Mariano: 8 Ways to Better Living–and Cooperstown

I can’t say that I personally adhere to all these, but for most of them, I try. Read more at BBD.

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The 2009 Bullpen at BBD

I have a new post up at Bronx Baseball Daily comparing the excellent 2009 bullpen with its predecessors in the late 1990s dynasty.

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Alfredo Aceves 2010 Preview at BBD

My most recent post, reviewing Ace’s 2009 and previewing the upcoming season, is up at BBD.

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Previewing the Greatest of All Time at BBD

I had the privilege of reviewing the 2009 season and previewing the upcoming 2010 year for Mariano at BBD.

You say man crush. I say justifiable forecast.

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BBD Montero Post

I have a new post up at BBD examining Anthony McCarron’s good piece on Montero at The Daily News. In particular, I lobby for patience on Montero’s behalf, and contend that his comportment that McCarron describes but doesn’t analyze much might give Montero a better shot to catch than has been thus far acknowledged.

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BBD Post on the 2009 Starters

I have a new post at Bronx Baseball Daily analyzing through statistics some of the strengths of last year’s pitching, especially the “alpha” starters who logged the most innings. I also put them into some recent historical perspective by comparing them to the late 1990s Yankees teams, to which on various levels last year’s championship team compares favorably.

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First Post Up at BBD

The link for the first post, assessing the expiration of the CBA next year, the implications of John Johnson’s deal, and the changing tenor and alliances in baseball, is up at Bronx Baseball Daily.

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Writing at Bronx Baseball Daily (BBD)

Rob Abruzzese, the creator of Bronx Baseball Daily and a commenter here, has generously asked me to write for BBD and, after some time considering it, I have accepted. I will start writing there Monday February 8.  After some back-and-forth e-mailing to gauge how Rob does things (laid back but very efficiently and organized) and what his expectations are, I will be posting much of my content there, all of which will be original and not duplicated at The Heartland–although I will have a link up here for everything I write there.

In the meantime, I will determine to what degree I will maintain The Heartland. Depending on what Rob and the rest of the very good and talented stable of writers at BBD want to do there, there might be some Heartland-specific materials and activities such as in-game discussions (although I will run this past Rob for BBD) and the like. But in the meantime, please drop by BBD not just because I will write there, but also and more importantly because it has become one of the most popular Yankees blogs around (which really is saying a lot, given how many there are) stocked with lots of excellent work.

Many thanks to Rob for this exciting opportunity, and thank you for reading.  More details to follow.

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16 Days…

…until pitchers and catchers. I’m starting to get that tingle of excitement, when the adrenaline causes the hair on the arms to stand up.

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