HDLR, Game 108: Red Sox @ Yankees, 8/6/09

Welcome everyone to the Heartland Digital Living Room, with Boston coming to town to play the Yanks.  As per Pete Abraham, below are tonight’s lineups.  Note that Bay sits with a sore hamstring, and Youkilis will play left.  It’s essential that the Yanks beat Boston tonight and Saturday, with the pitching match-ups considerably favoring the Yanks, and take three of four this series to extend the lead, and reverse the previously awful eight losses against the Sox.  I believe they’ll accomplish just that.  Come on in, grab a digital leather recliner, some wings, and coldies, and enjoy the game.  Let’s Go, Yankees!!

YANKEES (65-42)
Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Swisher RF
Cabrera CF

Pitching: RHP Joba Chamberlain (7-2, 3.58).

RED SOX (62-44)
Ellsbury CF
Pedroia 2B
Martinez C
Youkilis LF
Ortiz DH
Drew RF
Lowell 3B
Kotchman 1B
Lowrie SS

Pitching: RHP John Smoltz (2-4, 7.12).

TIME/TV: 7:05, 7:05 / My9, MLB.

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329 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Jason is in.

  2. Im In

  3. Nick is here

  4. Hi Mike and Nick! Sorry the CoverItLive wouldn’t upload to the blog, but we’ll manage. Good to “see” you guys.

  5. See the players meeting Muhammad Ali he is such a hero of mine.

  6. Great idea for the game tonight. Totally agree about Ali, Nick.

  7. Too bad Frank couldn’t stay for the game tonight. He and I tuned in for the first two games of Boston Massacre III in 2006, loads of fun. BTW, he called the JD homer in the 9th last night.

  8. ok here we go–biggest game of the season–a must win if ever there was one…

  9. hey HSBC thats my bank

  10. here’s to pukilis dropping a ball in LF

  11. Amen to those sentiments, Mike.

  12. Wouldnt happen to a better person

  13. Easy 4-3, one down. Nice.

  14. Elbsy gone

  15. Warning: Tim The Wizard is fast approaching. He brings the following dangerous elements to the HDLR; adult language, adult content, psychological nudity.

  16. one down-keep it up..i have jim kaat and mlb network

  17. that little bugger!

  18. I hate that midget

  19. Greetings, Mr. Wizard.

    Joba’s getting behind hurt him vs. Pedroia.

  20. So the pedophile’s brother doubles, bah…

  21. As your attorney, Joba, I’d advise you to throw strikes.

  22. It’s highly amusing to see how almost everyone on the Sox is a bearded white man. The Chowdah heads are correct that they are a nation. They are a nation like the Klan.

  23. cmon joba–keep moving–these long delays between pitches KILL yiou

  24. a walk–just lovely

  25. DP ball would help a lot here, Joba. Early mound visit from Mr. Hands On.

  26. True about working faster, Mike.

  27. A double play would be appreciated.

  28. Nice work against Youkilis, Joba, two down.

  29. Sterling: “I think Joba won that battle against Youkilis because he got ahead in the count.” In other breaking news, my pasta’s marinara sauce is red.

  30. welcome to the bronx — you fat 40 year old fuck

  31. ( big pop up)

  32. I agree with Kenny just get all these names out there now.

  33. Harry Moskowitz = EPIC FAIL

  34. Inning over


  36. Whoa! Mike, you psyched him out. Nice escape, Joba. 17 pitches–not too bad for all those balls.

  37. 1918 1918 1918

  38. Big Pop Up. Classic.

    SO glad I did the HDLR already. 🙂

  39. agreed jas about only 17 pitches…the sox are notorious about scoring in the 1st inning this year–good to stop them

  40. Shrek! Another gem.

  41. BTW–hello Tim!

  42. 1918! clap clap clap clap clap.
    1918! clap clap clap clap clap.
    1918! clap clap clap clap clap.

