I plan to write about some hot stove stuff next week, but for now, it’s really too early for me.  I cannot help but continue to celebrate the Yankees’ 27th World Series championship for the foreseeable future, simply because it has been nine years since the last one and, regardless of their frequency, watching one’s team of choice win it all, and with some dignity and decency, really deserves some prolonged joyous respect.  The Yankees won and comported themselves well along the way, not making brash and foolish predictions such as Jimmy Rollins, or rubbing teams’ collective noses in stink.  Additionally, winning it all is a precious thing.  Even when the Yanks are rolling from year to year, there are simply no guarantees that they will win it all.  When it occurs, even and especially for those of us who have literally tuned in to nearly every game and assiduously followed them, it is truly a special thing.

I simply reject the notion that Yankees fans are spoiled.  Some are–and are for any team.  I and many other followers of the Yanks, here and elsewhere, are not spoiled in the slightest.  Those who are spoiled consider winning a birthright, take it for granted, miss the little enjoyable things along the way, and complain at least as much if not considerably more than that for which they are thankful.  With all due humility, that doesn’t characterize me or the Yankees fans I know in any way, shape, or form.  We express our joys and thanks all along the way.  We criticize when we feel them justified, but are and especially this year have been overwhelmingly positive for the literally hundreds of enjoyable experiences the Yankees provided us–from our going to games to their winning games and to their providing many memorable plays and incidents.

I plan to recount as many of those as possible, likely later tonight, with a separate post of thanks for what the Yankees have accomplished.  For now, however, I want to thank all of you, who truly make The Heartland what it is–a thoroughly enjoyable place to congregate and talk baseball and other things.  I really never envisioned this becoming anything close to what it has when it began a couple years ago.  I honestly planned for it to be a way to tabulate a personalized history of sorts of the seasons, hoping that one or more of them would end in a championship, and wishing I had done something similar during the great run of the late 1990s.  That I did, especially this year, has been truly gratifying, for we were there literally every step of the way, devoting lots of time to something we enjoy, and which proved immensely positive and successful.  I only wish that I had more time for detailed posts and analysis, but things have been very busy and hectic the last few months.  Perhaps that will change soon.

Mike Fierman, you’ve been a tremendous supporter of The Heartland practically from day one, posting lots of thoughts and information and often of things I had not considered.  Your knowledge of and passion about the game is something to emulate.  Your going to Yanks games and sending along pictures and links has made me feel as though I were there.  This blog quite simply would not be what it is and has been without your presence here.  I owe you a lot for that, my good friend.

Nick, it really amazes me that someone from England posts here, and you are as supportive of The Heartland as one could be. You stay up extremely late (or early) to chinwag about the Yanks, often far later than most would consider humanly possibly. So often you comment here even when I am busy either watching or with something else on my plate, and I love that.  You’re maybe the biggest supporter of the Digital Living Room, and even when I am extremely busy and cannot, it is always more than tempting to open one simply because you kindly ask me to.  You’re truly a die hard, and you are more appreciated here at The Heartland than you know.  You are indeed one of us.

Mike Sommer, your knowledge of the great game of baseball, the Yankees, and their history simply knows no bounds.  You do so much to complement what I post here at The Heartland, both here and at The Sommer Frieze, and I am genuinely a better and richer fan for your many contributions.  I also greatly appreciate that you take the time to post here given your busy schedule.  It has been tremendous to get to know you and celebrate this with you.

Beth the authentic Yankees Chick, we got to know each other way back when in 2007, and renewed the good times this year that we enjoyed a couple seasons ago.  Your presence in the Heartland Digital Living Rooms in the playoffs added considerable mirth and passion to an already fine group, and there is no doubt that you’re enjoying this every bit as much as possible.  It’s really been great to get to know you through The Heartland and at Yankees Chick, and perhaps Stump Merrill can get himself out from behind that gin mill for the celebration.

Tim the Wizard, I like to think that The Heartland provides a particular and vital social function for you, for it has been a crucial outlet for you, your knowledge, and your passion that has likely spared various victims–often unwitting–their personal demise and that of their physical surroundings.  I clearly kid, but I thoroughly enjoy all that you bring–knowledge and passion–to The Heartland.  It has been extremely enjoyable getting to know you here,and your execution of the rally monkey should be something done in public and videotaped.  You could be a YouTube legend for it.

J-Boogie, I got to know you also back in 2007, and was most excited to learn that this transplanted Western New Yorker shared a name, place, and sports kinship with you, a fellow Yankees blogger.  You do a great job at Baseball and the Boogie Down and, the next time I am back in WNY, I will look you up for a cold coldie or two and you can tell me about your trips to various baseball venues.

