Absolutely horrible.  Compounding the team’s wanton inability to drive in a runner in scoring position, Girardi pulls a guy in Robertson who gets two outs in the eleventh with ease, for a guy in Aceves who allows a two-out single to Kendrick, then floats a chest-high fastball to a non-hitter in Mathis for a game-winning double.  Atrocious example of over-managing, just giving away the game and letting the Angels back in the series.

Jeter led off the game with a homer off a 2-0 pitch to deep left, 1-0.  The Yanks blew a chance at more in the second and fourth when they had runners at the corners with one out, but couldn’t score.  Thankfully Pettite started strong, keeping the Yanks ahead with an inning-ending DP by Morales in the second.  Aybar singled and stole second with two outs, but Figgins popped out to first to end it.  A-Rod crushed a homer to deep left in the fourth, 2-0.  But after Matsui walked and Posada singled, Cano, Swish, and Melky botched that.

JD ripped a homer to right in the top of the fifth, 3-0 Yanks, but Kendrick followed suit in the bottom of the fifth with a solo homer, 3-1.  Vlad hit a two-run, two-out homer on a meatball up and in from Pettite in the bottom of the sixth to tie it.  In the bottom of the seventh, Joba entered and screw up, allowing a triple to Kendrick and a sac fly to Aybar, 4-3 Angels.  In the top of the eighth, Matsui led off with a walk and Brett the Jet pinch ran, but a pitch out caught him stealing.  That was big, for Jorge ripped a homer to center to tie the game instead of taking the lead.  Cano singled and Swish walked, but Melky fanned and Jeter grounded out to end the opportunity.

In the bottom of the ninth against Hughes, Abreu led off with a double to center but overran the bag, and Jeter alertly threw to Teixeira at second for the first out.  In the tenth, Mathis led off with a double off Hughes, and Mariano replaced him.  Aybar bunted and Mariano threw away an easy out at third.  Thankfully, JD was backing up in left.  Figgins grounded to first, holding Mathis.  Mariano intentionally walked Abreu, Hunter grounded into a 3-2 force, and Vlad grounded into a 3U; great work Mariano.

But another 1-2-3 eleventh inspired little confidence.  Robertson entered in the bottom of the eleventh and got Rivera and Morals without difficulty.  Yet Girardi mysteriously pulled him, perhaps thinking that Aceves could keep the ball down to Kendrick.  Fat chance, for he singled, and Aceves floated one to the light-hitting Mathis, losing the game.  Horrible managing.  Horrible.

Equally horrible was the Yanks going 0-8 with RISP for the second game in a row, stranding 10–22 in the lats two games.  They had one base runner from an intentional walk in the last three innings.  They blew golden opportunities in the second, fourth, and eighth.  They blew it, and let the Angels back into a series in which they should have been buried, dowjnn 3-0 today and should have been in the series.

Thankfully The Big Guy goes tomorrow night.  Be the stopper, C.C.  Get that third win.

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  1. Why does Matsui hit behind Alex hes always the one to get on and get replaced by Lil G. So now they won’t pitch to Alex. Also they should have Hinske in the team not Guzman at least he would have been something different.

    Tex against was horrid with the bat he needs to pick it up only his D is working wish I can’t moan at him for at least he saves runs. But the other let down offence wise was Swish, Cano when 2 men on no outs both did the same thing Cano hit 2 DP balls (lucky didnt end DPs) and Swish had 2 chances.

    Pitching was ok till Joe came out to talk to ANdy before the Vlad homer whatever he said it was wrong. Then he Brings in Marte for Joba then next inning he brings in Coke(if not for Bobby was very lucky) for Marte again weird as Marte was 0-3 against the lead off hitter. My opinion I would have left Hughes in not used Mo yet that at that point but I can see why I just wouldnt. Well I could rant for hours on the last call but I won’t.

    I need sleep its 2.30am I probably said allot of crap im so tired nigth all.

  2. Girardi has a problem removing pitchers too early and this game brought that to light in a major way. Pettitte after 95 pitches, lifting Marte for Coke, D-Rob. I really hope he learns from this.

  3. I haven’t come across one person who thought Girardi made any right moves yesterday. He’s definitely over-managing and it’s going to end up cost the Yankees big time. The only thing I keep coming back to is that the team shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place. 1 hit with RISP and Mo closes it out for the save in the 9th. With the exception of Jeter, A-rod and Posada, nobody is really hitting all that well. They should be blowing the Angels out in these games but the lack of timely hits is killing them.

    ps- I hate Swisher. He’s the worst of all.

  4. There is no doubt about the RISP, J-Boogie. One stinking hit with a runner in scoring position, especially in the second, fourth, or eighth, and that’s a win. That’s the second game in a row the Yanks were 0-8 with RISP. Horrible. Swish looks awful really pressing and chasing awful pitches that are obvious balls.

    Way to bring back the W in Game 2.

  5. Definitely, Rob. Definitely. Others and I feared that his over-managing (primarily his love of the bunt) might cost the Yanks a game this post-season, and it did yesterday. Their lack of clutch hitting did too. C.C. needs to be the stopper tonight.

  6. Jason is there gonna be a HDLR tonight or for AJ I think we all need one.

  7. I couldn’t agree more, Nick. HDLR tonight for the game. It’s overdue.

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