Game 117: Yankees @ Mariners, 8/15/09–Yanks Keep Rolling, 5-2

I won’t do a big recap because it’s after midnight, and I’m tired.  Mitre was fairly good, going 5 1/3 and, despite leaving Robertson with a mess, didn’t get hit hard at all in allowing two runs.  His line–5 1/3, 7 hits, 2 runs 1 earned, 2 BB and 3 K on 92 pitches/54 strikes–was fairly good because of his getting ground balls, and because of good defense, especially at first.  Teixeira is nothing short of Gold Glove material at first.  Robertson was tremendous in relief, fanning Wilson and getting Langerhans looking on a 3-2 fastball right at the knees to escape the jam.  After he allowed singles around a K of Gutierrez in the seventh, Robertson exited for Coke, who got Junior on a nasty slider before The Great Ichiro strangely got nailed trying to steal third, ending the inning.  Coke then fanned Branyan and rolled through the eighth, with Mariano notching his 35th save of the year to lead the majors, and 517th of his incomparable career.

The Yanks have now won 23 of 29 and 36 of 47, just amazing, and so much of that is very good pitching carrying the day.  Jeter was 2-4 with his 15th homer in the 9th inning, and 221st of his amazing career, with 2 RBI (52) and batting .320.  Cano was also 2-4, batting .319.  Swish had his 19th homer, 16th on the road, in the second inning, with 62 RBI now.  Molina was 2-4 with a big RBI in the second.  Teixeira, A-Rod, and Hairston each added a hit.

With the Yanks winning again and Boston losing 7-2 to Texas, the Yanks are now 7 1/2 ahead in the East.  Joba starts tomorrow with the chance to sweep four in Seattle.  Enjoy it, Yankees fans.  Hard to complain about things now.

Below, as per Pete Abraham, are tonight’s starting lineups.  Posada is the DH, with Molina taking the catching duties.  Lefties JD and Matsui sit against French as Hairston plays left, and Swish bats second.  A-Rod is back at third, and it is big that the Yanks won both games without him, and generated lots of offense in game one without him and Posada.  Hopefully Mitre (“Meat Tray”) can provide a quality start, and the offense can play more like they did Thursday’s game (11 runs, 15 hits) than last night (4 runs, 7 hits).  Enjoy the game, everyone.

YANKEES (73-43)
Jeter SS
Swisher RF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Posada DH
Cano 2B
Hairston LF
Cabrera CF
Molina C

Pitching: RHP Sergio Mitre (1-1, 7.04).

MARINERS (60-56)
Suzuki RF
Gutierrez CF
Lopez 2B
Griffey Jr. DH
Branyan 1B
Hannahan 3B
Johnson C
Wilson SS
Langerhans LF

Pitching: LHP Luke French (1-0, 6.97).

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  1. That Seattle lineup is terrible.

  2. Is it wrong to predict on how many runs Meat-Tray will give up. Lets go Yankees make it a series win

  3. Hey Joe. Yeah, it’s not the strongest I’ve ever seen. Hopefully the Yanks can shut it down like the first two games of this series.

    I wouldn’t say it’s wrong, Nick. Heck, it might inspire Mitre when he reads the blog between innings.

  4. That’s on Cano not Mitre this time letting Ichiro on.

  5. True, a rare miscue from Cano this year. Now The Great Ichiro is on second.

  6. Impromptu HLDR? I am upset I was not invited? Meat Tray = Epic Suckage

  7. Jason were are you on the Ichiro debate about getting in to the HOF.

    1-0 Ms so far but thats on Cano

  8. Mitre ok first inning but I’ve said this a few times.

  9. If it were impromptu Wiz, there couldn’t be invites. But I’m glad people are here chinwagging.

    Nick, I totally think Ichiro is a Hall of Fame player right now. The guy is a great hitter, has lots of speed, and is one of the very best outfielders I’ve ever seen. He still has a great arm. Absolutely HOF.

