Pettite Back in the Fold

I first got the text while waiting in the frigid, blustery conditions for a bus.  “Andy about to sign for 12 mill,” came the good news from Mike, making the sub-zero wind chill from 50-mph gusts all the easier to endure in the next 20 minutes.  Sure enough, Buster Olney has reported, and the CoverItLive discussion chat has confirmed, that Pettite’s 1-year, $11.75 million deal sans incentives is “officially done,” according to Pettite’s agent Randy Hendricks.  That is a fine accompaniment to my lunch, which has done so much to keep me warm, of a cheese burger with pepper jack cheese and a coffee with egg nog.  For those of you living east of The Heartland, look out.  The cold and wind is coming fast.

Excellent and important, if not unexpected, news.  Pettite’s return comes at a pretty good price, bringing back a strong top three that helped win the World Series with a three-man rotation, with Pettite winning all three series clinching games and going  4-0 with a 3.52 ERA in the playoffs.  He became the all-time leader in post-season wins in 2009.  His 14-8, 4.16 ERA makes Pettite a solid #3 or 4 guy.  His road numbers were particularly impressive–8-4, 3.71 ERA, 1.274 WHIP–illustrating his maturity and experience.  His BAA against righties was a sound .249.  Good, smart move to bring back, especially to prioritize Pettite, a long-time Yankee who got a good contract providing a guaranteed raise over last season and, with the team wisely stating publicly that his return was a top priority, the respect that he deserves.

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  1. I can’t really add anything on this you pretty much said everything I would.

    LF, DH are intresting we have 6 guys who can hit 20+ homers in Posada, Tex, Cano, Alex, Grandy and Swish do we need any more power bats. I would go for bringing Mats as DH back on a 1 year deal thats 7 power bats or even someone like Nick Johnson. As for LF people say move Melk there but I’d like someone fast a great base stealer we only have Grandy and Jeets that can do anything on the bases. I know we have Gardner but hes a 4th outfielder IMO.

  2. I hear you about Brett the Jet, Nick, a fifth OF should JD return. I’d prefer to see better LF numbers but, should JD return, he may well be the DH more than the LF for defensive reasons. It would really be something to see if they brought back both JD and Matsui, but right now, that would surprise me a lot with the acquisition of Grandy. My strong hunch is, after getting Grandy, the Yanks make a solid push for JD and, with Melky, JD is the primary DH and 4th OF. I could be wrong–not for the first time–but that might be shaping up right now.

    Love the re-signing of Lefty a lot.

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