Meat Tray Disastrous, Yanks Brawl and Lose Game

Not much to report on the game, but plenty on a fracas within it.  First, so much for my hopes that Mitre would not be Meat Tray which, after two successful innings, is to what he descended.  After getting staked a two-run lead against Halliday, Meat Tray was shelled and allowed four home runs to weak, subpar hitters in a thoroughly ugly 10-4 loss.  He is not fit for anything more than mop-up duty at this point.

Things got nasty later when first Meat Tray, then Melancon, plugged Jays batters.  Then in the eighth, scrub lefty Carlson threw well beyond Jorge, clearly a message as he stood defiantly off the mound, and Jorge seethed.  As Brett the Jet doubled in Jorge, with Carlson pointlessly standing near home instead of backing up the play, Jorge lost his cool and brushed Carlson with his elbow, and he in turn screamed obscenities at Jorge, with a brawl breaking out.  Jorge was immediately tossed for the elbow brush, and Carlson eventually was while sporting a large, long welt on the left side of his head.  Thankfully, with C.C., A.J., and Teixeira involved with others in wrestling various Jays, no one was hurt in the scrum.

Personally, Jorge should have just let it all go.  He wasn’t hit, and although Mitre and certainly Melancon have control issues, it is understandable that Carlson responded in some way.  Plus, he did so without actually hitting Jorge.  However, Carlson was guilty of antagonizing Jorge and escalating things.  He just threw at Jorge, then stood for no good reason near the plate.  They’re both guilty of letting things get out of control, and Jorge should be grateful that his teammates didn’t get hurt, especially this close to the playoffs, as they defended him in a most unnecessary brawl.

Expect Jorge to be suspended several games.  He should just eat it and not appeal in order to prevent it from carrying anywhere close to the post-season.  Take several games and be done with it, as long as it isn’t too harsh.  Cito Gaston didn’t impress me at all, trying to scrap with Edwar.  Grow up, Cito.

The Yanks are back to 40 games above .500, but with the Angels losing, the Yanks have one less game to go to clinch home field advantage.  They’re back at it tonight, hopefully fight-free.

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