Wang Non-Tendered

Mark Feinsand has posted that the Yankees have officially non-tendered Wang.  Do not expect him back for an incentive-laden deal for Wang still has a sore spot that the Yankees, sporting a $200 million payroll, went to arbitration over $600,000 and appeared gleeful about winning.  Not too surprising that he won’t be back.   Best of luck to CMW wherever he might land.

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  1. I can’t believe Wang got non-tendered and Mitre is still here. Wang at $4M > Mitre at $2M any day of the week. Mitre has a career ERA+ of 78. He had an ERA+ of 63 last season.

    Why Cashman thinks he has value to any team in baseball makes no sense at all. He’s a not a good pitcher, plain and simple IMO.

  2. I know what you mean, Nick. I am befuddled as to why Meat Tray has stuck around. When on, he has a nice sinker, as his one-hit stint against the White Sox showed. But more often than not, he gets battered. It speaks somewhat to the lack of rotation depth after the first five and Gaudin. It also seems the Yanks have little faith in Wang getting close to his previous form, for which the Yanks are somewhat responsible, and are cutting financial corners wherever possible. The guy is a 19-game winner twice over, but gets shrugged at. I’d be surprised if a few teams don’t take a good look at Wang in a few months.

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