  43. Howdy Mike! Where is V?

  44. i want smoltz to be annihilated and embarrassed…

  45. I smell runs early for the Yanks.

  46. Agreed, Mike.

    Haven’t seen much of V lately, Wiz. I’d like her and Jane to stop by–always lots to add.

  47. I say we put Smoltz in the Iron Maiden. It would be hilarious.

  48. Easy 4-3 to start our half, one down.

    JD, rope one out early.

  49. I like that Jeter and JD are working the count and fouling off pitches.

  50. Keep it working JD

  51. damn–JD swung at ball 4

  52. So from the weapons choice we have the following. Axes, bricks, bats, knives, meat cleavers, and shrieking monkeys.

  53. Sox signed Paul Byrd. Not enough illicit prescriptions in their clubhouse, apparently.

  54. I’d recommend starting with bricks, then moving right to cleavers.

  55. how about boiling oil and a trebuchet?

  56. Dear A-Rod,

    Now would be a good time to break your home run slump. Please deposit one in the left field seats.



  57. Teix walks make them pay Alex

  58. Nice BB, Smoltz about to throw #20 to A-Rod, who is WAAAAY due for a HR.

  59. CC another to A-Rod from me, Wiz.

  60. That first pitch curve looked high to me.

  61. No boiling oil because we’re talking about weapons in a street fight. We can include switch blades if you want.

  62. Bugger

  63. A-Rod is way too often a guess hitter, too easily fooled for someone of his prodigious skills. At least Smoltz is at 24 pitches.

  64. fuck the ump-that was low–i guess he favors old losers are will give joba nothing

  65. i’ll use syringes with Marburg virus

  66. Wiz, I think boiling oil is something we shouldn’t rule out in the right circumstance, especially in left field. Plenty of space, minimal collateral damage…

  67. Very creative attack, Mike.

  68. Dear Joba,

    Throw strikes or else.



  69. My dog suggested a bowl of warm meat. When I told her it was for attacking others, she walked away in anger. There is no satisfying some canines.

  70. Crap…Nancy doubles.

  71. fucking nancy drew

  72. Drew wakes up against the Yanks. Of course, belt-high fastballs are a nice alarm clock for the dormant.

  73. What was wrong with that first pitch?

  74. I say we put the umpire on the rack. This strike zone is infuriating.

  75. Jeez, Joba is frosting my onions.

  76. yeah–joba looks pretty bad already

  77. Agreed, Wiz. It’s Cousins, not one of my favorites.

  78. What was wrong with the 3-2?!?

  79. it was practically shoe tops jason

  80. Really a need for a DP ball now, or K then DP.

  81. Must have been poorly placed on the Gameday. My bad.

  82. Kotchman flies out. Get a DP Joba!

  83. F8 helps.

  84. joba has GOT to pick up the pace

  85. K!

  86. Strike Out! Ok Joba let’s get the last out and get back in the dugout!

  87. Very nice Joba 2 down

  88. 96 mph fastball for strike 3. Good gas.

  89. this is becoming infuriating with his c ommand

  90. Set him down, Joba. Set. Him. Down.

  91. Full count. Don’t fool around Joba, just blow him away.

  92. YES K inning over


  94. YES!

  95. Great pitch! That takes guts, 3-2 slider.

    Runs, please.

    Many thanks,
    The HDLR

  96. 42 pitches for Joba. He needs some run support but, more importantly, to get some quick outs and some dickering around.

  97. How has everyone been?

  98. Dear Red Sox

    You Suck


    Ps. Can I have some riods please I heard you have loads

  99. LOL Nick.

  100. nice at bat G-Zil

  101. Jack one, Jorge.

  102. Everyone hit the ball to LF.

  103. I feel for Matsui, but it’s feast or famine with him.

  104. Waldman really needs to can it with her love-fest for Smoltz. Give it a rest already.

  105. Nice Jorge

  106. I’ll take a slap single.

  107. Dear Robinson,

    Please put one in the seats and punish these Commie fruit cakes.


