Heartland Podcast?

I have been tinkering with this idea for some time, and would like your feedback on this.  I have been mulling whether or not to do an Internet radio show for a while.  Frank the Sage and I have mulled doing it together, and a few of you have seconded already urged me to do it.  This does not seem to be too difficult to do, although it is something I need to learn about more.  I am also mulling various options about the hosting outlet, such as blogtalk radio.com and also tpsradio.net.

I would be keenly interested in hearing from you on a few fronts regarding this.  In particular:

1.) Should the focus of the show be Yankees baseball, or should it also have a wider sports appeal?

2.) How long should the show be?  1 hour? 2 hours? 30 minutes?

3.) Where should this be?  blogtalkradio? tpsradio.net?  Another outlet?

4.) Should there be a particular “hook” to it, in addition to the theme about which I asked above?

5.) Who among you would be willing to add their expertise and interest as guests?

6.) Are there other guests whom you would want to hear on it?

Let me know what you think about this idea generally, and on the specific issues I listed and any others.

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  1. I would definitely be up for participating in a radio show. I think 90 minutes of Yankees and MLB talk would be awesome.

  2. Jason you know how I feel on this I think it would be a fantastic podcast as you would be a brilliant host.

  3. But to add to that The Yankee Fan Club show was like a news source for me Minor league update rumours so amny other things that I don’t but to listen to much as I live in another country.

    1- I would say Just mainly Yankees then Baseball Im not a big fan of others but that just me I wouldn’t bo to bothered.

    2- At least over an hour

    3- I don’t really know much about this maybe TPS would tel you have the old spot of the old show just named the Heartland show.

    4- Not really just Yankees Minor leagues, rumours, abuse Fox/ESPN for a few mins.

    5- I would at one point but not at the moment with college and at different times here. But im getting a new Mac soon so things will change.

    6- Tim definalty very funny and love his passion. Sommers great knowledged and great on the Minors. Unlce Joe would be great also Ty, Tony and Josh from the old show. Michael Fierman, Beth, Jane everyone really would be great to be a guest.

  4. Great Idea! I do not know enough about your relationship with Yankee Fan Club Radio but I did love their format. Regular guys (fans like me) talking Yankee Baseball, reading emails, doing interviews finding quirky stuff about Yankee fans it was great. so I guess my answers to your questions are as follows (Nick defined the format)

    1.) Focus Yankees
    2.) 90 minutes to 2 hours

    3.) No opinion in this day and age it really doen’t matter as long as it is easily downloadable for listeners and you can advertise

    4.) Fan based not the professional media, which to me is more fun

    5.) I’ll listen and send emails every week might even call if its the right time

    6.) No opinion about guests just as long as they are intelligent LOL (At least more than me)

    Great idea again I will definetly try it and interact

    Mark in Sweden

  5. once again i made a comment on Safari and it disappeared… i gotta remember not to do that again…

    so here I go again– you and Tim could be co-hosts in a Point- Counterpoint adversarial way… and in a nod to SNL you could open every show with ” Tim you ignorant slut ! ”

    naturally i’m available to help with tech issues as i told you…

  6. Thanks everyone for the terrific, thoughtful, and kind responses. Right now, I am inclined toward having a longer show–90+ minutes. I plan to include many of you as guests, if you would like, and I would certainly solicit e-mails which, like YFCR, Frank and I would read on the air.

    There might be the occasional “expert” but I would prefer to be fan-oriented, both in content and guests. In part, it is more fun that way, but it is also philosophical. I believe that everyday people have a good deal of smarts and information, and that the Internet has done much to open that up and reveal it, not the least of which concerns sports (politics and news too, though unfortunately not as often).

    I may well take Mike up on the offer for technical assistance, and will speak with Ty this weekend about the nuts and bolts of doing this via the phone, which he says is eminently doable. I’m excited. I would also like to have something up and running by pitchers and catchers, ideally.

  7. Jason, I really encourage you to pursue this. Yes, there are lots of other internet radio shows, but yours would be a big cut above the rest. And with Mike’s tech help, how can you miss? I’d love to see you focus on the Yankee fan experience (my favorite subject) and discuss other interesting baseball issues as they arise. And I’m happy to be your guest any time!

  8. This is a great sports blog you have here. I have two sports blogs myself. I’d like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around. We sports bloggers have to stick together.

    Let me know if this is possible.


  9. I really appreciate your kind and generous words, Jane, and rest assured that should the show take off, you will be cordially invited on at least once.

  10. Good luck. I’ve been thinking about the same thing, but I don’t know where to start. If you ever want a guest drop me an email.

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