HDLR, Game 108: Red Sox @ Yankees, 8/6/09–Part II

Continuation of the thread below.  11-4 Yankees, top of the 6th.  Enjoy.

Published in: on August 6, 2009 at 8:37 pm  Comments (134)  

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  1. nice job jorge

  2. Wow this must be a first, a second HDLR thread. History is made!

  3. our pitchers SUCK

  4. Now Robertson walked Pedroia, eight walks thus far. Good thing they’re up 7.

  5. And you were here for it, Wiz. I blame Mike Sommer and his trademark loquaciousness.

  6. they wont be up 7 for long with this

  7. Good call on the extra thread, Mike.

  8. What is it with are pitchers throwing so many balls tonight

  9. Well Mike that is why they need to make it rain. Let us drop another dozen on them.

  10. Maybe they need some pints, Nick.

  11. ok get this loser out now

  12. Stop screwing around, Robertson.

  13. Who’s ready for another late night HLDR?! We will all be here until 3 am at the pace this game is going.

  14. Great K there Robertson

  15. K, one down (should have been two, but it is what it is). Get a fast DP.

  16. it nearly is 3am here

  17. ive already taken 5 six hour energy drinks and a valium wiz

  18. You’re The Man, Nick.

  19. I’ve had four beers, two bowls of pasta, and some chocolate. Then again, I’m a health nut.

  20. No stimulants for me. I am in my twenties I should be able to go the distance.

  21. Lousy call on that foul ball call.

  22. Tim, light the flaming shot already.

  23. robbo! good boy!

  24. As you know Mike I love Robertson that K was sweet

  25. K [backwards], two down.

    Coke in. I understand it–5%, anyway. It’s the sixth inning. Let Robertson finish it, go to Melancon, then work onward. He and Joe Maddon just bother me with their micro-managing.

  26. this game shouldnt be so damn nerve wracking with the lead we have–meanwhile girardi is using more pitchers than tito– UGH

  27. why not leave him in Joe

  28. its ridiculous thye way he;’s going thru thye pen

  29. Every game with the Sox is nerve wracking.

    Shrek continues his epic suckage.

  30. Big Pop Out.

    Greatest Name Ever, Mike.

  31. Epic Suckage.

    Truly Hilarious, Wiz.

  32. Sweeny Murti on twitter “Big Papi’s new nickname should be Big Popout” abit late there aren’t we.

  33. well coke must do the top 7th

    traber still taking one for the team

  34. Mike, submit the patent now.

  35. Traber has thrown 37 pitches. His arm has just been put on the DL, with the body to follow.

  36. Sweeny Murti is guilty of plagarism. I am not surprised given he works for the employer of Mike Fatcessa.

    Who is up for Family Guy clips?

  37. Swish is warming up–.248, 2-2, 2 walks. Yet if Jeter doesn’t get a hit, this game is a failure.

  38. Send along the “Family Guy” clips, Wiz.

  39. if jeter doesnt get a hit he may well retire

  40. Yankees just acquired Chad Gaudin.

  41. the melkman continiueth to hit for thine team

  42. did we?? !! he pretty good

  43. Melky singles.

    Yanks got Chad Gaudin (ex-A’s, I believe), from the Padres for a player to be named later. God I hope it’s Mitre.

  44. Chad Gaudin get from padres

    Got there before me Tim

  45. Jason this one is dedicated to you. We all know you will spend your life righting about this problem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEPe4fZNf74

  46. melky 2-4 3 RBI tonight, .287. Nice.

  47. I like the pickup of Gaudin, honestly.

  48. Whoops. Here is the real link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0ZufmQiWZQ&feature=related

  49. I do aswell Jason a good 5th starter

    Jetes comes thru

  50. SOSH must have just imploded

  51. Jeter singled, 12-4 Yanks, then ran into an out. What’s he ever done for us?

    Well, at least every starter has a hit.

  52. No question about it, Mike. SoSH must be in flames.

  53. Odd but very satisfying game thus far.

  54. http://sonsofsamhorn.net/index.php?s=43c6eae65a38072f0203448f8b202bd3&showtopic=48046

    Go, read, and enjoy. Thank me later.

  55. very odd–i hate that joba embarrassed him self but glad the bats are on fiyah!

  56. This is for Mike F. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzx7VEH9YUM&feature=related

  57. thanks Wiz–ill check it out on the next commercial

  58. Sons of Sam Horn = Uber Fail.

  59. god DAMN it coke–

  60. Start with page 44 @ SoSH.

  61. Got this of ESPN – Gaudin has the stuff to be a strong middle-of-the-rotation starter, but his inconsistency and control are serious issues. At age 26, he still has time to put it all together. Era 4.58, whip 1.52 not the best but still young I really like this traed a decent 5th start for us.

