Jays Snap Yanks’ Streak at Seven, 5-4

Mitre again wasn’t good, allowing five runs and again throwing away a sure DP ball to cost runs as the Yanks dropped their first game in over a week, 5-4.  The offense has some chances but failed to hit with RISP, going 0-5 and stranding 7.  Jeter led off the first with his 13th homer  and 219th of his brilliant career, and Cano (17th) and Hairston (9th) went back-to-back to tie it in the 4th.  But that was all the Yanks could muster, getting shut down by Camp, League, Carlson, and Frason in relief of Rzepczynski, who was ordinary.

Mitre continues to be touted by Sterling and Waldman, which I don’t understand.  Yes, he fanned five in the first two innings.  Yet he continues to leave pitches up, with Hill and Overbay clocking solo two-out homers in the third and fifth, respectively.  He’s also not efficient, throwing 96 pitches in just five innings.  His DP screw-up is not the first time he’s cost himself with a poor throw, even though Cano got the error.  The onus for that rests on Mitre, for although it skimmed Cano’s glove and was catchable, his catching it would have drawn him off the bag; poor throw, especially since Mitre had all the time in the world after fielding the comebacker.  Aceves was tremendous in relief, allowing but 2 hits in 4 innings, throwing 42 pitches and looking great in absorbing innings.

I really don’t think this was an example of the team falling flat after the big, emotional series sweep of Boston.  It was an example of good Toronto bullpen work shutting them down, and needing to play from behind due to Mitre’s at best mediocrity.  He’s keeping them in games, despite allowing several runs every time out and sporting a hefty 7.04 ERA.  That’s not pitching well, regardless of how Girardi, Cashman, and the WCBS crew tries to wax it.  He’s pitching like Ponson, honestly, and this team is in a fight to win the division and secure home field, not simply to get by.  Mitre isn’t cutting it, period.  There is a stark difference between the quality of his starts and those of the other four.  He hasn’t had one unquestionably good one.  They’ve been at best adequate, at worst costly.

Back to the grind tomorrow, with Joba (8-2, 3.73 ERA) looking to rebound from his subpar start against Boston facing righty Scott Richmond (6-6, 3.97 ERA).  I look forward to the return of lefties into the lineup and, while I understand Girardi’s m.o., stacking the lineup with righties didn’t work against Chicago last Saturday, or tonight.  That didn’t cost them, however, as much as another lackluster start from Mitre.

The loss stinks, but a big standing O from The Heartland to the Yanks for winning seven straight.  Start another winning streak, guys.

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  1. Agreed I said allot in the last post I hope they get rid soon its wasteing Ace for 3 or 4 innings over time hes out then your almost know he will give up 4 or 5 runs. He is making Ponson even Idle look better thats saying something.

  2. Chalk this game up to emotional letdown and Mitre’s suckage. I was not aware that Meat Tray is highly touted by H-Mosk and “Goodness Gracious Roger Clemens” Waldman. If that is the case than they epically fail and should suspended from announcing for the remainder of the season.

    If the Yankees take the next two games then I doubt anyone will care about what happened on Monday night.

  3. I’m not sure to whom they would turn, Nick, but it’s difficult to envision this continuing longer. Mitre cost himself with the failed, double-clutched 1-4-3 throw, not for the first time, and is allowing several runs. Last night was different in that he started well, but eventually yielded the same result as the other night.

    I just don’t get it from them, Wiz. I like how Sterling calls a game generally, though less than I did in the past. But this glossing over Mitre’s (funny play on his name, by the way) shortcomings smacks of sucking up to the Yanks. It’s as if they know that the Yanks will stick with Mitre for the time being because of a dearth of alternatives, and are bucking up him and the organization with mealy-mouthed paeans to his mediocrity. Definitely agreed about taking the next two and its impact, which is all I want from here on out–win series.

  4. I read on Lohud Mitre he did not pitch well, but Sergio Mitre will keep his job as the No. 5 starter.I really don’t like this never mind last night he hasnt pitch any good at all hes really bad. Cash could jhaev got someone but didn’t.

  5. This is what I would do with Aceves having to bail Mitre out by pitching 4+ innings every time Mitre starts, then Aceves might as well be our 5th starter. I know hes grest in the pen but what the point he almost everytime has to throw 4 innings after Mitre then Joe has to rest him for a few days. Then have Gaudin as the long man and to spot start.

  6. Hey, Tim…I’ll do play by play and you color?

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