Retired From Yankees Blogging

It is unfortunate that my first post at The Heartland in some time will also be my last, but without much fanfare, I am retiring from Yankees blogging. I have myriad other things and projects on my plate that make the very enjoyable but very time-consuming aspect of blogging too burdensome to effectively continue, either here or at BBD, and goodness knows there are many other and better Yankees blogs out there. Truth be told, there are also other subjects, such as politics, history, and culture that I find more invigorating, that get me more fired up, and that deserve fuller attention from me.  That is not to say that blogging here and elsewhere has not been a rewarding, galvanizing, and thoroughly entertaining venture, as I will explain below. Rather, it is to say that now–and really throughout this span–other elements in our daily lives drive me more and should and, to me, require a deeper devotion of time, attention and, to what degree possible, writing about them.

That said, I will miss doing this and, more importantly, all of you more than I can say. It is exactly why I did not cease to blog a couple years ago. Meeting you, discussing the Yankees, baseball and more with you, and getting to know you has been not only very enjoyable, but also edifying, an education, and absolutely inspiring. I truly never thought that anyone would ever pay attention to anything that I blogged, for I primarily intended to use blogging as a means to document what happened with the Yanks and more, and what I thought of those occurrences. That I met, now know, and interact with some of you on a deeper and more personal level is most gratifying, and something for which I will always be truly thankful. That anyone paid any attention to The Heartland still amazes me.

There is a certain satisfaction I have with the timing of my departure from Yankees blogging, for I had given serious consideration to ending the blog right after last season. However, because of the deep and abiding pull that the Yankees and blogging have had with me, and an active hot stove season, I continued to blog some, here and at BBD, until I felt that it was no longer feasible. Yet during the Yankees’ tremendous stretch run in 2009, I had thought long and hard to ending the blog should the Yankees win the World Series, which they did–that going out on as high a note as possible was poignant and optimal. Even though this occurs the following March, I feel that I’ve ended The Heartland on a high, both from last year and from the great aggregate experiences of this modest experiment. I am grateful that we experienced another championship together, and wish for many more to come.

I will be sure to keep in touch with you, especially those of you who have your own blogs. I will not be a stranger, nor will I completely disappear from the vast Yankees blogging landscape. Instead, I will look to carve out new spaces for myself in some different circles that have always held my attention more than, and more than I have let on, here.

It’s been nothing short of a genuine privilege to blog for and with you. Peace, my eternal thanks, and much love to you all.

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  1. Come back and see us from time to time! 🙂 Really though, Twitter is great for getting out quick baseball thoughts without having to dedicate a lot of time to writing a post.

  2. yes I know we talked today but I thought a formal “goodbye” here was important. we’ve had a lot of good times here..

    now I MUST second what Joe has to say and encourage you to join in the nonsense of Twitter. i’ll twist your arm more later.

    goodnight moon, goodnight spoon…

  3. Understand where you are coming from re: busy. hope you continue to comment on my blog

  4. Jason, you’ll definitely be missed. Sorry to see you go from the blogosphere. You were one of the good ones. Best of luck.


  5. (Crashes through a wall) Jeez I hate the European train system.

    Whoa! You will definitely be missed and we all shared great times in the Digital Living Room. I will give you a call as soon as I return from Europe. Take care and enjoy the start of the season. Let the streets
    of Boston run red with the blood of the Fenway faithful!

  6. Jason, sad to see you wrap up your blog. Enjoyed sitting in a few times on the live blogs during the season. Best wishes in your future endeavors, and thanks for seeing the positive aspects of inviting fans from the other side to add their comments.

  7. Jason, you have been a great inspiration and I will miss seeing your posts but fully understand your decision. I struggle of late to keep my blog going as work is a higher priority (the old food on the table challenge) so we’ll see if I have to join you in other adventures. Best of luck in all you do. You are a good man.

  8. I’m late to the party here, but just wanted to express how much I’ll miss your always insightful commentary on our Yanks. I do understand how much time it takes to blog – I’m trying to figure all that out myself – and how many other subjects require our attention. I hope you’ll keep us posted on whatever direction you take next. And Go Yankees!!!! Best to you, Jason.

  9. Damn dude, I am taking it easy tonight and popped in to see if there was any shot at an HDLR and I get this. Anyhow, great stuff, good luck with everything. It was awesome chatting Yankees with you and I am sure we will be in touch over at FY.

  10. Wow I’ve been gone for a while. Not sure you’ll ever see this. I took a hiatus myself and am just now circling around to the blogs I read. Sad to see you go my friend but totally know what you’re saying. I’m strguugling myself to keep it going. Always loved your posts and your insight. You are one of the good ones. If you ever find yourself in WNY hit me up. Wings, beers and Yankee baseball. Can’t go wrong there. All the best and take care.

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