On Ubaldo

…if briefly.  Word is that the Yankees have inquired about acquiring Rockies righty Ubaldo Jiminez. In return and not surprisingly, the Rockies would want loads of prospects. I’d be fine with trading for Jiminez, but not at too steep a price. Moving Montero would be fine with me, but the key for me entails the Yanks not giving away all their best pitching prospects. Nova might need to be included, but Banuelos and Betances? That would be a no for me.

Acquiring Jiminez would be very tempting and would undoubtedly improve the rotation considerably. But the Yankees did not spend all that time and effort rebuilding their minor-league system simply to repeat the mistakes of the 1980s, when their young players were primarily used in trades rather than in The Bronx. In sum, yes to Ubaldo, but not at the cost of depleting their young pitchers whom I value perhaps a bit more than Montero at this point.


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  1. All the pitchers you mentioned would be a “no” for me too. But if we threw in Romine or even Montero instead, I could live with it. Maybe.

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