Game 140: Rays @ Yankees, 9/8/09

Below, as per Pete Abraham, are tonight’s lineups. Jeter is the DH, with Hairston playing short. Otherwise, the regulars for the past couple months take the field. As Mike Sommer said in a comment on a previous thread, this is in effect a post-season audition for Gaudin and, considering Mitre’s inconsistencies, some good work down the stretch may well get Gaudin onto the post-season roster. According to Abraham, Robertson has been experiencing elbow tightness after pitching for a couple weeks, so the team has shut him down before a visit to the infamous Dr. James Andrews. Robertson and Girardi seem to sound fairly optimistic, but I will wait until positive word from Andrews before expressing optimism on this. Robertson has really come around for the Yanks in middle relief, so his absence in October would be a significant blow. The Yanks look to go a season-high 40 games above .500 tonight. Get the series win tonight, guys. Enjoy the game, everyone.

YANKEES (89-50)

Jeter DH
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Swisher RF
Posada C
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Hairston SS

Pitching: RHP Chad Gaudin (1-0, 4.08).

RAYS (72-66)
Bartlett SS
Crawford LF
Longoria 3B
Zobrist CF
Burrell DH
Richard 1B
Zaun C
Gross RF
Iwamura 2B

Pitching: LHP David Price (7-7, 4.75).

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  1. Out JD that was nasty

  2. Ouch I mean

  3. Nice pick of by Alex

  4. Impressive first inning by Gaudin 2 k’s

  5. Oh Jeter why 50 Cent music why

  6. 0-9 so far for the Captain at home

  7. Hey Nick. Gaudin was good in the first.

  8. Another impressive inning.

  9. Two good ones from Gaudin.

  10. Swish actually hit a home homer?!?

  11. That was way gone, especially to left.

  12. Jason whats your opinion on the LF for next year reading around the net allot of people are bring it up with JD contract ending.

    I would re sign Jd for 2010 then go for Crawford. People want Bay or Holliday Bay will stay at the Sox as for Holliday I think he will stay in NL. Back to Crawford I think we need a player like him we have not had one in a long time hes great D and a amazing basestealer.

    Yanks take the lead KingSwisher HR.

  13. I feel the same way, Nick. I love Crawford, and he could even play center. I don’t see Holliday leaving St. Louis or the NL. He’s in a good situation. Plus, JD has been tremendous at the plate. He’ll eat that short right field porch alive. They really should re-sign JD.

  14. But not for more than two years. I love JD’s bat, but he’s declined fast as a fielder. Plus, he’s getting up there in years. One year plus an option.

  15. Agree on that offer him arbertration I know he there would be a chance he would accept it so we keep him on 13 mil which is allot but after this year isnt he worth it. People seem to think we will get him on a abreu contract which will never happen some team will give him 2 or even 3 years on good money so take the chance.

  16. Gaudin through the third on a mere 30 pitches. 4 grounders. 4 K’s.

  17. I don’t see him signing for Abreu money either, Nick. That was just the product of a glut of outfielders, and some owner collusion, I’m sure.

  18. Another scoreless inning Gaudin looking good.

    Back to JD for a sec maybe offering him arbertration isnt the best idea but I go to Milton Bradley bad outfielder good offence getting I think its 3 years 30mil contract JD is allot better could get a similar contract

  19. Around same age aswell

  20. The Bradley contract is a joke, for him and for that money.

  21. The Rays, watching the game go by with the K-caught stealing. Thanks, Rays.

  22. I get the feeling the Rays have given up on this year now

  23. Agreed, Nick. They’re playing out the string and they know it. They might play hard, but not die-hard down the stretch. They’re cooked.

  24. Gaudin at 47 pitches through 4. Color me impressed.

  25. Damn shame Tex is so slow.

    Wonder what will happen to the Rays Kazmir gone, Crawford going year after next, Upton not living up to the hype and no money to get get big free agents. Unless some of these so called great young kids they have get in to the team show us if there any good I think they will fall behind the Yanks and Sox again.

  26. 5 K’s for Gaudin, too.

