Late-Night Heartland Digital Living Room Tonight

Yes, folks, The Heartland will follow the Yanks out West with a good-ol’ late night HDLR tonight.  It will work the same as last time, with the CoverItLive link in a post to steer you to the chinwag.  I’ll be sure to dust off the digital leather recliners in the stadium-seating HDLR, lay out lots of chips, spicy salsa, crispy saucy chicken wings, pizza (I’ll have anchovy pizzas separate for fish lovers like me) and cold coldies for the gang.

Hope to see everyone there.

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  1. And what a pitching match up we have going aswell

  2. No question about it, Nick. Burnett will need to bring his A-game for the first time in a while to match Felix.

  3. With Pete Abe going some other bloggers will be uping there game here is Mark Feinsand from Twitter –

    BloggingBombersWith @PeteAbe headed to the Boston Globe, we’re stepping up blog coverage

    I like Mark so I hope this works out and he updates like Pete. The reason I do this I have this bad feeling the Journal News might not continue the blog. I keep reading in the comments that JN are going under or they have cut other sports might do same with baseball.

  4. He doesn’t, Nick. I was on Feinsand’s blog years ago and no, he doesn’t update nearly as often as Abraham.

    I have a story on Feinsand, but you’d have to e-mail me on it. You wouldn’t believe it, but it is true. I’d say it in an e-mail, and I have friends who will vouch for me. They saw the e-mails.

    Pete says that they are continuing. We’d have to see who replaces him. I say Jason and I should co-write it 🙂

  5. That would be a dream job, Mike. I’d gladly split road and home duties.

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