Sunday Tidbits

After Boston lost to Chicago, the Yanks now hold a commanding 8 1/2 game lead in the East, with a magic number of 19 to clinch with 26 to play.  That’s awfully impressive.  The Angels came back to beat KC despite Greinke pitching seven shutout innings.  An unearned run in the eighth tied it for the Angels, who won in 11.  The Yanks remain 6 up on the Angels, 5 in the loss column.  Boston stayed two up for the Wild Card with Baltimore’s 5-4 win over Texas.

Mariano threw a bullpen session and apparently felt fine afterward; good news.

Not good news for the beleaguered Mets, whose Citi Field and its many structural problems have inspired a certain dirty nickname that rhymes with Citi.

I see the Bills fired offensive coordinator Turk Schonert, which was probably overdue.  The team’s offense has been stagnant for some time, routinely fails to stretch the field, doesn’t run well despite a massive offensive line, and staggered out of the gate with their return to the no-huddle attack.  Personally, while I enjoyed the no-huddle during the Kelly-Thomas-Reed-Hull heyday of the early 1990s, today’s Bills are far from that team.  They lack the talent and experience to run that kind of offense well.  Plus, its desirability is questionable since it taxes one’s own defense with quick drives, successful or unsuccessful.  Hopefully new coordinator and former backup QB Alex Van Pelt will scrap that and get the team’s offense together, or Dick Jauron may well be fired next.  That, too, may be overdue.

Too bad about Sam Bradford’s shoulder getting banged up, if not worse, on a hit in Oklahoma’s eventual loss to BYU.  That and the loss significantly impairs their chances for a national championship run.

Too bad Fernando Rodney, like the Jays fan the other night, is a total idiot. Honestly, what on earth is the matter with people? These are baseballs you’re throwing, people, not cherry tomatoes, not foam bricks.  Baseballs hurt and, if you don’t think so or remember, ask someone with a really good arm to throw one at you.

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  1. I was really sorry to see that happen to bradford. i dont care a whit about what OK does, but i hate to miss out seeing great talent. last year football w/o brady was far less entertaining for me. hopefully he’ll be ok

    taxpayer field is actually designed AGAINST ( i wish i could use italics here) it’s de facto captain and best hitter David Wright. He loves hitting the other way and can do it with power. but since the idiot wilpons and their cronies decided not to take into account what kind of team they had they made right center field the deepest part of the park. the sad fact is the mets really ARE a joke. there is nothing about the organization to be proud of. they dont even honor their own past in their new stadium as it’s an homage to the dodgers, with the ny giants getting but a cursory nod.

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