Game 115: Yankees @ Mariners, 8/13/09

Below, as per Pete Abraham, are tonight’s lineups.  A-Rod sits with the swelling in his elbow.  Molina is catching Sabathia tonight.  Maybe Posada would have caught without everything hurting; then again, Molina called a great ball game last Saturday against Boston when C.C. took the bump.  I like Matsui in the clean-up spot and, with A-Rod sitting, Cano moves up to the sixth spot behind Swish.  Hopefully Sabathia can follow up his great start against Boston with seven more strong innings in Seattle, where historically he has been very good (4-1, 2.83 ERA at Safeco).  A strong offensive showing can hopefully alleviate any question about using Mariano tonight–should he even be available.  In the “Ouch” department, when I first saw the lineup I was wondering why Beltre, a righty hitter with power, was not facing the lefty Sabathia.  According to Abraham:

It hurts just to write this. But Seattle 3B Adrian Beltre could be done for the season after taking a bad-hop grounder in the groin last night. It caused tearing in one of his testicles along with internal bleeding and he could require surgery. Beltre does not use a cup.

Yikes, and double yikes.  As if the pegging scene of Ray Nitschke’s character from “The Longest Yard” were not lesson enough, always, always wear a cup on the field.  Boston lost 2-0 to Verlander and Detroit, so the Yanks have a chance to go up 6 1/2 with a win.  Grab some coffee, and enjoy the game, everyone.

YANKEES (71-43)
Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Matsui DH
Swisher RF
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Hairston 3B
Molina C

Pitching: LHP CC Sabathia (12-7, 3.76).

MARINERS (60-54)
Suzuki RF
Gutierrez CF
Lopez 2B
Sweeney DH
Branyan 1B
Johjima C
Hannahan 3B
Wilson SS
Saunders LF

Pitching: LHP RHP [No offense to Pete Abe, but he also had both Teixeira and Hairston listed as playing third tonight.] Ian Snell (0-0, 6.14).

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  1. Yanks up 6-0 in the 4th. In the injury department, Derek “Pain? What Pain?” or “I don’t need no stinking day off” Jeter has hit a HR and later singled and scored.

  2. Indeed, Mike. I’m listening in and texting to The Sage. Jeter is The Man, crushing that to deep left center. Then Matsui walloped one later in the third. Terrific hit-and-run in the fourth with Jeter and Teixeira added the sixth. No offense to Seattle, which has good pitching stats (albeit with some guys not there anymore) and good defense, but an unproductive offense. The Yanks HAD to get this kind of game thus far.

  3. Then Josh Wilson, hitting all of .149, just cranked one to left, 6-1.

  4. And I think you’re right, Mike, as was Sterling, when he said that Jeter figured that, with A-Rod down, he had to play. The Captain just shrugged it off. Amazing.

  5. Despite his pitch count being just 89 entering the 8th, in an 11-1 game, why on earth is C.C. pitching?

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