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Frank the Sage and I spoke last night about baseball, politics, and other matters as usual.  On baseball, we touted the contributions of Melky, Gardner, Cervelli, and Hinske to the team, then spent some time lavishing praise on Hughes, with Frank and I comparing his work out of the pen this year to Mariano’s in 1996.  While he is not going two innings much, he has been no less important–or dominant.  Mike Sommer mentioned at the Sommer Frieze Hughes perhaps getting some top-10 MVP consideration for his work.  I wouldn’t consider that unreasonable at all.  In his remarkable 1996 year, Mariano was 3rd in the AL Cy Young voting, 12th for the MVP after going 8-3, 2-09 ERA, 0.994 WHIP, and fanning 130 in 107 2/3 IP.

Hughes’s numbers out of the bullpen this year? 2-1, 1.11 ERA, 0.787 WHIP, 54 K in 40 2/3 IP.  That’s amazing, and has everything to do with why the Yanks have dominated the last few months.  He has been fabulous and lights-out.

Frank also said that he thought that Boston would make a strong move for Halliday this off-season, considering the problems with Wakefield, Matsuzaka, and Beckett’s recent struggles.  That’s possible, and I wonder at what cost–and what Boston would exchange.  Surely the price would be about as high as it was at the trade deadline this season.  I wonder to what degree Boston might sacrifice not just youth but also position players.  They do not have many of the latter with major-league experience to give, and I would not give Ellsbury up if I were Epstein.  Boston’s offense is pretty good but, with the decline of Ortiz, has tapered off.

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  1. surely no one is suggesting that phil hughes will *actually* receive any MVP votes?!?! he’s been amazing this year with numbers remarkable similar to joba in 2007. i dont think he garnered any votes. he’s been invaluable to our team but he will get no mvp or cy young votes…

    i think the mail guy that the red sox are going to go after next year is jose reyes. the sox should be fine with beckett, lester, a healthy dice -bb and laptops + some # 5 guy. i think they realize that SS has ben a black hole and the mets have lots of holes to fill that could be helped by the sox vast farm system… we’ll see

  2. I don’t think he should get any first-place or top-five votes, Mike. That’s too weighty for what he has done. I think the smaller body of relief work compared to Mariano in 1996 hurts Hughes, too. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable for him to get some consideration for a spot in the bottom of the top 10 from a few voters. He’s been extremely important and downright dominant, as good a setup guy as there is this year in an era when setup work is as important as it’s ever been.

    On Boston, Reyes would be a good fit, and you’re right about their perennial SS woes. But I wonder whom they would give up, and the Mets would take. The development of Buchholz has helped Boston, and I’m sure they would go with Matsuzaka. But I don’t see Matsuzaka replicating his 2008. That will make it harder for them to go head-to-head with the Yanks, who may well have Hughes in and Pettite back.

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