  27. I think so, Nick. I think they put a lot together last season, and got a bullpen that far exceeded expectations last year. I genuinely felt before this season that their bullpen would falter this year, that pitchers like Balfour, Howell, and Wheeler would revert to form. By and large, that has happened. You’re absolutely right about Upton. He’s had some injuries, but he’s nowhere close to realizing his potential. Burrell has been a bust. They’ve receded to being an 85 win team and, as you rightly say without Kazmir, maybe not that without Price, Garza, and Shields becoming stars. They have real questions. Plus, considering they obviously dumped Kazmir, they might also let go Crawford. I sure hope so.

  28. I’ve said this before but I still cant belive the Rays got rid of Kazmir never mind for the bag of balls they got in return just trading him. I know he was having a bad year but still young bad some injures this year but still very raw.

  29. Total salary dump, Nick. Horrible trade.

  30. 6 k’s now

  31. It was horrible only 8 mil a salary dump for them thats why they will never be catch the Yanks or Sux.

  32. Sweet play there

  33. Gaudin got that liner, then doubled off Richard. 57 pitches through five. How about some offense off Price, now.

  34. Agreed on Kazmir, Nick. They can belly-ache all they want about market size, but St. Louis is far from the size city it was 50 years ago. Yet they support the Cards just fine. Tampa may well always be bush league or, like Florida occasionally successful with the predictable fire sale to follow.

  35. Swish having a good game–HR, BB.

  36. Swish to second on the WP, that helps in a close game.

  37. Tell you what the Yanks need to do Jason get a great 8th inning guy if Hughes goes in to the rotation or do you keep Hughes in the pen go for 2 starters(well 1 if the Yanks keep Andy).

    Rotation now for 2010 – CC, AJ, Joba, Andy and Hughes.

  38. Not good Jorge

  39. That’s the rotation to me, Nick. They need to replace Hughes in the bullpen. As much as I love his setup work, which has been crucial, they have helped solve his problem of putting away batters from 2008. He’s got to start. Robertson might be the guy, but they will probably see some bullpen turnover regardless.

    But the rotation is the key. Hughes is the 5th starter? I’ll take that any day.

  40. Sure wasn’t, Nick–no advance with no outs. Bad.

  41. And I think Hughes will be the 5th starter because he hasn’t thrown a lot of innings. He may well experience in 2010 what Joba has this year regarding work and innings limits.

  42. Long at-bat for nothing.

  43. Totally agree on Hughes the confidence issues are gone which is so great to see. I like Robertson allot but I would rather leave in teh same situatino is in now give him a year there then set up man. We just need a great 8th inning guy this year the Hughes – Mo combo has been so valuble. I’ve read we could go for Huston Street which I would like.

  44. I like Street too, Nick. He would be a far better signing than Nuke LaFarnsworth.

  45. Gaudin is right on the money tonight.

  46. WOW great play Gaudin

  47. Yeah, even when he pulls his head. They picked off Crawford!

  48. Crawford picked off. Sweet

  49. How the hell did he do that?!? Gaudin is the man.

  50. Gaudin at 65 pitches through 6. Just don’t blow your wad all on this start, Gaudin.

  51. This would be my 2010 pitching.

    Rotation – CC, AJ, Joba, Andy and Hughes.

    Bull Pen
    Middle Releif – Ace, Coke, Marte, Roberton, Bruney
    Longman – Ace, Gaudin
    Spot start – Gaudin
    Set up man – Street (or someone great)
    Closer – Mo

  52. Jeter is not having a good series.

    Your right Jason Gaudin has been the man today brilliant.

  53. Come on offence get him more runs he deserves it.

  54. Come on Alex

  55. That bullpen looks good to me, Nick.

    Yeah, first and second for A-Rod. Homer, RBI single. I’m not picky.

  56. I am not sure about Bruney in it at this point though, Nick. He has something to prove right now. I know he has not been healthy for much of the year, but he has been inconsistent at best.

  57. Sweet Alex comes through

    Yanks 2-0

  58. A-Rod has been flat-out money. Great two-out rally, 2-0 Yanks.

  59. Yeah agree on Bruney allot of injures but not so long ago he was second best to Mo (saying that he was in the pen with Veras, edwar, Coke and Marte) but he was the set up man and every effective. After a long break no injures next year I thkn he will be good again.