  10. Mitre was OK, and it wasn’t as though he got rocked. Who knows if a run scores without Cano’s miscue.

  11. Nice hit, Cano. Langerhans kept that from being a double.

  12. Agreed J he is a HOF player to me has to be.

    Come on Rangers don’t mess up like last night 4-2 up in the 9th Boston win it. Keep it at 4-2 this time please

    As Cano gets a single

  13. Franklin Gutierrez = Luis Castillo Fail

  14. Amen on Texas, Nick.

    Gutierrez dropped that when Ichiro crowded him; bad play by them, good for the Yanks.

  15. Hip Hip JOSE! 1-1!

  16. Texas is running wild, again, all over Varitek and Penny, 6 steals again tonight.

    Jose Molina! RBI single, tie game, Melky to third. Big RISP hit.

  17. Anyone know if this is Molina’s first time catching Mitre if so it might make a difference.

    Speaking of Jose he gets a single Cano scores 1-1

  18. LOL on the hip hip call, Wiz. And by the way, the mileage we’ll get off Luis Castillo is virtually limitless.

  19. Jeets sac fly Melkman scores 2-1 Yanks

  20. Nice sac fly Jeter. Me thinks we will be in for a long night. Luke Surrender Monkey is already at 50+ pitches and Meat Tray is an epic fail.


    King Swisher 2 run homer 4-2 Yanks

  22. Jeter delivers on the sac fly, 2-1, and Swish The Road Warrior kills one, 4-1 Yanks. Great to see the bats early and often.

    Great rally and they make Seattle pay for the E.

    On your question, Nick, Molina has caught Mitre his last two starts before tonight.

  23. Branyan the modern-day Kingman down on a 3U.

    Texas is now up 5-2.

  24. As Abraham wisely reminds, can you believe what a steal it was to deal Betemit for Swish? Enormous steal.

  25. Sweat DP to end the inning

  26. Inning ending DP. MORE RUNS!

  27. 6-4-3 DP, 6-pitch inning for Mitre after the Yanks score 4. Excellent.

  28. Im one of Cashman biggest citics but damn I’ll give him that one. STEAL

  29. How has everything been, Nick? Have you been to Germany yet?

  30. K-Rod blown save = great.

    Wright clocked in the head with a 94-mph fastball = awful.

  31. Im going Monday looking forward to it but im a really bad traveller though and I get home sick allot.

  32. Shoot, DP off a hard-hit ball.

  33. Have you ever been to Germany before?

  34. What time is it in England by the way?

  35. Cano is 2-2, batting .321 now and on a tear.

  36. Double by Hairston, another Cashman steal. he’s been very good for the Yanks, and has to feel like he’s been paroled from Cincy.

  37. Melky has been slumping. He could use a day off.

  38. Its 4am thats why I hate all West coast games so much I mean allot.

    Yeah I went by bus last year 30 hours that took sounds bad I know but driving through France, Belgium, some other eurpean coutries it nice when you stop there. Going by plane this year

  39. Good for you, Nick. Have a nice German lager for me, something like Ayinger or Erdinger.

  40. Bottom of the 8th, 5-2 Texas.

  41. Nice play on a bad hop A-Rod. Mitre is getting the ground balls thus far.

  42. That wasn’t a grounder.

  43. 4 am?! Nick = MAN

  44. The Great Ichiro will break Wee Willie Keeler’s record for most consecutive 200+ seasons if he gets it this year, which he will if he’s healthy. It will be 9 straight.

  45. Nick is The Man tonight and this series, for certain.

  46. Ichiro creamed that but right to Swish, thankfully. Two down. Hard outs like that by O’Neill would have cost the dugout a cooler or two afterward.

  47. Well done yet again, Teixeira, three outs. Mitre is at just 35 pitches, 11 in the 3rd.

  48. Thanks Tim and Jason west coast games are hard.

    10pm seems late for you shouldn’t they start west coast games ealier for you guys aswell.