  62. Mark Melancon now pitching

  63. oh i will relish every single word of sosh later–after we win

  64. Nick I have been meaning to ask you this. Have you ever been involved in a soccer riot?

  65. we’re on our 4th pitcher –hmmm

  66. SoSH is hilariously profane tonight, Mike. Painful. They died in the 4th.

  67. Not me Tim been a very long time since that has happened over here. At Manchester United are the biggest there is like the Yanks have the best police for games

  68. these relievers are making absolutely disgusting fools of themselves

  69. How does Melancon walk Green on 4 pitches? 10 walks thus far is a stinking disgrace.

  70. This is for Jason and myself since I know it will ignite a huge dispute and hilarity. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgNT080_4v0

  71. nice K

  72. ok so melancon 8th and bruney 9th?

  73. Melancon escapes, SoSH freaks.

  74. Seems about right, Mike.

  75. Sons of Sam Horn, I wonder if that is the New England branch of the KKK. Maybe they are all bearded white men like the Sox. TEX!

  76. so we will have an exhaused pen with an 8 run lead and they will be fresh…

    head scratcher there

  77. Teixeira homers! 13-4.



    Hughes wants that one

  80. Not far off, Wiz. Our back-enders might be used, Mike, but Aceves, Hughes, and Mariano have off. Should Burnett go 7 strong, that’s all that matters.

  81. SoSH is blaming new Yankee Stadium for being a bandbox. Maybe so, but compared to the original bandbox, Fenway?


  82. true about AJ jason..

  83. SoSH = Sons of Smelly Hypocrites

  84. “SoSH = Sons of Smelly Hypocrites.”

    Between this, and Big Pop Up, this is Epic Success for the HDLR tonight. Great night thus far.

  85. Close pitch there

  86. Melancon buzzed Pedroia’s “tower,” a matchbox car parking garage.

  87. now were gonna get hit

  88. Since I am in the mood. I have vowed to vanquish the venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouschaffing the violently vicious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance, a vendetta held as a votive not in vain for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigiliant and the virtuous.

  89. our pitchers tonight have been absolutely dreadful

  90. Guarantee Beckett hits someone tomorrow for that plunking.

  91. please vilify our relievers tim

  92. True, Mike, no denying it. Thankfully most of the best have thus far been saved for future work.

    Not encouraged about Joba.

  93. oh there is no DOUBT beckett will hit tex

  94. Hahahahahaha Mike F. This HDLR deserves a special write up for its epicness(did I just make up a word?) Jason.

  95. On a whim, LoHud also went with a Game Post Part II–a first for Abraham. I think it’s a sign of the evening.

  96. No Wiz, but you’re totally right. Totally.

  97. Alright but it deserves a mention somewhere in your game wrap.

  98. robbie cano–dont ya know!!!

  99. Great play there Cano

  100. Great 4-3, unique but great. Cano to his right from the grass, Teixeira scooping it.

    This is curing lots of ills.

  101. ok so nick suggested clagget for the 9th–i agree with him

  102. I do too, Nick and Mike. Rest the rest, try out the kids.

  103. Claggett is up. Sterling call, Nick.

  104. Time to put a bow on this and go to bed.

  105. Amen to that Wiz, but you and I still have a score to settle over the dearth of flaming shots.

  106. Back sorry firefox crashed on me.

    Good to see Melanson get the outs. Now Claggot don’t up 8 runs like last time you were here

  107. Haha Jason. We will rectify the situation, have no fear.

  108. The Yanks’ bullpen has actually been very good tonight–no hits, 4 BB, 4 K tonight.

  109. ok 11 walks pathetic pitching there

  110. Hairston! So long, Ransom.

  111. good jump there I like this guy

  112. On the whole, no question Nick. Joba was wretched. But the bullpen kept Boston from re-emerging as they did last year in a 15-9 Yanks win.

  113. i have never seen such nibbling with a leaqd like this –a total embarrassment

  114. Walk number 12

  115. Same here, Nick.

    12 walks. Ouch.

  116. 12 walks = death by pitching

  117. In some ways, yes Mike. But 24 over .500 is still something to celebrate. Ugly? Yes, but the offense was great, thankfully.

    a win is a win is a win.

  118. but you are right jason–they have bent but not broken–ill give them credit

  119. Remember something Jason. Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes to the bone.

  120. Bugger

  121. well ok–they bent there

  122. Death by bullen…

  123. see ya clagget–dont let the door hit you on your way out-forever

  124. 13-6. Will this game ever end?

  125. not untll clagett gives up a run or two more


  127. GAME OVER! Let’s all go to sleep!

  128. wow–we did it men!

    despiite 11,000 BB –thank you HITTERS

  129. Big win, finally beating Boston.

    Ugly? Yes. But this was a big win, finally beating Boston, doing so in convincing fashion, and getting lots of offense against exactly the pitcher they should have battered.

  130. Very ugly but win is a win always sweet beating the Sux.

    4am here long game thanks for hosting Jason.

  131. Lots of fun. It might not be the last HDLR this series…

  132. Nick, you’re the man for hanging.

  133. You got to do another in this series

  134. Thanks for stopping by, everyone. This atones for a good deal. Just getting started, folks.

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