Game 103: Yankees @ White Sox, 7/31/09

Below, as per Pete Abraham, are tonight’s lineups.  Some of us get our with with Hinske in the lineup, for the Sox traded lefty Clayton Richard and others to the Padres for Jake Peavy, and now have righty Carrasco starting.  I presume Cano will bat seventh, for Abraham had not listed him.  Mitre must keep the ball down, but not down and in to Thome and Konerko, against a power-hitting fastball-loving lineup.  Hopefully the offense and defense rebound from poor showings last night. The family and I getting geared up for the weekend games in Chicago and, since the hotel where we’re staying has free wireless, I’ll be sure to blog and upload some photos.

Enjoy the game, everyone.

YANKEES (62-40)
Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cabrera CF
Hinske LF

Pitching: RHP Sergio Mitre (1-0, 5.91).

WHITE SOX (52-51)
Podsednik CF
Beckham 3B
Thome DH
Konerko 1B
Pierzynski C
Quentin LF
Kotsay RF
Nix SS
Getz 2B

Pitching: RHP D.J. Carrasco (3-1, 3.58).

The Yanks jumped on Carasco in the top of the first.  Jeter grounded into what should have been a 3-1, but Jeter tied Carrasco to the bag, safe.  That’s an object lesson in why hustle is always important, and why Jeter is a Hall-of-Fame player.  JD singled through the right-side hole, and Teixeira blasted a gap shot past Podsednik to score Jeter 1-0, second and third no out.  A-Rod made a nice, unselfish play, grounding a pitch inside to second by strength, giving himself up for a run and to advance Teixeira 2-0.  Matsui singled to right, 3-0 Yankees, before Jorge’s 4-6-3 DP.  Great start.  Mitre must put up a goose egg.  Mitre allowed consecutive two-out singles to Thome and Konerko, then Pierzynski singled to left on another pitch up, if away, 3-1 Yankees, second and third two out.  Quentin’s 1-0 foul ball past third had A-Rod looking slow in his reaction time.  Mitre has fallen behind 3-1, then walked him on 3-2.  Kotsay up, and Mitre has already thrown 27 pitches.  Kotsay made out on a routine F7, but Mitre must be more efficient, and must not turn this into a slugfest.

Cano led off with a broken-bat lead-off, first-pitch single over short.  Melky’s grounder into the right-side hole advanced Cano to second, one out.  Hinske was behind on the 1-1 fastball away 1-2, 2-2, then meekly waved at a 2-2 uncle charlie, two out for Jeter, who smoked one to first that a diving Konerko snagged on a great catch to save a run, 3-1 Yankees. Mitre fell behind Nix 3-1, then on 3-2 walked him and allowed a single to Getz, first and second no outs.  Podsednik bunted and Mitre fielded the ball yet fell on his ass, all safe bases loaded, no outs.  3-2 to Beckham, sac fly advances the runners, 3-2 Yanks.  Jeter should have cut that throw off from Melky; he could have had Podsednik at second.  That proved crucial on Thome’s hit, 4-3 Sox.  An early lead has turned into a shootout.  Full count to Konerko, who K’s on a good change two down.  Pierzynski’s 4-6 force ends the second, already more runs than last night.  Mitre is at 54 pitches; abysmal work thus far.

JD shattered yet another bat on a close 4-3, a shard of which hit thr ball and kicked it to second.  Teixeira K’d and flung the bat accidentally into the stands.  A-Rod singled.  Matsui roped a double into the right field corner, second and third for Posada, who fisted the first pitch to short behind second for the third out; lousy patience.

Quentin homered to deep left, 5-3 Sox.  Mitre is looking like a bum tonight.  That’s what happens when a pitcher with medium velocity leaves one in to a righty power bat.  Mitre is working his way into wearing out the pen at this rate.  The offense must create and cash in on their chances this game, for Mitre is allowing way too many to the Sox.  Nix down on a 6-3 on the 10th pitch, two down.  I don’t like Hawk Harrelson being such a homer, but he rightly loves on Jeter, which I respect for Hawk isn’t a hater.  Getz down on a 3U, Mitre is at 75 pitches.  That’s more than he threw in his last start, which was 5+.  In 3 IP, Mitre has had 3-2 counts to seven different batters; that’s brutal.