    Innings over 1 runs for Mitre whioch wasnt even his fault must be a record.

  49. Rangers have the bases loaded no outs better score.

    Edit: make that 1 out

  50. Ichiro with a circus catch, wow…

  51. Is Seattle 2 hours or 3 behind the east. If it is 3 I most games start at 7 on the east so I guess 10pm is right. Still weekend game should start earlier

  52. Good Rangers lead 7-2

  53. Hello. Just updated my place and (living in the East with work [middle shift] tomorrow,) I cannot be on long). But nice to see some support for the Meat Tray in case he serves the Meat Balls. (Speaking of Ba**s, that Beltre injury still makes me cringe!)

  54. I still want to do play by play with Tim as my color man.

  55. Ichiro is amazing, just amazing. Great play by Teixeira too, sliding and short-hopping that grounder.

  56. See that would be fun to listen to.

  57. Awesome that Texas is now up 5. Hopefully they can cobble it together in the 9th.

  58. How’s the house, Mike?

  59. I would definitely call games with Mike S, that would be EPIC. Seattle is 3 hours behind the East.

  60. Wonder what the Yanks think of Zack Kroenke at SWB? Lefty reliever, 7-1 last year at AA/AAA. 7-0, 1.07 at SWB. Team him and Coke for the stretch run? Interesting what Pete Abe had on Marte. Maybe Kroenke is a 2nd lefty option in September? Wonder how interested or intrigued the Yanks are by Kroenke?

  61. Ichiro is a f%$#ing great outfielder. He’s me favorite non-Yankee ever.

  62. Slow. It’ll be a while. My bro went on vacation for a few days after doing the bathroom. Much deserved. Some touch up on the bathroom, then the kitchen comes next.

    Arm hurts like hell. Nothing against it, but I wouldn’t mind staying away from the Pavano Memorial Tube for quite some time.

  63. Marte may be done as a Yankee. The Yanks could use another lefty.

  64. Griffey is my non fav Yankee always will be.

    YAY Mitre threw the ball right this time to 2nd.

  65. I had an MRI before an emergency appendectomy in 2003; no fun.

  66. I can see Junior, Nick. Great player, loved watching him play center. Great player.

    I was thinking the same thing with that comebacker, Nick.

  67. Hard to get on Mitre for that RBI infield single, 4-2 Yanks.

  68. That really is bad luck

  69. The problem is that Marte has 2 more years left on his contract.

    You don’t think of Thome in the same light as others, but give the guy credit…he tied Reggie with #563 today

  70. Texas beat Boston 7-2.

  71. I thought Junior was going to destroy every power record known back in the day. I would be devestated if he used PEDs.

  72. Rangers beat the Sux.

  73. I feel the same way, Wiz. That would destroy a good deal of what little faith I have left in athletics.

  74. I agree Tim that would be hard to take

  75. Get this guy, Mitre. He’s thrown 24 pitches this inning, but might actually be used to it by now…

  76. Teixeira is absolutely great, nothing short of Gold Glove material.

  77. Tex makes another fantastic play as always.

    4-2 Yanks both runs hard on Mitre

  78. Agreed, Nick. Mitre is working efficiently–60 pitches–in good part because he’s getting ground balls, 8 thus far through 4.

  79. I’d still like a few more runs.

  80. Cano–13-game hit streak, batting .436 before that out. Amazing.

    Hold it here, Mitre.

  81. Easy 1-3, one down.

  82. Typical 5th inning with Feinsand. None of the three stooges (Feinsand, Sterling or Waldman) seem to know ANYTHING of what Kroenke is doing at SWB. I mean, 1.07 is 1.07.

  83. Another ground out, this time The Great Ichiro, two down.

  84. They don’t know the minors period, Mike. Just don’t know. They could wipe their asses with the scouting reports for all they care.

  85. …and I just BLASTED them on my site.