  108. Suzyn Waldman needs a nice to tall glass of SHUT THE HELL UP!

  109. keep this going—robbie…

  110. On the Commie, Wiz? Not so much. On the tall glass? Second that.

  111. Nice eye, RC.

  112. Jason I am afraid I might have to unleash my inner Michael Savage this weekend. Robbie walks! TIME FOR SOME PAIN!

  113. i loved seeing jorge start to run0–good wortk robbie

  114. Heck of a walk, Cano. Smoltz is at 39 pitches. Make him pay, Swish. Lefties are destroying Smoltz thus far this year–.440.


  116. fucking jorge what an asshole

  117. Jorge you numpty

  118. Why not slide, Jorge?!? He got suckered by that cut-off.

  119. im utterly disgusted by him right now–

  120. That’s atrocious.

  121. Swish delivered, and Jorge makes his second bad mental error in a few days.

  122. Even Matsui can slide for runs Jorge school boy error

  123. im just so pissed about this…can u belive that crap? munson is rolling in his gravce

  124. *Face Palm*. Hold them Joba or I am getting the guillotine.

  125. Wasted opportunity. Thanks, Jorge. They can’t afford to let that bum Smoltz linger.

  126. nice to see joba going at him 0-2

  127. God Dammit. That stinking-ass midget.

  128. UGH! Ok I am getting the guillotine now.

  129. oh nice—the fucking mighty mite–nice to see joba shake him off three times…

  130. Throw strikes and stop screwing around, Joba. He couldn’t hit himself in the ass with a paddle right now.

  131. WTF Joba get it together

  132. well you cabn see how this is unravelling already

  133. Waldman is going with the theory that Joba isn’t sharp because his routine of starts is off. I’m going with he’s throwing balls and screwing up his own routine by working painfully slowly tonight.

  134. Close one there.

  135. Joba left the strike zone in Tampa.

    Joba lucky there.

  136. Joba at 58 pitches already, brutal.

  137. Joba you suck today.

  138. Jeez, Joba is horrendous. Four walks already. This is a joke–60 pitches, two on, no one out in the third. He’s pitching like Mitre.

  139. thank god for the DP

  140. Joba mercifully gets a DP. Now go get the last out and let’s end the inning with a 1 run deficit.

  141. My wife and son think they could pitch better than Joba tonight. I am in no position to disagree.

    They’re both ground-ball pitchers, too.

  142. Being down 1 after this frame would be a huge break.

  143. Nancy flies out to Melky. GO SCORE SOME RUNS AND STOP GIVING US ALL ULCERS!

  144. luck there

  145. Inning over

    1-0 the the Sux

  146. Joba = lucky.

    Get runs, guys. Slap around Smoltz.

  147. Pardon my unintentional plagiarism, Mike. It’s been awhile since it’s happened.

  148. i just dont understand why he looks so timid tonight–its very unappealing and obviously a bad approach to this team-

  149. Wonder who Girardi use from the pen the pen will have to throw 4 even 5 innings

  150. and most of them went yesterday

  151. fuck!

  152. That just freaking figures…ugh

  153. The Captain gave that a ride. Don’t let this aging slob off the hook.

  154. Good eye, JD.

  155. Thank you JD!

  156. seeeeyaaaa!!!

  157. YES!!! 1-1. Follow it up, Teixeira.


    JD makes it 1-1

  159. High Fives all around the HDLR.


  161. Teixeira almost homered! Double off the wall. Keep it rolling, A-Rod.

  162. ok keep it going alex

  163. ARSE thought that had gone

    But go Tex nice double

  164. Balls

  165. How is life across the pond Nick?

  166. Pound this guy.

  167. Not in for long, but in. Way to go, JD (#20). Joba struggling but getting out of trouble.

    But terrible baserunning cost the Yanks a run and hopefully not the game.

    Tattooing Smoltz this inning. The HR and double, and both outs (so far) were hit.

    Back to the running. Posada has to hustle all the way there. And Melky has to be emphatic in telling Jorge to get down. Bad all the way around.

