HDLR On the Horizon

Back after a hiatus, if just for a little while (we’ll see), I am planning on opening up the Heartland Digital Living Room in a week or two for a game and chinwag. We are in the process of moving this week, so I am not just busy but am procuring Internet for the new digs, which are great–an extra bathroom, a good-sized office, an enormous yard, a quieter neighborhood and nice(-r) neighbors, a full basement for storms such as those pelting the Midwest this afternoon, high ceilings–many perks and at the same price as our current home.

Anyway, I need this week to settle everything in but, sometime from June 6th on, I’d love to open the HDLR and will hopefully see everyone. Please let me know what days/evenings do not work for you, and I can schedule a chinwag for as many people as possible.

See you soon.

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