    Sorry to go on and on about it but back to 2010. I think Cash has 3 things to do. Re sign JD, set up man and a 3B/DH guy. I say 3B/DH so what Alex next year can DH have days of I think we will need to replace Matsui’s bat so this play can Dh most of the time then switch 3B with Alex. Just 3 things for me Cash

  60. Bugger Longo hits a homer

  61. Personally, I have a decent feeling about Marte, but we’ll see.

    Longoria just jacked one, 2-1 Yanks now.

    I think you’re right about A-Rod, and others, cycling into the DH. I’d consider Jorge for that, too, although the drop-off between his and Jose’s bats is too drastic right now.

    Gaudin is getting hit now.

  62. Gaudin is not looking as sharp now; warm up the pen.

  63. Although he struggled at the end, Gaudin was very good overall tonight.

  64. Hold that hard line, Marte.

  65. Nice work, Marte, F9 shallow, one down.

  66. Maddon is outside his mind with his maneuvers.

  67. Here is Bruney

  68. Nice play Alex

  69. Well done, A-Rod.

  70. Marte ? Bruney ? now Coke ? Joe over managing again

  71. Girardi won’t be over-managed by a classic over-manager in Maddon.

  72. Lol That is a great point it is battle of the over management.

  73. and he walks him well done Joe what was the point in doing this.

  74. Hairstone gets it done

  75. Nice job, Hairston! Coke et al escape.

  76. Way too much drama that inning, Nick. Way too many moves, too. It’s as if Girardi vowed not to be over-managed by a classic over-manager.

  77. Agree Jason also its not like Marte or Bruney couldhave done teh whole inning there was only Aybar and Navarro there not great hitters.

  78. Lucky call there Melk was out

  79. Matsui awful AB

  80. Not good Hughes cant be perfect all the time I guess

  81. Thats good a DP.

    Now offence wake up please

  82. Sorry, Nick, I stepped out to the store. Surprising HR to Bartlett, but a nice DP to end the top of the 8th.

  83. Agreed, Nick. Runs, please. Jeter cannot get a break right now.

  84. Not the damn bunt!

  85. I don’t give a damn if it was a nice drag bunt. Let him swing.

  86. I’m with Mike I hate these bunts

  87. To the ninth.

  88. Awful inning

  89. No one I know hates the bunt as much as Mike. Not even close.

    Congratulations. Nick. You posted the 12,000th comment at The Heartland earlier.

  90. Cool you know im sure I remember but one of my post was a big number aswell. Its funny this comes up today I was looking aroind April last year the first HDLR I was in it was weird but great to look back.

  91. 3U, one down. Typical Mariano out.

  92. You’re at the core of what goes on here, Nick.

  93. Mariano is throwing hard tonight–91-92.

  94. You know I never like Mo coming in to tie games but I guess there is no one else.

    Tel you what we were talking Girardi over managing it might cost us using 3 releif pitchers for 3 batters bottom 3 guys aswell.

  95. Big K! Well done, Mariano.

  96. I don’t feel the least bit nervous with Mariano in tie games this year, Nick. You’re absolutely right about the over-managing in the 7th; very presumptuous of Girardi.

  97. They MUST abuse Wheeler and end this game.

  98. Thanks Jason nice of you to say I do like posting like this don’t get me wrong I like the live chat thing we had during the last HDLR (I forgot what its called) I’m just old fashoned like that.

  99. Damn Alex out

  100. Come on Swish I would love him to hit one out.

  101. I gotta say, I called that in texts to Mike and Frank the Sage.



  103. You did too, Nick!! Outstanding.

  104. Love the reaction from the Bench.

    Swish got the full pie there

  105. Excellent win, Nick. More drama in The Bronx.

  106. I never ever get tired of these walk of wins

  107. It was a great win Jason.

    Great hanging out with you tonight.

  108. I got to go to bed sweet win tonight a series win aswell.

    Great talking with you tonight Jason.

  109. Thanks a ton for hanging out tonight, Nick. Great fun.

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