  168. Mike Sommer! Agreed about Melky. Give the call and help him out. They’ll continue to get Smoltz’s measure.


  170. The Yanks have not gotten the breaks on check swings lately.

  171. Life is good over here Tim just relaxing till college starts again.

  172. Horrible swing

  173. Both runs were Yankee Stadium “cheapies.”

  174. OK, I’ll take it–tie game. Smoltz is at 59 pitches.

    Get a 1-2-3, Joba.

  175. First row, RF.

  176. I’ll take the second one, Mike.

  177. Nice effort, Jeter.

  178. nice throw jete

  179. Not a good throw, though. Trying to be glass half-full.

  180. Epically hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEPe4fZNf74

  181. uh oh. Another cheapie.

  182. Joba–7 of 16 first-pitch strikes. Horrible.

    So was that pitch to Kotchman. Joba looks like dog shit tonight.

  183. i cant believe my eyes

  184. This is a game the bats have to win tonight, combined with a different arm(s) after Joba reaches 100 pitches.

  185. too bad girardi wasted hughes last night

  186. Two down. One more

  187. Buzz Pedroia’s “tower,” Joba. Make him move.

  188. Man Mike you have been brutalizing Joe G more than I brutalize MSLSD(AKA MSNBC).

  189. Joba is at 81 pitches.

    Intensify the abuse of Smoltz, NOW.

  190. you have no idea wiz…

  191. 810 pitches?

  192. Oh please, Wiz. You need specifics to actually brutalize MSNBC.

  193. I don’t think any of the 3 HRs tonight would have been out of the old Stadium. Just saying.

  194. Just feels like that, Mike. Joba has been lousy, night and day.

    Green in for Lowrie.

  195. You might be right about that, Mike S.

  196. Nice start, Jorge.


  198. he made it to second base!

  199. The Yanks have allowed Smoltz to linger long enough.

  200. Right Cano you suck with RISP think no one is on base there empty.

  201. Waldman: “Nick Green has really become a favorite of Terry Francona’s.”

    Jason: “Nick Green has really become an enemy of Son of Sam Horn.”

  202. You might be onto something, Nick. Pretend no one’s there, Cano.

  203. he made it!

  204. YAY Cano

    3-2 Sox

  205. RC! A hit with RISP! 3-2.

    High Fives all around the HDLR. I’ll get the pizza delivery.

  206. have you been over to SOSH tonight jas?

  207. Keep it rolling, Swish.

  208. Not yet, Mike. Too tied up. Nor did I check lately since I’ve been entertaining Frank.

  209. Make Smoltz wet himself with blood!

    Hahaha Jason you obviously have not read the second musical I sent you.

  210. Oh, and I read Frank the quotes from SoSH, and he laughed his ass off.

  211. Pretend your not at Yankee stadium Swish

  212. nice work swish!

  213. I’ll take that

  214. No, I read enough, Wiz, and I’ll set aside the critique of your views of Marx for now.

    First and second, no outs. Abuse the pen, as Wiz and I have said. Billy Traber is up for the Sox. [Jason is licking his chops.]

  215. Time to spill some blood Melky!

  216. Jeez, Smolts could not have toppled more easily on Cano’s RBI single if Cano had actually ripped it off him.

  217. M ELKMAN


  219. Melky the Once-Again Clutch!! 5-3 Yankees!!

    High Fives all around the HDLR.

  220. *High fives Jason and then proceeds to chug 3 beers at once*

  221. YES YES YES


    Melkman comes through 5-3 Yanks

  222. Four runs in, no one out. Keep it rolling, Captain.

  223. I’d love to Wiz, but what I have–Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron (12% ABV) cannot be chugged without a bucket. A satisfied drink, Wiz? Definitely.

  224. At my house, helping my brother with some of the work. Heard Melky hit one. Didn’t see it, though. Nice job, Melkman. I take it Posada actually ran this time on Cano’s hit?

