Game 3 ALDS: Yankees @ Twins, 10/11/09

Below, as per Sam Borden, are tonight’s lineups.  After Molina started Game 2, Posada returns to handle Pettite, who is a good choice for Game 3 in the Metrodome.  The Yanks look to clinch a trip to the ALCS with a win tonight.  That would pit them against the Angels, who came back from a 5-1 deficit in Fenway, scoring 3 in the 9th with two outs off Papelbon to sweep Boston.  Do not let the Twins get up, get confidence, and get a win.  Score early and often off PaVoldemort, get good pitching, and punch that ALCS series ticket.  Finish the job, guys.  Enjoy the game, everyone.

Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Swisher RF
Cabrera CF

Pitching: LHP Andy Pettitte (14-8, 4.16 ERA regular season)

Span CF
Cabrera SS
Mauer C
Cuddyer 1B
Kubel RF
Young LF
Harris 3B
Morales DH
Punto 2B

Pitching: RHP Carl Pavano (14-12, 5.10 ERA regular season)

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  1. Damn Angels I wanted the Sox to win so I could actually watch the games damn west coast times. I know we have to win first but still those Sox should have helped me they should know better. In post game interview Youkilis talking as if the Sux played better than Angels and deserved to win series whats he on and then for it to happen to pap was amazing.

    God I hope we hit I can’t even say his name to the ground crying tonight. GO YANKEES

  2. I’m gonna stick around here watch the game.

  3. Excellent Nick. I will pop in now and then to chinwag. I think Boston has some decisions to make regarding a few key players. They will need to give Bay a big raise for his bat, which they need, but he is mediocre in left. I do not envision Varitek or Wakefield back. They could use another starter, and they’re stuck with some old players, namely Big PopUp and Lowell, who may be productive next year but have declined regardless. I think Frank the Sage will be proven right–that they will pursue Halliday. How seriously is the question considering the asking price. But no question, the SoSH and call-in crowd will clamor for him starting an hour ago.

  4. They have allot of Qs to be answered so do we aswell. Andy, Joba, Hughes, Damon, Matsui, Starter, 8th inning, LF and DH,

    I will make a bet with you Jason one of Crawford or BJ Upton will be a Yankee next year and we will get Huston Street. I just have that feeling we will don’t know why just do.

  5. I know it sounds silly

  6. We shall see, Nick. You know how I revere Crawford, but the question is the price.

    First things first–clinch.

  7. The thing with Crawford he has a year on his deal left (if te Rays pick it up which they will) and is on 13mil we saw what the Rays are willing to do to get rid of 9mil of Kazmir (which I still think is one of the worst deals ever). Sorry I think way too much on this the GM business is harder then it looks

    Anway as you said to tonight and clinch Yanks

  8. Lets get this going

    The site of PaVoldemort just annoys me lets beat him down.

  9. Come on JD not been the best post season so far get it going.

  10. Terrible swing JD way too low

  11. Crap first inning.

    Any inning we get nothing of him is a bad one.

  12. Great catch KingSwisher

  13. Good start Andy

  14. UGH Alex Ks every out Pav gets it really bugs me.

  15. Another K Im so pissed already I cant put it in to words how much I dislike Pav

  16. Damn Pavano

  17. Great inning Andy again

  18. Swish thought he walked

  19. The offence better wake up I hate getting beat by this theif


    Pathetic call on Tex.

  21. God I hate this I’m so close to swearing but I won’t

  22. Damn it good catch Young

    Cano you idiot pathetic offence so far by the lot.

  23. I take the idiot comment back sorry just annoyed

  24. Twins get a hit

  25. Ok don’t take the idiot comment back. Cano should have got that lucky break there

  26. Come on offence wake up

  27. Hold that hard line, Lefty.

  28. If Pavano pumped his fist like that as a Yankee he would have torn his rotator cuff.

  29. Hey Jason how you doing?

    You know when your angry at the offence you got no one to get angry with so you get more angry thats me during this game.

  30. Span gets on base

  31. High pitch there shame Andy didnt get it cause Pav has had a few high calls

  32. more calls Andy not getting

  33. This isnt good with Mauer

  34. crap Twins 1-0

  35. Sorry miss type
    Yanks 0
    Umps 1
    Twins 0

  36. Andy gets out of it but no thanks to the ump giving Pav allot of calls not much to Andy

  37. Pavano shutting us down awful


    Alex comes thru again 1-1

  39. And the Minny fans go down for me

  40. HAHAHAHA have that Twin fans


    Jorge homers

    2-1 Yanks


    Only at 81 pitches but still get them Joba.

  42. Damn it Joba

  43. Got out of it in the end

  44. Insurance runs, then the bullpen. It took long enough to get to that *#!)@ Pavano.

  45. If Pavano pumped his fist like that as a Yankee he would have torn his rotator cuff.

    Great line, Nick.

  46. Bullpen has to hold it. Joe can mix and match if he wants.

  47. Hey Mike

    Im so happy we got runs of pav I had steam coming from my ears


  49. Same here Nick. Didn’t want to lose to Pavano. I wanted his blood. Didn’t get that but will settle for sticking the L on him.

  50. Crap

  51. Why is JD still in LF? I would have moved Melky to LF and put Gardner in CF in this inning. I know they are saving Gardner to PR, but I wonder if that double would have been caught had the switch happened now.

  52. HUGE PLAY!!! And probably the series. Who else but Derek?


  54. Would you bring Mo in for Mauer Mike

  55. If there isnt a DP

  56. Good question. It depends on where the runner is. If he is on 2nd, and 2 out, I walk Mauer. I know Mauer would be the go-ahead run and I’d go against the book. I’d still walk him (see Seattle, Ichiro, a few weeks ago).

  57. You will get your answer now, Nick. It IS Mo. Hey, you go with your best against their best right now.

  58. Thats a good point on walking Mauer.

    Hey Joe stop stealing my ideas.

    Seeing Garden whats the Twins managers name I do like Joe’s calmness I don’t liek to see the manager walking around looking that nervous

  59. Gardenhire. Right now it’s your best vs. their best. No excuses.

  60. As he has done SO MANY TIMES. Mo breaks a bat.

    Think about this, Nick. Nathan failed in Game Two. Papelbon failed today. Mo continues to consistently amaze and thrive. He isn’t perfect, but …

  61. If I ever saw Mo walking down the street I would bow to him like a king THAT HE IS in the middle of the street.

  62. More runs would be nice

  63. I won’t be surprised if Alex hits another one this inning.

  64. Damon has a pretty bad series

  65. Alex just looks relaxed and locked in. What’s more, even though the Angels give the Yankees fits, guess where Alex LOVES to hit? Angel Stadium.

    JD with the Golden Sombrero.

  66. has had a pretty bad series

  67. More high calls I don’t like that

  68. Well Tex gets the walk anyway

  69. The Game 2 home plate ump would have called that Ball 3 Strike 3 instead.

  70. There loaded really I would take just the sac fly right now.

  71. Insurance.

  72. Maybe Pissing off Posada is a good thing. The way JD is slumping it might be a good idea to piss him off. Put Melky in LF, Gardner in CF for a game vs. the Angels. Won’t happen though, but JD has been slumping the past few weeks.

    More insurance. This series is over.

  73. It sure is Mike.

    Hairston Jr first ever appearence in the playoffs. Congrats

  74. What an idiot. Trespassing, public drunkenness? , etc.

  75. Later, Nick. The sweep is in the books. Now to beat the Angels.

  76. Later Mike great talking with you.

    Saweap love it bring on the Angels

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