Boston Turns Tables, Routs Yanks 14-1

What a waste of a perfectly good afternoon.  Between the Yanks losing 14-1 to Boston and, despite Joe the Statistician Magician’s hosting an in-gamer, my unwillingness to endure goading with inaccurate generalities about upstate New York’s politics and idiotic smears about its culture and accents from other guests there, trying to tune in to the Yanks and chinwag about baseball was a hopelessly futile exercise.  Burnett was again abysmal in Boston, surrendering nine runs on nine hits, including three homers, in five innings.  Aceves and Robertson were no better, giving up three and two runs, respectively.

It isn’t as though the Yanks didn’t have their chances, however.  They stranded runners in literally every inning, going 0-9 with RISP and stranding 13 in all.  That was the antithesis of last night’s game when New York went an astounding 15-25 with RISP, stranding 7.  Granted, one would be jejune to expect such success every game.  But today was an object lesson in wasted opportunities.

I dare say it was also lost early.  The Yanks had a chance to follow up on last night’s stomping by working over Tazawa, who had a shaky start in the first.  Jeter lined out hard to right, Swish doubled off the monster, Teixeira was hit by a pitch, and A-Rod’s long F8 moved Swish to third.  But Matsui flew out to fairly deep left, ending the threat and probably giving Tazawa a sense of relief.  But Boston scored three in the bottom of the first.  A.J. left an 0-2 fastball up to Pedroia who singled, Martinez singled and, after Youkilis popped out to first, Hinske the so-called left fielder again misplayed a pop-up, this time from Big PopUp, getting too close to the wall and having the carom go all the way to a charging Jeter again, 2-0 Boston.  Hinske just coughed up the extra run.  Bay’s single made it 3-0.

The Yanks had a chance to get back in the game in the second when worked a lead-off walk.  But although Cano lined one off the monster, he was easily out trying foolishly to go to second.  Hinske crushed one but right to first for the second out, and Melky’s fly ball to center ended the threat.  After Boston scored four more off a frustrated, distracted, and awful Burnett, the rout was on.

The Yanks had second and third in the fourth inning with one out, but Hinske struck out and Melky weakly grounded back to a more composed Tazawa.  He should not have been allowed to get settled in, but was.  Swish averted the total white wash with a solo homer in the seventh.

It’s a good thing the Yanks don’t have any more regular season games in Boston, for Burnett has been woeful there this season, despite a recent history of success in Fenway and against Boston.  He continually left pitches up, grooving them for homers and runs. Horrible start for Burnett.

It also wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world to have had Pena to relieve Jeter in this laugher.  Yet with Marte being called up and Pena shuffled to SWB, the appallingly thin Yanks bench meant the Yanks had to let Jeter and most other regulars sit out there and play throughout. [Edit: Correction–I misread where Hairston entered late, thinking it was for Hinske when it was for Jeter.  Still, on the whole, I believe the point stands.] I can’t say how much I can’t stand the Yanks’ carrying 13 pitchers, especially when decent ones get wasted in a blowout.  I’m also wondering if Aceves needs to sit a stretch again.  He was serving it up to Boston.  Maybe it is that, after Burnett prepped them with BP, that the Red Sox would have hbit nearly anyone; I don’t know.  I do know that Aceves was again poor, and it’s discouraging to see from a guy who, for the preceding months, had been so reliable for the Yanks.

Swish was excellent at the plate today, going 3-5 with a double and his 21st homer, batting an improved .251.  Teixeira was 2-4, batting .288.  Cano was 3-4 with his 35th double, batting .315.  Hinske, Hairston, A-Rod, and Molina each had a single, but many fot he at-bats as the game languished on were awful and certainly unproductive.  Had the team hit half as well with RISP as they did last night, especially early in the game, who knows if it might have been closer–though I doubt it, considering how badly A.J. pitched.  But these things are often a product but also a producer of momentum, and can spur a team even when losing.  Who knows how the Yanks would have responded had they tied it at 3 in the second, or jumped out to a lead in the top of the first, or how A.J. would have pitched actually being in the game, or how the hitters would have hit not down seven early.  The Yanks got steamrolled without question, yet contributed to it as well.

That said, I’m genuinely not that worked up about this loss.  Yes, it stinks badly and the team, honestly, ran for the proverbial bus after the fifth.  However, the Yanks are still 6 1/2 up, and have C.C. going tomorrow night against Beckett in a terrific match-up.  I’d be surprised if we saw another high-scoring blowout but, in Fenway, one never knows.  Personally, I’d much rather see Hairston than Hinske in left at Fenway, maybe in general.  Nick mentioned that in Joe’s in-game discussion, and it was a good point.  Hinske doesn’t have a good arm but, more importantly, is a brutal judge of balls off the wall.  He was an embarrassment.

Shrug it off, then go get them tomorrow night.

Thanks for hosting, Joe.

[Edit: I neglected to mention this earlier, but it came to me now.  Today was one of the few times this year in which the Yankees failed to score, then just petered out the rest of the way.  That is, today was one of the few times when the team looked like last year’s squad that saw its best chance, squandered early, leave the team looking feckless.  Usually, the Yanks this year have been more resilient.  Hopefully today was just an anomaly.  Unlike the last series against Boston and beyond, maybe today was a bit of a letdown after last night’s win.]

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  1. Sorry, J. I didn’t realize that is why you left the chat.

  2. Had nothing to do with you, buddy. I appreciate the invitation, but didn’t want to get worked up about things better shrugged off. I tried to come back to thank you for hosting, but for some reason wasn’t seeing your in-gamer on your home page. Regardless, I appreciate the invite, and you must feel good about today’s game. Boston responded strongly.

  3. No one was saying anything, so I ended the event. I wanted to put my computer down. Then I deleted both in gamers because I don’t like them staying on my blog. 🙂

  4. That’s totally cool, Joe. I didn’t even mean to imply that any of that even related to you. I just wanted to talk about baseball, and didn’t expect anything productive to result from the other avenues of conversation I mentioned in the post.

    Too bad, for us as Yanks fans anyway, that there wasn’t more reason to stick around. I also had to get some dinner going.

  5. Yikes. Yesterday was terrible. Tonight will be a different story though. I can feel it!

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