Recap later. I am celebrating by throwing the baseball with my son in the yard, then enjoying some Samuel Adams Octoberfests, then a big bottle of Ommegang Three Philosophers for the Yanks’ clinching the East, home field, winning 100, sweeping Boston, evening the season series against Boston by winning 9 of the last 10 despite losing the first 8, and doing all this at home–on the same day.

Great day.  Soak in the bubbly, Yankees fans, and chinwag away.

[Edit: Rather than a recap, I figure the champagne bottle uncorking above should suffice.  Much beckons personally in the next few weeks alongside October and November baseball, so expect little if any posting before the ALDS.  Yesterday was a lot of fun.  Let it continue next month.  See everyone soon. ]

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  1. 🙂

  2. Obviously I’m keeping in the back of my mind that it’s by no means over and there’s still 11 games separating us from that lovely trophy but considering the last couple seasons [Wild Card, no playoffs], this is damn near orgasmic. There was a short list of things I wanted this team to accomplish as it became apparent we had a good chance of doing them:

    -100 wins
    -division title
    -CC gets 20 wins
    -win World Series

    The last two have a decent shot of happening. CC has one more start and well, there’s 11 games between you and the trophy. Let’s get it done.

  3. Can’t say it better than that, Mike. I’ve been smiling for a few hours.

    That’s pretty close to my list too, Beth. I’d love to see C.C. win 20, but my hunch is it will have to come in five good innings for C.C. I don’t see the playoff starters going more than five innings in the next weeks, just to get their throwing in. Otherwise, they’re resting with other regulars. That’s OK with me. Yet all in all, I concur with you. This is tremendous, and hard to overestimate the emotional enjoyment of this moment today. What a convergence of achievements today.

    Let’s get it done is right. Get the hardware.

  4. I missed the game =(
    but gooddd, I love it!
    This team is amazing.. they have 2 take it all this year..
    I have to make this my screensaver –

  5. Trying to fix my own place, Jason. In the meantime, I hope that you don’t mind if I update things here.

    Game 157. Yanks beat KC for win 101. Gaudin is impressive as he makes a statement for a postseason berth as a long reliever/emergency starter. Cano hits a granny, and Ramiro Pena hits his 1st career HR. If you did not see it, the reaction by the Yankees to Pena’s HR (the silent treatment) is hilarious. Cano’s HR gave the Yanks five with 25 or more.

    Game 158. Win #102 for the Yanks. AJ is what we want to see come playoff time. Coke messes up but the Yanks come back. Robertson faces three batters. A K, a groundout and a walk. Encouraging since he didn’t go since 9/5. A couple more tuneups and put him on the postseason roster. I never feared in this game. Teix (#39—tying Pena for the AL lead; Teix now leads AL in HR and RBI) and Swisher #28 with HR. Still the Yanks trailed 3-2 entering the bottom of the 9th. Still, I believed…and when KC brought in Farnsworth(less)…I KNEW. 2 in the bottom of the 9th and the Yanks win 4-3. 102-56. After a 15-17 start, just amazing.

  6. back in business.

  7. Lose game 159 4-3. Joba a ND, but ugly. 91 pitches, 3 R in 3 2/3. You really have to wonder who is the better option for Game 4 of the ALCS (should the Yanks advance)…Gaudin or Joba. Who’d have thought?

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