  86. Feinsand: “Detroit is having a great year.” They’re 8 games above .500! Cabrera is having a stand-out year, Detroit is not. If Detroit is having a great year at 62-54, what kind of year are the Yanks having at 30 over?

  87. Big K to end the 5th, mercifully. Mitre is actually at 79 pitches through 5. Nicely done, kid.

  88. I can’t stand the overuse of the word “great.” Save that for the stuff that is actually great.

  89. Mitre gets the K big inning out thre – Yankees 4-2 after 5 full innings thats 5 for Mitre.

  90. Melky is slumping he needs a day off

  91. Gotta hand it to Molina for his two hits today.

  92. Nick, there is talk that Hairston will get a start in CF…maybe even tomorrow to give Melky that day.

  93. French had one tough inning, but otherwise kept the Yanks in check through six.

  94. H-Mosk and Waldman = UBER FAIl

  95. I believe that’s so, Mike. It would come at a good time, too, for Melky and the Yanks on getaway day.

  96. Texas stole 8 bases off Varitek. Man, line up the jumpers off the Tobin Bridge.

  97. Atta boy, Mitre, K’ing Junior. One down.

  98. I forget what the record is. I do know it’s held by Branch Rickey when he caught for the Yanks back around 1907 or so. Something like 13 SB he gave up in one game.

  99. Robertson is up, probably good just as Mitre walked Hannahan.

  100. Another DP ball from Johnson here would be huge.

  101. Jeez, infield bleeder loads the bases. Mitre is not a confident fielder.

  102. All in all, Mitre was fairly good, but he’s on the hook for these three base runners.

  103. Nice. Robertson does have that K potential. Get out of it, David!

  104. D-Rob = EPIC SUCCESS

  105. Beautiful! Enjoy the rest of the game, I gotta go. I hate those west coast games

  106. Two great K’s by David Robertson!! Both on 94-mph fastballs. That’s nothing but a confidence builder for the kid. Huge, huge relief work.

  107. Have a good night, Mike. We’ll hold down the fort here at the Central Time Heartland.

  108. All in all, and with some help from the defense and Robertson, Mitre had a fairly decent start.

    Let’s add on here, Yanks.

  109. Decent game from Mitre cannot ask for more really. Robbo was lucky with that last call but you take the good and the bad calls.

  110. Nice single, Teixeira.

  111. Nice try but Alex gets a single

  112. I’ll take that from A-Rod, first and second for Posada.

  113. Shoot, 3-6-3 DP on the slothful Posada. Hold it here, Yanks.

  114. Damn it Jorge he has done that way too many times this year

  115. Right its 5am here im off to bed.

    night everyone

  116. Good night, Nick. Have a great trip to Germany.

  117. Ichiro is just insane.

  118. Great ball player, Wiz. Multi-tool player. Great to hear that an Ichiro fan in right field has an “Area 51” sign for his hit tally. Hilarious.

  119. Big K of Branyan by Coke, who has become very good against lefties, two down. Good managing thus far by Girardi.

  120. Sorry, K of Junior.

  121. Wow, I can’t believe Ichiro ran into that out trying to steal third, for the third out no less. I’m amazed and appalled.

    Now Coke comes up against two lefties with the bases empty.

    Add on runs now, guys.

  122. I know that Nick thought that Robertson’s pitch to end the sixth was low. But the side view showed that it crossed home at the knees. Molina certainly caught it low, but it was a strike. That actually was a hell of a pitch, just not often called by the umps.

  123. Sorry I’ve been in and out. Trying to stay awake.

  124. Coke has become very good against lefties, fanning Branyan.

  125. Coke’s slider is nasty on lefties, getting Hannahan now.

  126. Robertson + Coke = Outstanding tonight.

  127. Now score 3 runs to prevent using Mariano.

  128. EL CAPITAN!

  129. Jeter is flat-out money, adding on an important insurance run, 5-2.

  130. Time for Mariano now.

  131. I am going to bed. Lock it down Mo. Good night Jason.

  132. Good night, Wiz.

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