Cano led off with a single and melky ripped on to deep left center, but Quentin made a great running catch, one out.  But Hinske the Clutch tied it with a homer to right, 5-5.  Dude’s gotta play.  Jeter grounded out.  JD walked, and Teixeira flew out to shallow right, but the game is tied in what, against my wishes, is a shootout.  Mitre–try holding ’em off the board.

That won’t happen for Robertson has seen enough after Girardi repeatedly wretched at the sight of Mitre’s “work.”  Podsednik down on a 6-3.  Beckham down on an F8.  Thome got caught looking at a perfect fastball at the knees; great pitch, first 1-2-3 of the game.

Pena in to face 4-5-6.  A-Rod is finding his strike, roping one hard to left.  4 of 5 innings the Yanks have had the lead-off hitter aboard.  Matsui down on the first pitch swinging, F7, one down.  Rip one, Jorge!  He doesn’t, but Nix booted a perfect 6-4-3 DP ball.  Cano up, F7 hard, two down.  Melky smoked it but right to second, three down.  Hold it here, Robertson.  Lead-off walk to Konerko, single to left by Pierzynksi.  Quintin doubled to left center, 6-5 Sox, second and third no outs.  Robertson is grooving ’em  now.  Kotsay down on a liner to Cano, one down.  2-1 change looked good, called ball.  Nix fanned on a suspect 3-2 pitch inside, two down.  2-2 to Podsednik, and a 4-3 minimizes the damage, 6-5 Sox.  Hinske, Jeter, and JD up.

In the sixth, Hinske walked on four pitches.  This game is ripe for the taking.  Jeter got brushed back.  2-0 to The Captain; get your pitch and send it yonder, 2-1 after a foul ball; 6-4 force, one out for JD.  Jeter should try to steal.  Better yet, rip one around the pole JD, yet he pops up for the second out, letting this dog-barf pitcher settle in.  C’mon, Teixeira.  Jeter stole second easily on a 1-1 ball.  Yet Teixeira grounded out 4-3, letting this bum Pena settle in.  Still 6-5.  Aceves is in and got Podsednik out on an F8, one down.  Two down and, on Thome’s first-pitch check swing, Barrett did not call a strike on what he would have done from behind home last night; joke, but a 4-3 ends the 6th. Aceves threw all of 7 pitches that frame. Need runs, guys.  Get the lead now.

Dotel is in, A-Rod popped up to second, one down.  Matsui crushed a foul home run, 1-1, he got hit on the foot but 2-1, 2-2, 3-2 on a pitch that would have been a generous strike last night, foul ball, then a lead-off BB for Posada; good at-bat.  Posada is a joke tonight, popping out to shallow left for the first out.  Cano lined out right to third, letting this mediocre team off the hook yet again.  I don’t like what I see tonight; this team hasn’t had good pitching at all tonight, and the bats have faded for the last few innings. Aceves’s 1-2 was right over the plate but called a ball, lots of foul balls before a bad walk.  That turd Pierzynski singled to right, first and second with no outs, a recipe for disaster thus far tonight for the Yanks.  That was one hell of a catch by JD on a rocket to left, banging him off the wall to keep the runners where they are; tremendous play. Hinske caught Kotsay’s shot at the wall, two down, and Aceves is getting hit hard.  He then walked a bum in Nix (batting .225) after having him down 1-2, bases loaded.  Getz singled to right, 8-5 Sox; nice going Aceves.  Then Nix stole home, and a deflected ball off Teixeira scored another.  I’m shutting this stupidity off, 10-5 Sox; another joke of a performance playing down to a mediocre team.

Dog sick.

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  1. I hope the offence is better today they need to be with Mitre going.

    I’m usually positive I’ve had a bad day so I might sound negetive. Maybe Cash is going to get a pitcher on waivers but we really need another strater but still bad job to me anyway. As you said in the last post Joba has his pitch count which is a huge concern. Lets not forget Andy hasnt been too great these days you don’t know what your gonna get then there is Mitre dont need to say much on him.

    The corner outfield defence isnt the best either with Swish, JD, Hinske and Shelley. Then Melky has no cover right now maybe they will try Ajax because they might need to.

  2. Christ on a bike what a pile of dog muck Im turning this off too.

  3. Awful outing by Mitre tonight.

  4. We were right in our Hinske hunch however.

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