  225. JD singles to left. Keep it rolling, Teixeira.

  226. Time to tie Morneau, Teixs.

  227. He did, Mike S. Melky ripped it into Teixeira’s Tier–the second deck in right. 3-0 to Teixeira, Smoltz at 86 pitches and looking timid.

  228. NANCY!!!

  229. I’ll take that.

    It’s time to tie Killebrew, Alex. You are overdue.

  230. JD went to third as it caromed off Drew’s glove, rightly holding. Teixeira with a double. They’re killing Smoltz. Good.

  231. smoltzie—thanks for playing—

  232. Oh well. A walk. Goodbye, Smoltzie. C’mon Godzilla.

  233. A-Rod with the intentional walk, loading it for Matsui against Traber.

    How about a Grand Salami, Matsui?

  234. Right on, Mike and Mike–both of you far superior to the ESPN hosts.

  235. Nick Green, Traber are we in Scrantan

  236. Mats you got to go triads on there ass this is disrespect


  238. “Traber for sale or rent.

    Hits for just 50 cents.”

  239. Time to pay back Traber for his awful Yankee outings. Matsui hits lefties well…

  240. Way to hustle, Matsui.

  241. whew–old G Zill ran as hard as he could

  242. OK, another run on the 3-6 force for Posada to break it open? 6-3 Yanks.

  243. WHEW nice hustle from Mats poor guy looks out of it.

    6-3 Yanks

  244. Indeed, Mikes. He might need a cigarette to cool off on the bench.


  246. Hip Hip!!



  248. Hip, Hip, JORGE! You are now forgiven for that 2nd inning.

  249. Jorge!!

  250. in a word–wow!

  251. Cano keeps it rolling.

    Let’s Go, Yankees!! clap clap clap clap clap.
    Let’s Go, Yankees!! clap clap clap clap clap.
    Let’s Go, Yankees!! clap clap clap clap clap.


  253. Eight in the fourth. Beautiful.

  254. LOL Nick.

    Swish barely missed a bomb.

  255. Matsui’s hustle meant at least 4 runs. The one on his hit and the 3-run HR. Huge. The little things.

  256. Damn you Kays he did a Sterling then Its gone its gone …………………….. foul

  257. This inning started about an hour ago.

  258. Good point, Mike S.

  259. Keep it going King Swisher

    Oh how can I be to rude welcome back mr Trader

  260. Swish keeps it rolling. Huge inning. What an ass-kicking.

  261. Yes, your nerve, Nick. You get a time out until the fifth inning.

  262. How in the world H-Mosk still has a job is beyond me. Nice hit Swisher. Burn up the Boston bullpen.

    Current devices that could be used on Red Sox fans are up for a vote.

    The rack, the iron maiden, guillotine, screaming rabies’ carrying monkeys, and my personal favorite the weaponized Ebola virus. VOTE

  263. this is such a classic yankee inning–you guys think this is ok for joba?

  264. Wiz:

    Start with the rack, move onto something I’ll add–the morning star.

  265. Fair question, Mike. I say yes. It couldn’t be worse, considering his previous effort a year ago, when he last had to throw.

  266. Great inning, a classic, just what we asked for–smashing Smoltz and the Sox.

  267. Methinks the suicide watch is on at Son of Sam Horn.

  268. I did like that inning.

  269. Better be, Mike. HAS to be.

  270. Smoltz might get the Jason Johnson treatment after Game 1 of Boston Massacre III.

  271. Just “like,” Nick?

  272. this is gonna be a crucial inning for joba–base on balls or having some balls?

  273. Joba can’t find the strike zone–again.

  274. Mike, that was probably the most epic sentece you have ever uttered. I salute you good sir!

  275. aargh. 6 run lead and you walk the leadoff hitter. (Pulls out rest of hair around bald spot). 5th walk.

