NY Daily News: Boston Aggressively Pursuing Halliday; Happy Thanksgiving

In today’s New York Daily News, Mark Feinsand and Bill Madden report that Boston is apparently “putting on a full-court press” in order to obtain Jays pitcher Roy Halliday.  Citing an unnamed source who said Boston would “love to get it wrapped up before the winter meetings,” Feinsand and Madden speculate that any deal for Halliday would likely require Clay Buchholz and pitching/shortstop prospect Casey Kelly in exchange.  Should the Yanks get involved, Joba or Hughes, with Austin Jackson and/or Jesus Montero, would likely be involved.

This report surprises me little, really.  Other than adding some defined desired time to acquire Halliday, this differs little from what we at The Heartland and plenty of others have discussed.  Boston clearly need and wants to bolster its pitching, and I think they will push hard for Halliday regardless of the price and despite overtures to small-market economics from apologists such as Gammons.  People know how I feel about acquiring Halliday–it would be great, but not at the cost of most or all the Yankees’ top prospects, especially given the cost, need to sign Halliday to a long-term deal, his age, and the possible alternative of Lackey.  Sam Borden at LoHud has a good post which represents a fair approximation of where I stand–for a couple top prospects especially without Montero and one of Joba/Hughes?  I can accept that.  But for me, both Joba and Hughes, or the involvement of Montero, is a non-starter.  It’s just too much to ask, and would create considerable holes both in The Bronx and in the farm system.  Getting it done is less the issue than the cost with me.

[Edit: Good follow-up from Chad Jennings, who has done so much to make me miss Pete Abraham less and less.  No offense to The Mighty Abe, but Jennings and Borden more than adequately fill in for the hard work that Abraham did, and seem a little less cantankerous.]

As with other hot stove developments, we will have to wait and see.

The family and I are heading out tonight to celebrate Thanksgiving with family.  From The Heartland, I wish all you good readers and yours a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.  Eat, drink, be merry, and be safe.  As Yankees fans, we have had a lot for which to be thankful.  Be mindful, however, of those in life who are in need in these trying economic times, and try to give whatever you can to comfort and assist others.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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  1. If it is for Joba or Hughes and Jackson then I would do it but its giving him the big contract that I don’t know about when you got Beckett, Cliff Lee, and Webb free agents next year all younger.

    Thats why I go for Sheets with Joe Mauer if the Twins don’t get it done I go all out for him. Also Crawford I would go for it. Both want big contracts.

  2. The possible free agents in 2010 are a good point, Nick and, with internal options for the rotation, this is not the most pressing year–certainly unlike last year’s needs and crop. That said, I’d like to see the Yankees add one good starter this year. With C.C., A.J., and hopefully Pettite returning, that would be plenty. Sheets is intriguing, but I don’t want to get what Boston got with Penny/Smoltz in 2009. Crawford is someone the Yankees MUST pursue and, depending on Montero’s development, Mauer would be an enormous pickup.

  3. agreed with the “cantankerous” line…

  4. Ken Davidoff view on this.


    I do hope its true.

  5. Agreed on Abe he was good but I don’t miss him that much I hear he has been very rude about us the Yankees all that. Weird that he isn’t being taken to by the Sux fans everytime I read the comments there bashing him. Sam and Chad are doing a super job.

    Have a great Thanksgiving everyone

  6. have a great one jason.

    i don’t miss the mighty abe one bit. it’s so nice to have dedictaed talented guys over there who don’t attack their own commenters. it made me realize just how much we had to put up with to get the great info he provided…

    anyway– a happy day to one and all

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