The family and I are heading to Chicago later this morning for today’s and tomorrow’s games.  Since the hotel where we’re staying has wireless Internet, I’ll be sure to upload some photos tonight.  It should be a great time.  Hopefully the Yanks don’t stink out the joint like they did last night, a real dud of a game that I see I wasn’t the only one to shut off.  I would love the Yanks to take two but, if the White Sox should happen to win, well, my son is a White Sox fan, so his happiness would mitigate any hard feelings I might have.  It would sure hurt the Yanks, though, who have given back two games to Boston over the last two days to a team in Chicago that has good pitching and good power, but has certain limitations that have rendered them a mediocre team not without reason.  A.J. and C.C. must match and beat Danks and Buehrle.

I also turn 40 tomorrow.  Hard to believe, to me.  Goodness knows I don’t act it.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and enjoy the games.

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  1. Got a brother who just turned 40 in June, a friend 40 on 7/27, a cousin 40 on the 29th (I think) another cousin 40 this year, and another friend 40 next week.
    Then you…

    The Mets weren’t the only thing amazin’ in 1969!

    Enjoy the trip to Chicago. With two losses in a row and the lead down to 1 1/2, we need you to bring back some W’s. AJ and CC are the ones to do it. A-Rod is DUE. #573(*) to tie Killebrew has been a while coming.

  2. Thanks, Mike. I’ll do my best, and will be loud as I usually am at games. The way I see it, my son got to see two White Sox wins on the TV. Why can’t I see two Yanks wins in person? 🙂

    A-Rod is seriously due, as my wife and I discussed during last night’s wretch. I have a feeling that the ball will jump a bit more during the day games than the previous two night ones. I’ll be sure to upload pictures, too.

  3. don’t worry–40 is the new 50!! 🙂

  4. Ugh. 6-0 in the 2nd. Jason can’t be happy.

  5. Jason I guss it would be silly to say did you have a great time. Another embarrassment. Girardi is getting allot of heat from the fans for the line up and not PH Ranson in the 8th I know AJ sucked this is on him but Joe coudn’t be anymore incompetent if he tried. As type this he leaves Coke what a waste

  6. Happy Birthday for tomorrow mate lets hope the team gets you a win.

  7. Happy Birthday Jason! This post is very late and the Yanks have fallen 14-4 in the 3rd White Sox game so your son must be happy while you and others like me are not. We made our annual minor league trip today and saw the Yanks beat up the Pawtucket Red Sox 8-2 and 4-0. Kei Igawa looked very good in the first game and who knows he may be up to the bigs given the latest mound disasters. But it was a lot of fun to see Austin Jackson who is pretty good, fast and overall promising player.
    Hopefully CC can salvage something on Sunday.

  8. I wasn’t happy, Mike and Nick, but at least my son was–about the score and eventual outcome. Please see my new post on this ugly crowd.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. Hopefully it’s a better game tomorrow. My son graciously said he wouldn’t mind if the Yanks won, for my birthday and since his Sox also took the first three.

    Girardi deserves some heat for today, and the team does as well for its shoddy, uninspired ball.

    Great news about the trip, Tom. I too am excited about Jackson, whom I’d like to see play. Amen on CC; he MUST be good.

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