  276. i have no words for that …challenge them

  277. Both relevant, Mike. Joba may not make it to the 5th.

  278. 6 straight balls get it together Joba

  279. thanks wiz–im trying really hard to contain violence

  280. Joba,

    You are going to make me drink myself stupid

  281. ok get him OUT


  282. Eight straight balls. Four more, and he has a clip from “Major League.” Bullpen getting warm, and I agree with that. Joba is brutal tonight.

  283. Throw strikes, Joba. A six run lead.

    Good for you, big fatty.

  284. thank yuo big pop up

  285. Pop up for Big Pop Up (footnote Mike), one down. Now a DP, and let him…try…the 5th.

  286. Feinsand: Melky has “rejuviated his career.” Thank you, Don King.

    What’s the drink of choice, Wiz?

  287. what a pathetic “effort” –im disgiusted

  288. Now bald from pulling hair out. Armpit hair next? Chest hair?

  289. Another walk get him out he can’t throw a strike.

  290. Oh, Wiz, why no flaming shots after the 4th?

    Another walk. Joba is horrible, and exhausting my synonyms for “bad.”

  291. I have a feeling this inning won’t end well.

  292. joba is a world class embarrassment

  293. Joba–7 walks. Pull him now.

  294. 2-0 get him out NOW Girardi

  295. Second Bronx Cheer of the inning for Joba. Let there not be a third.

  296. Go pull him now Joe!

  297. 9-4, still bases loaded. Joba is a joke tonight.

  298. get him the hell out of this game girardi–

  299. It may soon be time for Robertson to earn his (pin)stripes.

  300. well done Girardi once again leaving some one in too long pull now before it gets even worse

  301. Joba is at 101 pitches through 4 1/3–10 more pitches than Mitre yesterday.

  302. i dont care whether he gets his W or not—he doesnt deserve it anyway–get him OUT he s a disgrace to the uniform

  303. Thanks for the gift, Kotchman.

  304. Kotchman Ks. Don’t screw around Joba, go get the last out.

  305. Big K of Kotchman, two down.

  306. Way to come back, Joba. Now go take your shower.

  307. whew! sorry for the hyperbole–but im –well im a bit on edge..

    hand me an axe wiz

  308. Green Ks to mercifully end the inning. Go score more runs guys because no lead is ever safe against the BlowSox.

  309. Joba K’s Green! Spill the confetti.

    Now, all we have to do is ignore the 108 pitches Joba through in 5 IP, and tell ourselves Joba is eligible for the win, and emptied the tank.

    There. That’s better.

  310. Catch you later.

  311. If it is an axe you want Jason then you shall have the best one in the armory.

  312. i asked for the axe wiz…but i’ll take any medieval weapon you have handy

  313. Mike S., be good and good luck with the home repairs.

    I’d like a battle axe or a morning star, Wiz.

  314. Well in that case you can use a jewel enccrusted sword used by a Knight of the First Crusade. Stylish and Lethal.

  315. JD is as hot as a pistol, 3-4 tonight, .288. Love it.

  316. Wiz, I sense a strong “Dungeons and Dragons” streak within you. Part of me respects that.

  317. The Yanks have 14 hits in 4 2/3 IP.

  318. Haha I never touched dungeouns and dragons. I was too busy trying to learn how to play poker and blackjack.


  320. Matsui is Money!! 11-4, huge, just huge.

    [Sitting back in the chair, sipping Double Bock from the Duvel tulip glass, proudly smiling.]

    SoSH is going to kill Green for that throw.

  321. YES! The Dragon LIVES

  322. Just a single Jorge doesnt have to be a homer

  323. Bugger still 11-4 is sweet

  324. hey jason–the blog is taking a bit to load–could you start a new thred?

  325. Just tweaking you, Wiz.

    Good inning. Seven-run lead. Methinks Joba should hit the showers. Too bad Aceevs and Hughes have pitched a bit lately, although Robertson and Melancon deserve some work and opportunities to get into the bullpen rotation.

  326. Will do, Mike.

  327. Robertson and Melancone have been ok as of late let them in.

  328. Robertson pitching

  329. A new thread is up for faster loading and chin-wagging at The Heartland.

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