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And it’s not encouraging.  According to Josh Thomson, Mariano has a sore shoulder and was unavailable today, despite his not characterizing it as not painful.  Additionally, and despite Girardi’s assertion that he’d be “shocked” if Mariano is not available tomorrow night in Seattle, I’m not comforted.  In part, it is because the Yanks said that Mariano will not fly with the team, but will instead meet the team later in Seattle, due to matters unrelated to baseball.  Given the Yanks’ history of obfuscating if not outright lying about injuries, frankly my gut tells me that Mariano revealed some shoulder soreness, and they’re having him get an MRI before he leaves.  I could be wrong and, if so, would be pleased to be as long as Mariano is in fact just experiencing some minor shoulder soreness.  But given the Yanks’ track record–and that it’s Mariano–color me concerned.  Consider also that Mariano dealt with a calcification on the AC joint of his right shoulder all of last year.

Also, A-Rod will likely not play tomorrow after getting hit on the  in the eleventh today, although Girardi said he was going to have off tomorrow night regardless.  Jeter might also miss tomorrow’s game due to a sore foot, himself hit with a pitch in the first inning.  Lastly, Posada might have off tomorrow after getting a foul ball nailed off his right hand’s middle finger, combined with having a sore everything.

Given what tomorrow night’s lineup might be, how big was today’s victory?

Fingers crossed, especially for Mariano.

[Edit: In a post by Andy McCullough at The Star-Ledger, Mariano has had no tests, and none scheduled, according to Jason Zillo, director of media relations.  If that’s the case, great.  Thanks to Mike for sending this along to me.]

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  1. I have tomorrow’s possible lineup on my blog, Jason. Interesting regarding Posada, Jeter and Alex. Hopefully all is ok with Mo. As you know, I’ve been warning for years about the time in August that traditionally has been Mo’s “down time.”

    I like how Girardi is giving some guys some time off before the September push. Lest we forget, some ages:

    Damon 35, Matsui 35, Alex 34, Posada 38, Mo 39, Pettite 37, Jeter 35.

  2. I do not like this one bit. Good thing I came onto your page because I don’t think I would’ve known about this otherwise; thanks Jason! Lol. I hope Jeter’s okay too. Having him out of the lineup for an extended period would not be a good thing either. Fingers are crossed over here as well!

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