Halliday Shuts Down Yanks 6-0

The Yanks faced a Roy Halliday who had everything working last night, and he flirted with perfection before walking Jorge in the fifth.  Then Pena, of all people, lined a double to break up the no-hitter the next inning.  But that was all the Yanks could muster as Joba struggled, the defense let him down a bit, and the Jays broke the Yanks’ seven-game winning streak 6-0.  If nothing else, the utter dearth of offense rendered my usual statistical details pointless.  Mike Dunn made a nervous debut, walking the bases loaded before being taken out.  At least the kid showed lots of movement on a good heater.  Although Jeter and Swish sat, the lineup was still a good one.  Halliday, however, allowed practically nothing, walking three while fanning nine.

Thankfully, Boston lost big to Chicago, 12-2, making my son extremely happy and me hardly less so to be honest.  In fact, even as the Yanks careened helplessly toward their first lost in over a week, I couldn’t help but exchange humorous texts with with Mike about the fate of the Sox last night, as well as the comic art painted on various Red Sox message boards.  Not just the result, but also the timing of it in the season, very much reminded me of Pedro’s one-hit, 17-K game against the Yanks back in 1999.  As it turns out, that occurred September 10 and, when it happened, although I didn’t like the loss to Pedro (as I didn’t like it to Halliday), I’ll respond the same way–with a tip of the cap to a great pitcher and performance, then move on.  Why?  Because it was that great, and it’s easier to shrug off such performances and be effusive when up 7 1/2 games in the division.  Not just the 5 1/2 game lead back in 1999, but also and especially the confidence that championship team inspired, spurred the same sentiment in me that I feel now–the ability to shrug off a resounding defeat, and the belief that today–an HDLR day for those interested–will be better.

Yet Joba’s struggles somewhat concern me.  I advise patience with him, for it is his first full year starting, he is still young, and he is going to have some bumps.  However, his continued inability to locate his fastball, his getting behind in counts, and his mechanics have hurt him the last several weeks.  I can’t help but feeling that he has taken a step back.

However, I have to say that I am glad that the other pitchers, especially Pettite and C.C. immediately after Joba’s exit last night, reassure me that their counsel of Joba will prove edifying and effective now and down the road.  There seems to be a good staff and support system to help Joba get through his struggles right now, and that is worth remembering.  Additionally, and in fairness, Hinske butchered a fly ball in right and Pena let a ball roll under his glove last night, giving the Jays two runs in the first which, with Halliday’s gem, were more than enough.  That didn’t help Joba.  To reiterate, shrug it off all around.  It could be worse–we could be Jays fans, the vast majority of whom at the Rogers Centre scarcely reacted when Jorge’s walk broke up the perfect game last night.  What a pathetic, motley, rude lot they have proven themselves to be the last couple days and this season.

The Yanks are back down to 37 games over .500, but with Boston’s loss, the magic number to clinch the East is down to 21 with 27 to play.  The Angels came back and beat KC, reducing the Yanks’ lead for home field to 5 1/2.  Again, no big deal, for this is the first time since August 25 that the Yanks have lost a game in the standings to either Boston or the Angels.  That’s what winning will do, and I expect the Yanks to get back to winning and soon.

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