Jay, Matt, and Cliff from Fack Youk, meeting you guys this year has been a genuine treat.  Jay and Matt, you guys do an outstanding job with Fack Youk, both with detailed analysis of the Yanks and the sport, and with plenty of mutually shared cultural interests such as jam band music posts and videos, and with beer.  That you two and Cliff stopped by the HDLR for chinwagging on the Yanks and good beer made the games all the more enjoyable, and also gave me some good beer tips for future sampling.

Lisa the Perennial Pinstriper, great to get to know you this year, and keep up the terrific work on your blog.  You have been a steady, reliable contributor here, frequently plugging away in the comments, staying positive, and keeping me going writing.  Come back soon.

Jane Heller, your Confessions of a She-Fan is one of the most popular blogs around, full of wit and good images.  You’re an ace fan, like me supporting the Yanks as a far out-of-market fan, and you do a fantastic job of that through your blog, your excellent writing, books, appearances, and attendance at games.  You have had a range of fan experiences that many of us envy.

Tom from Friday Night Yanks, so glad to get to know you.  You do a great job blogging, and do so much to support the Yanks at games and through the blog.  You must have been so proud to see a good many games in this championship season.  Excellent job.

Rob from Bronx Baseball Daily, thanks a ton for stopping by and commenting now and then.  You too do a great job blogging, and I will be sure to be in touch more often.

Swedski, you are a die hard whose presence here is much appreciated, and I really hope to get to see you more often.

V, you are missed while away at college, but the Yanks fulfilled your aptly titled Flair For the Dramatic this year, and especially in that great championship run, as much as possible.  Enjoy.

Liz, great to begin to get to know you through The Heartland and at your fine blog, Behind the Bombers.  Keep up the good work.

For anyone not personally mentioned here, please do not take it as a slight, for you have done so much to make The Heartland a decent place to be and discuss the Yanks.  I truly appreciate all of you.

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  1. Aw, thank you so much for the shout-out Jason! I don’t think I could manage my own blog without yours as a backdrop! Ad of course thanks to the boys that are responsible for our blogging madness, the 27-time World Champion New York Yankees! =D

  2. Thanks Jason and the same to you and all you mentioned.

    …and the Hot Stove League beckons…

  3. What a lovely capper to a championship – being mentioned here! I’m serious, Jason. I’m very touched that you included me in your generous thank you. When I first started blogging in the late summer of ’08, you were already a pro, doing your thing so articulately and with such passion. I’ve learned a lot from you. Heartland is one of the most intelligent blogs around and I look forward to more as we head into the next adventure with the Yanks!

  4. Jason, appreciate the kind words. You always leave very thoughtful and insightful comments on our site and have been a great addition to the community at FY. You do an excellent job with your writing on the blog here and hosting the HDLR as well. Always a good time. With our mutual love for the Yankees, good beer and good music, it’s a shame we didn’t cross paths sooner.

    I’ve found myself trying to savor the moment as well. The hot stove stuff is starting to heat up (for other teams at least) and I can’t be bothered to read it just yet. Time to bask in the moment for as long as possible.

  5. You’re awesome, Jason. Thanks so much. My blog certainly wouldn’t be as great as it is if not for people like you and the others who will get their due tomorrow.

    Stump’s still behind that gin mill, BTW.

  6. Yo
    Thanks for the shout out. I am happy the Yanks won and my wife is happy I will finally get some regular sleep. Waking up at 2 AM to watch games and then trying to work the next day was tiring but Oh so rewarding. Love the blog thanks for all the effort you put into and keep it up.
    Finally does anyone know if Ty and Uncle Joe and Tony will do a Championship postcast?

  7. Sorry for not replying been having problems

    Thanks for the kind words Jason I love coming here I know I bug you allot to have a HDLR but I do like allot.

    Great year for the Yankees let the hot stove begin

  8. Thanks Jason! It is always fun to talk sports with everyone here. I have every intention of becoming a youtube legend and burning the rally monkey alive. I will be around the heartland despite being in Europe next year for four months.

  9. Jason, I think you capture the spirit of the real Yankee fans and the breath of the Yankee Nation. For being so far away from the confines of River Ave in the Bronx, you bleed blue more than many that actually show up at the game and for that we are very grateful. I really enjoyed your trek to Chicago this year and the game recaps. It was a great year and all fans, but especially bloggers, really get to now enjoy it. I look forward to seeing the hot stove comments as you provide great insight (more than I do) and the off-season moves will be just as important to setting the stage for another run in 2010.

    Enjoy the moment!

  10. Awfully kind words, everyone. I’m am touched. You all make blogging the fun, fascinating experience that it is.

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