Reason for Optimism With CC

I admit that I might be saying this because I want to see him pitch well when he’s slated to start Sunday in Chicago, but there is more to this post that optimism.  Expect a good start from C.C. Sabathia this Sunday.  Other than his stretch in late April and early May, he has typically followed sub-par starts with strong ones.  After allowing five runs four earned in 6 2/3 against the Angels May 2, he pitched a complete-game shutout in Baltimore.  After yielding five runs four earned in Tampa June 6, Sabathia had a strong start against in Fenway before tiring in the eighth. After giving up six earned in just 5 2/3 against Seattle July 2, he shut down Minnesota, giving up just three hits and a run.  In his last start before the break in Anaheim, he allowed five earned in 6 2/3, but responded after the break with seven dominant scoreless innings against Detroit.

I expect a strong response to Tuesday’s struggles this Sunday from Mr. Carsten Charles.

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  1. Jason i guess you know about the Manny and Big Papi riod news. I sorry for this I know its awfull for baseball but I love it big kick in the balls to every Soxs fan. I read on lohud Gammons defending them already but expect mass suicide at ESPN studios tonight.

  2. Hey Nick. Yeah, I just got back from a run and read it on ESPN. I feel bad for the good Sox fans I know like Joe the Statistician Magician and Steve from The Boston Red Sox Blog. They deserve far better. The haters among “the Nation,” however, get no pity from me. I’ll have to check out Gammons’s reaction.

    I still don’t like the leaks and think they’re wrong. Those tests were supposed to be anonymous. That said, I’d be lying if I said I was surprised about Ramirez and Ortiz. Plus, those who have been discussed in The Mitchell Report and other revelations have pretty much been shown to have taken steroids, so I think the NYT report is credible.

  3. I totally agree J if im honnest I do feel for some of the real fans the great ones.

    Pete abe says we shouldnt be smug to the idiot fans(I know not all but most)but you know how bad there responce was to when Andy, Rocket and Alex got tested positive it never ended. The tainted titles all the crap. These fans went on to defend on how fair they were how clean all there titles were.

  4. You’re right about the general response to The Mitchell Report among a lot of Sox fans, Nick. That refrain about the Sox and “clean” championships just suffered a mortal wound–really did starting with Ramirez’s positive test this year, since no one in their right mind would think he wasn’t taking some PED back with the Sox. But now, especially for such a hero as Ortiz–blasted out of the water.

  5. Yeah this just shows how tainted the Mitchell report was no Sox names allot. This just shows how wrong and deluded they were all I heard was “we did it the right way” when we all know were all as bad as each other.

  6. allot I mean at all.

  7. It was tainted, Nick–a slanted and flawed report but ultimately accurate with what limited revelations it did, I believe.

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