Sox Stomp Yanks 14-4

Miserable day at US Cellular, with the Yanks getting trounced by Chicago 14-4.  Burnett was terrible, allowing 10 hits, 7 runs earned, and two walks in 4 2/3.  Coke came in the eighth and was equally atrocious, turning a 8-4 game into a 14-4 rout, getting battered in 1/3.  The Yanks wasted plenty of chances, going 2-13 with RISP.  Ransom’s failures at the plate do nothing to justify his place on the team, fanning thrice.  Girardi really should have pinch-hit for him when it was 7-3 in the top of the sixth with two on.  Jorge’s utter dearth of speed got him forced at third on Hairston’s RBI loop single in the sixth.  Worse, Swish failed to hit the cutoff man in the second, giving away a base to Podsednik, who eventually scored yet another run.  Jorge should have nailed Kotsay at home on Ransom’s fine 3U and throw home, but Jorge dropped the ball, then picked it up in his hand–but tagged Kotsay with his glove.  Nix, the ninth hitter entering the game batting .225, walked twice with the bases loaded.  Not just a blowout, but another shoddy, sloppy effort from the Yanks–inexcusable.

To make matters worse, my family and I were surrounded by some of the worst fans imaginable.  While there were plenty of Yankees fans nearby, many of the Sox fans were profane and clearly intoxicated, with the lot immediately behind us finally piping down after we politely but firmly reminded them that our seven-year-old son didn’t need to hear repeated use of the F-bomb and other sexual profanity.  It remained tolerable until the eighth, when the blowout and their vile stupidity reach a full-throated nadir.  At that point, guest services and security were not nearby to alert to this.  I also didn’t learn until after we left that there is a text number in the stadium to which to report such ignorant behavior.  At no point tomorrow will I tolerate such grotesque behavior, and it was all I could do to calm down my son, who was in tears.  If tomorrow is anything close to today’s miserable fan experience, I will never drop another dime on tickets or concessions at that miserable pustule of White Sox human excrement.  It was exactly why I was leery of going there when we moved to the Midwest.  Last year, the fans near us were great; today, the very bottom of the barrel.  At least we had a good dinner at Connie’s on Archer, a very good pizza joint.  After the game today, it salved a lot.  We also met some nice people there and at the hotel where we’re staying.  That mitigated things, too.

Hopefully CC and the fans are better tomorrow.  Boston is now within a half game, tied in the loss column.  I’m going to peruse the photos, but I didn’t get many good ones because were were well along the right filed line in the upper deck.  We’re in the upper deck but behind home plate tomorrow, a better view, certainly of the action.

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  1. I think we are in agreement. Now that the Yanks have Hairston, I’d rather see Pena than Ransom.

    Too bad about the fans. But then, this is Chicago, which gave birth to that ridiculous “throw back the opponent’s HR ball.” Don’t want the ball? Find a young child in the stands and give it to him or her.

  2. Sidney Ponson DFA’d by the Royals KEEP CASHMAN AWAY

  3. At least they won it today, Jason! We can now look away from the previous three games’ stats and just look forward to better baseball after tomorrow’s off day, lol. At least I know I will… =)

  4. Great post and pics Jason. Nice family. Glad you got to see a win!

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