodness sake, don’t let this guy settle in!

Despite allowing a one-out single to Cabrera, Pettite is rolling, fanning two in the fourth, and five through four innings.  He is at 50 pitches.  Time for the Yanks to work over Gonzales but, this far, it isn’t happening.  Gardner made out on a 4-3, Teixeira and A-Rod fanned.  Gonzales, who has struggled badly thus far, has a no-hitter through four and is at 50 pitches as well.  Is this guy, a combination of the unknown rookie and the lefty (though the Yanks have hit lefties this season), going to continue to baffle the Yanks?

Pettite got Cust on a weak comebacker, then made a great play on Davis’s nice bunt up the first base line for the second out; excellent play.  Crosby singled through the hole, and Ellis forced Crosby at second. Lefty is at 64 pitches through 5, looking great and providing yet another strong start.  The Yanks’ lineup, on the other hand, needs to get up off the mat.  Melky resorted to bunting nicely for a single, but Ransom’s shallow pop out ended the fifth meekly.  I know the Yanks needed to rest a couple guys, but today the offense is anemic.  That includes the regulars who are playing.  Today seems like a letdown day.  They need Pettite to keep things tied until some Yanks wake up and string together some hits.

He does in the sixth, sandwiching strikeouts of Powell and Cabrera around a long F8 by Kennedy.  Lefty is at 78 pitches, 13 per.  Tremendous start on a day when the offense has been dormant.  Bad strike 3 call in a long at-bat by Holbrook on Molina, one down.  Jeter was behind 0-2, then worked a walk, nicely done by The Captain and, after Molina’s nine-pitch at-bat, maybe some patience can pay off against Gonzales.  Brett the Jet broke the ice, ripping a chest-high fastball and tripling to deep right center, 1-0 Yankees! With the infield up, Teixeira failed to score The Jet, grounding out.  A-Rod is struggling again, grounding to short.  But the Yanks take the lead 1-0. Hold it here, Lefty.

Hairston led off with a double into the left field corner. Garciaparra walked, exacerbating the jam.  Cust worked the count to 3-2 before popping out to left center, nice job by Pettite there.  Righties follow now, with Davis at the start of it.  Will Girardi go to Aceves or stick with Lefty?  He sticks with Pettite after a conference at the mound.  Davis singled up the middle to tie the game, still first and second.  Pettite has been excellent but, with more righties (though lighter hitting), how long to stick with him?  Crosby singles on a bunt down third, and Pettite’s day is done; Aceves is in.  Ellis popped out to first right away, two down, but Powell singled to left scoring two, 3-1 A’s.  That stunted rally in the sixth, when Teixeira and A-Rod failed to plate Gardner, looms large now.  Kennedy and Cabrera singled to make it 6-1, opening the floodgates against a listless Yankees team.  This was a rare poor performance from Aceves, but a costly one as he left everything up and the A’s, weak offensively though they are, cuffed him around.  Robertson brought in his mop and fanned Hairston, but the damage was done.

Hopefully Gonzales will have cooled with that long inning.  Swish grounded out for the first out.  Cano fanned for the second out, and Melky walked, ending Gonzales’s coming-out performance that the Yanks, as is their wont, were glad to oblige.  Against Wuertz, Matsui pinch-hit for Ransom and flew out to right.  I’m not completely ruling out a Yanks comeback, but it will have to happen without me.  I’m going to cut the grass.

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  1. I think they took Pettitte out at the right time. He gave up a double, walk, weak fly out, groundball (well placed), perfectly placed bunt. I know those were his runs scoring, but I felt that Girardi didn’t make the *wrong* decision leaving him in until he did…

  2. In a way, you’re right Joe. He wasn’t worked over and had been great today. I also know it’s a situation open to second-guessing because of the result. But honestly, my gut told me that the lead would abate with Pettite still pitching. Of course, it also did with Aceves. I think Pettite as a good, gutty veteran who pitched great today deserved some understandable trust and patience from Girardi. But the game, probably because it was close, had the feeling to me that it would get away as Pettite worked.

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